Dana Levin Portait and Figure Paintings

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Dana Levin Portait and Figure Paintings


<ul><li> 1. Dana LevinFellow, American Artist Professional League<br />Award Winning Classical and Contemporary Realism Artist<br />Select Portrait &amp; Figure Paintings<br />Please contact Artist for Additional Information<br />danalevinart@gmail.com<br />www.danalevin.com<br />Copyright Dana Levin<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Reviews<br />The key to understanding Dana Levins cool palette, straight forward composition and blend of virtuoso drawing and vaporous sfumato is her 8 yearexperience at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Her pictures,predominantly Still Lifes and Portraits certainly deliver.Fine Art Collector May/June 2009<br />Danas Levins Portrait of a Young Man, immediately recalls the portraiture of Bostons <br />Favorite Old Master, John Singer Sargent.<br />Christopher Volpe Art Historian and Commentator, The Boston School Legacy Hardcover 2006<br />Dana loves what she does...she paints, she teaches, and she does both very well.<br />Sherry Lazarus Ross, Interview With Dana Levin 2007 Art Renewal Center<br /> 3. Tempest<br />Oil On Canvas<br />24 X 32<br />Permanent Collection, New Britain Museum of Art<br /> 4. Magdalena<br />Oil on Canvas<br />28 X 41<br />Permanent Collection, Everson Museum <br /> 5. Independence<br />Oil onPanel<br />9 X 12<br /> 6. Max and MeOil on Panel8 X 10<br /> 7. EurasianOil on Canvas16 X 20<br /> 8. ScarletOil on Canvas16 X 20<br /> 9. Heaven<br />Oil on Canvas <br />26 X 30<br /> 10. Catarinas GlanceCharcoal and White Chalk on Toned Paper18 X 24<br /> 11. Anima<br />Oil on Canvas<br />24 X 40<br /> 12. Forward Sweep<br />Oil on Canvas<br />22 X 26<br /> 13. Echo<br />Oil on Canvas<br />26 X 32 <br /> 14. Thank You<br />For further information please contact the artist:<br />www.danalevin.com<br />danalevinart@gmail.com<br />Please join Dana on:<br />Facebook:www.facebook.com/danalevin1<br />Twitter: http://twitter.com/levinpainting<br />Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/danalevincontemporaryrealism<br /></p>