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Dana Levin Portait and Figure Paintings

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Dana Levin Portait and Figure Paintings

Text of Dana Levin Portait and Figure Paintings

  • 1. Dana LevinFellow, American Artist Professional League
    Award Winning Classical and Contemporary Realism Artist
    Select Portrait & Figure Paintings
    Please contact Artist for Additional Information
    [email protected]
    Copyright Dana Levin

2. Reviews
The key to understanding Dana Levins cool palette, straight forward composition and blend of virtuoso drawing and vaporous sfumato is her 8 yearexperience at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Her pictures,predominantly Still Lifes and Portraits certainly deliver.Fine Art Collector May/June 2009
Danas Levins Portrait of a Young Man, immediately recalls the portraiture of Bostons
Favorite Old Master, John Singer Sargent.
Christopher Volpe Art Historian and Commentator, The Boston School Legacy Hardcover 2006
Dana loves what she does...she paints, she teaches, and she does both very well.
Sherry Lazarus Ross, Interview With Dana Levin 2007 Art Renewal Center
3. Tempest
Oil On Canvas
24 X 32
Permanent Collection, New Britain Museum of Art
4. Magdalena
Oil on Canvas
28 X 41
Permanent Collection, Everson Museum
5. Independence
Oil onPanel
9 X 12
6. Max and MeOil on Panel8 X 10
7. EurasianOil on Canvas16 X 20
8. ScarletOil on Canvas16 X 20
9. Heaven
Oil on Canvas
26 X 30
10. Catarinas GlanceCharcoal and White Chalk on Toned Paper18 X 24
11. Anima
Oil on Canvas
24 X 40
12. Forward Sweep
Oil on Canvas
22 X 26
13. Echo
Oil on Canvas
26 X 32
14. Thank You
For further information please contact the artist:
[email protected]
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