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Dirkie Elizabeth (Lisa) van Wyk342 Du Toit StreetWierda Park Centurion 0157Telephone: 0768940160Email:

Personal Profile:Who am I: I am a twenty-one year old part time student, I have my own car, am fully bilingual in Afrikaans and English, I am a Christian and an absolute flower child. My strengths are: Ideation, organisation, punctuality, communication and confidence. I am very good and patient with children, very hard working, committed and a perfectionistic achiever in every task I take on. Likes: I am very active and enjoy spending a lot of my time in nature, outdoors, in the dance studio or the gym. I like reading and socialising with friends and family. Current activities: I recently completed my level 1 Equi-Therapist course with SATRA, and am working as and Equi-therapist at my own practice Step It Up Therapeutic Riding Centre. I am currently working towards my dance teachers qualification with the SABOD as well as teaching providing dance classes at pre-schools.Previous posts and responsibilities:Equi-therapistCurrently provide therapeutic riding lessons to special needs children. ( 2015 Assistant dance teacherRunning the pre-school phase of Annette Mnyande Dancing SchoolJanuary 2015 -TutorAlmini TutorsFebruary 2014- December 2014Give extra lessons and assist with homework for primary and high school children.Co-ordinator13th FLOOR- Performing arts ministry (for more info January 2013 31 October 2013Work duties: Providing sufficient Groceries and ensuring the cook is informed of necessary meals to be provided to 30 students. Booking and arranging venues for teachings, dance and band rehearsals weekly. Communicating and facilitating the weekly program regarding teachings and rehearsals. Arrangement of all transport required for students, monthly groceries, and equipment purchases. Route planning for touring weeks all over South Africa. Transporting and providing or ensuring provision of medical attention for any team member when required. Crisis management- resolving any food, accommodation, medical, equipment or venue problems under intense pressure. Maintaining discipline and obedience of rules and punctuality in the team. Overseeing and facilitating cleaning of campus. Consulting with clients and setting up a weekly program to ensure their needs are met, and daily adapting the program as well as regular check-ins for client satisfaction.Frontline dancer13th FLOOR- Performing arts ministry (for more info January 2013 31 October 2013Work duties: 4 dance classes a week 3-5 hours of rehearsals per day Perform 3 nights a weekFinancial Head13th FLOOR20 January 2013- 31 October 2013Work duties: Possession and use of company credit card. Purchases of costuming, technical equipment, props, groceries, medical equipment, transport expenses. Maintaining and recording of all budgets in respective categories. Setting up financial sheets using expense slips and sending them to bookkeepers. Collecting membership fees and keeping students notified of credit or debt on accounts. Collecting, counting, recording and banking of all offerings and donations2012- Full time ministry 13th FLOORA year in 13thFLOOR consists of a training period of 4 months and a performance/ministry period of seven months. During the training period you are trained on two levels: artistically and spiritually. Artistically, you will receive professional dance training and band members will receive specialized training in their instruments. Vocal training is available for lead vocalists. Many weeks of rehearsals go into putting our shows together and becoming performance-ready for our ministry tours. Spiritually and emotionally you will be equipped to be a sharp tool in ministry, not only in 13thFLOOR, but also for the rest of your life.We have a team of 30 students and 5 full time staff members that tour throughout South Africa partnering with churches to connect with young people and help them connect with God.We can either serve your community with a full week of performances and ministry or we can offer a shorter weekend package with a high impact product. Our products include 2 full length shows that are a combination of actors putting together a great story, a live band carrying the show with all original music, jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop dancers flooding the stage with energy and passion, and video and multi-media effects adding extra flavour to the pot. We also offer a more conventional product that typically replaces a Sunday evening service. Our Sunday evening show is innovative and fresh, yet astill appropriate to serve as a Sunday service. Then we have a worship band that offers a full evening of worship. After all that is why we do all of this, because God is our reason for living!After shows the 13thFLOOR students and staff spend time connecting with the kids. This could mean just listening where no-one has ever listened. It could mean engaging in deeper conversation explaining Gods truth within their unique situations and stories. Or it could mean praying with them, leading them to salvation, or praying for Gods presence in their hurt.While we serve in the community we visit schools presenting life-orientation classes on social issues that have a spiritual foundation. And we do promotion for the week with short 15-30 minute promotional performances. These are essential to create a following for the week!The youth weeks are divided into 4 touring cycles. 13thFLOOR tries to host a touring cycle in a specific geographical area or province to be able to focus more on one area at a time and to limit traveling expenses.All experience and qualifications Associate Teachers Qualification SABOD (November 2015) Associate dance teacher (2015- ) Level 1 and 2 Modern dance teachers (SABOD) April and November 2014 Level 1 Equi-therapist August 2014 (SATRA) First aid level 2 August 2014 (SAFL) Tutor for school children. (Almini Tutors - 2014) 1 year (2013) of full time ministry as Co-ordinator and Finance head of a team of 30 students with 13th FLOOR ( 1 year (2012) of full time ministry as a team member and dancer to high school students with 13th FLOOR ( Deputy Head girl 2011 SRC 2007-2011 Counselling individuals and working with small groups of high school students regarding life skills and troubles. Regular outreaches and assisting teachers in rural communities in homework facilitation. Assisting in teaching and organising of dancers between the ages of 6 and 16 at a local dance school. 2 hours of weekly tutoring of high school students 2009-2011 Represented South Africa in the World Hip Hop championships 2007 and 2011 Toastmasters course Self-defence course Leadership course MBA course Drivers license since November 2011Academic Qualifications South African Therapeutic Riding Association (SATRA) February 2014 - August 2014Level 1 Equi-Therapist and Motor skills therapist (diploma) February 2015 Level 2 Equi-therapist South African Body Of Dance Modern Associate 1- April 2014 Modern Associate 2- November 2014 Modern final Associate November 2015 Hip Hop dance teachers qualification (January 2016 - ) Sutherland High schoolJanuary 2007- December 2011Matric

