Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

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  • Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

    If you have been injured in an accident, and another party is to blame, you may be able

    to obtain monetary damages from that person or business to compensate you for

    medical expenses, loss of income and pain and suffering as a result of the accident.

    There are a variety of types of damages allowed in personal injury cases. Those

    damages can be divided into several categories. First, there are compensatory damages

    and punitive damages. There are also two types of compensatory damages: economic

    and non-economic.

    Compensatory damages are damages that are intended to compensate a person for a

    loss or problem relating to a personal injury, including monetary losses, pain and

    suffering and physical impairment. Punitive damages are intended to punish the

    negligent party for its wrongdoing, and arent specifically related to a loss the plaintiff


    For example, if a company decided to dump toxic waste

    into a creek instead of disposing of it safely, and as a

    result a woman living next to the creek developed cancer,

    her compensatory damages may include amounts for her

    medical expenses, her lost wages, and her pain and

    suffering. In addition to these damages, the jury may also

    decide to award punitive damages, which are strictly

    intended to punish the company for its wrongdoing.

    Punitive damages are somewhat rare in most cases,

    plaintiffs only receive compensatory damages.

    Compensatory damages can be further divided into

    economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages are those damages

    that result in an identifiable economic loss. For example, economic damages include

    medical expenses, lost wages, the cost of hiring a helper or nurse, and the cost of special

    transportation or medical equipment thats needed as a result of the accident.


  • Non-economic damages are damages for harm relating to the injury sustained that are

    difficult to quantify using a specific dollar amount. Instead, non-economic damages are

    awarded to a person who has suffered a diminished quality of life as a result of the

    accident. Some examples of non-economic damages include emotional distress, pain

    and suffering, embarrassment or humiliation, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of

    consortium (sexual relations) and scarring or disfigurement. Although non-economic

    losses can be difficult to quantify, they are an important component of a personal injury


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