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The three dimensions of customer journey mapping

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2. What is Customer JourneyManagement?Direct Marketing Consultancy Jan Carlzen, Scandinavian Airways A qualitative tool Understand brand experience at each touch point: Customer needs Customer experienceMoments of truth 3. 3 dimensions of customer journeymeasurementDirect Marketing ConsultancyBrandCustomer Feel: Do:Brand promise vs. ExperienceJourneyHow many, what,Brand experience Mapping Mapping where, when Customer Experience Mapping Think:Operational experience 4. Direct Marketing ConsultancyCustomer Journey Mapping 5. What it is Direct Marketing Consultancy Measures how prospects and customers behave From acquisition to attrition Movement within and between channels and at each touch point Retail or FTF Inbound call centre Web Outbound marketing Product or Service engagement Showing customer numbers and drop outs Using a common measure 6. How its doneDirect MarketingConsultancy Staff interviews and workshops Review of key MI reports: Web analytics Call centre stats Marketing plans and results Service reports Mystery shopping Time and motion studies 7. What can it do Direct Marketing Consultancy Illustrate how prospects and customer interact with a company Identify hot spots and inefficiencies Quantify the opportunity cost Build a business case to focus and galvanise effort Make improvements to: Communications Staff training Process or service design Organisation culture and alignment 8. A typical mapDirect Marketing ConsultancyUnderwriting TSCSalesError yK calls455 NTU cK PRM block67%xK Twice weekly NTU email5%6% 12% Save54% 14% 9%18%2k Conditions Property, Summary of YourContactPaymentof quote Your details address &Cover & quote Details Details SalesHuman Discounts Details4,44410k 2k 2k 222200 5k (Aggregator 999)Recalculate5.2/personUnderwriting PRM block Error 15K5KAggregators Quote s222k 22kNTU cK All numbers have been changed 9. Case History: Halifax Insurance Direct MarketingConsultancy Retail, call centre, customer services, web, outbound marketingchannels 38 quick-wins with potential to generate 15% incremental sales Contact strategy 40% Increasing frequency, following up Client contacts Cross functional thinking 36% Using their portfolio of brands more effectively, brand consistency, productconsistency Better use of technology 24% Fixing broken web functionality, making online underwriting more flexible,greater use of email and SMS Plus 15 long term opportunities 10. Direct MarketingConsultancyCustomer experience mapping CASE STUDIES 11. Direct MarketingConsultancy 12. Direct MarketingConsultancy 13. Direct MarketingConsultancy 14. CaptureLive ReportAction W.W.W MD / BoardRegionalManager14http://reports.csmsurveys.com/login 15. Direct Marketing Consultancyhttp://customerservicemeasurement.com/services/analytics 16. Direct Marketing Consultancyhttp://customerservicemeasurement.com/services/analytics 17. Direct Marketing Consultancyhttp://customerservicemeasurement.com/services/analytics 18. Direct Marketing Consultancyhttp://customerservicemeasurement.com/services/analytics 19. Direct Marketing Consultancyhttp://customerservicemeasurement.com/services/analytics 20. Direct Marketing Consultancy UKUSAIndiaBulgariaHungryExperience Experience ExperienceExperienceExperience893 5 9Price 17Price 21 Price 5Price 9 Price 9Business Benefits- Real-time measurement = Quality experience- Cost saving: 12 per call x 93,000 (2010 1.1M) 21. Direct Marketing ConsultancyBrand experience mapping 22. Direct MarketingConsultancyProcess:5+ Qualinterviews,Map points,Quant score,id key points,id solutions. 23. Direct MarketingConsultancyImplementation challenges 24. Direct MarketingConsultancyChallenges Cross functional alignment Competing priorities Company culture Dash board to monitor impact Maintaining commitment over the longer-term 25. A typical large project process Direct MarketingConsultancy 26. Q&ADirect Marketing Consultancy Brand Customer Experience Journey Mapping MappingCustomer Experience Mapping Martin Wright: [email protected] Oakleigh Wood: [email protected]