References Name:Annette MnyandeTelephone: 082 3584 title: Dance TeacherRelationship: Current Employer

Name:Han Janse van RensburgTelephone: 084 6789 486Job title: 2012- Teacher at 13th FLOOR, 2013- On Governing Body of 13th FLOORRelationship: She was my cell leader in 13th FLOOR in both 2012-2013. We planned many events together in 13th FLOOR in 2013

Name:Almini WilsonTelephone: 084 2069 555Job title: Owner- Almini Wilson TutorsRelationship: Previous employer

Testimonials, Certificates and Letters of referral.

Testimonials from therapeutic horse riding

Daniels StoryDaniel, who was diagnosedASD at the age of 3, was completely non-verbal, not able to communicate his need, very active and totally unsociable. Roughly in August 2014, he started saying a few words and slowly his vocabulary started developing. Month to month we could hear improvement in his speech and were delighted at this development. But then in May 2015, he started horse riding with Lisa who patiently worked with him and within the first month, his school teacher confirmed definite and remarkable improvement in his speech, concentration levels, social interaction and much more. Since Daniel has started horse riding, I now recommend it above any other therapy, to anyone who has voiced any sort of concern for their child's development.Thanks for your dedication, Lisa! (2015)Henkos StoryMy son, Henko was born on 21 August 2009. He was a very calm baby with the most beautiful blue eyes, a real angel. At first he developed normally but between the age of 1 and 2, his development slowed down. He became more quite, struggled to sleep, had repetitive behaviour, didnt cope with changes in routine or environment, had problems with social skills What was concerning me most was the delay in speech as well as being in his own world sometimes. I knew something was wrong.Henko started with Speech therapy in 2012. Within a short period, he also started with Occupational therapy. After a few months, the Speech and OT Therapist suggested that we take Henko to Dr Lippert as the progress he made was very poor. Dr Lippert diagnosed Henko with PDD (ASD) and ADHD. Early 2015, I decided to take Henko for horse riding/therapy. I felt we needed to try something new as he showed a lot of progress with the OT, but he was still not able to communicate verbally.On the first day with Lisa (May 2015), I still told myself not to have high expectations regarding the results if the horse riding made him happy, I would have been pleased. Henko wasnt in a good mood on arrival. I was totally shocked after the first session. On our way home, Henko was in a good sp