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<ul><li><p>For Immediate Release </p><p>UP Greenlights Its First Dance Pilot: </p><p>DANCIN THE DREAM </p><p>Docu-Series Follows Eight Aspiring Young Dancers Aged 9-15 </p><p>As They Train with Top Hip Hop Dancer/Choreographer Kiki Ely </p><p>Featuring Pop Sensation Singer/Songwriter Leona Lewis </p><p>New Hit Single Fire Under My Feet and </p><p>Singer/YouTube Sensation Jade Novahs </p><p>Upcoming Single Blood, Sweat &amp; Tears </p><p>ATLANTA June 18, 2015 UP announced today it has greenlit its first-ever dance docu-series pilot, Dancin the </p><p>Dream," that will follow eight diverse, highly-talented, young aspiring stars as they go through grueling dance </p><p>classes to perfect their craft, and reveal the sweat, desire and emotion that goes into their intense training, along </p><p>with its impact on relationships with family, friends and each other. Production is currently underway in Atlanta, GA </p><p> Hip-Hop's center of gravity, according to The New York Times, on two half-hour pilots produced by Crazy Legs </p><p>Productions, which produces the new hit series The Prancing Elites Project and Dance Crash. The debut </p><p>episodes of "Dancin the Dream," which feature Pop Sensation Singer/Songwriter Leona Lewis hit single Fire </p><p>Under My Feet and Singer/YouTube sensation Jade Novahs upcoming single Blood, Sweat &amp; Tears, are slated </p><p>to premiere exclusively on UP in Fall 2015. </p><p>For anyone who has ever wondered how top performers like Bruno Mars and Christina Aguilera got to where they </p><p>are today, this series will help answer that question through a new generation of immensely talented, hopeful stars," </p><p>said Amy Winter, EVP and General Manager, UP. "Dancin the Dream' will give viewers a true sense of the effort </p><p>that goes into becoming a 'star,' the sacrifices that must be made, and relationships and bonds that grow or suffer </p></li><li><p>along the way. As the leading network for compelling content for you and your family, we are proud to unveil </p><p>Dancin the Dream' as the latest example of our commitment to produce original series that move and entertain." </p><p>"Dancin the Dream" follows eight of the hottest young dancers, ranging in age from 9 to 15, as they train in every </p><p>genre imaginable with top Hip Hop dancer and choreographer, Kiki Ely, at her Atlanta-based studio, ATL Takeova. </p><p>She and her assistant, BeeJay Harris, a professional dancer for 12 years, offer the kids Master Dance Classes and </p><p>prep them for a variety of entertainment auditions and professional engagements, ranging from film and TV to music </p><p>videos and concert tours in Atlanta a city on the cutting edge of dance and choreography. </p><p>Each episode of "Dancin the Dream" will follow one or two of "Ely's kids" as they juggle their family lives, schoolwork </p><p>and professional dance training. At times, the kids will work as a team on special performances, booked gigs or in </p><p>competition against other dance studios. Other times, theyll be asked to compete against each other for one </p><p>coveted spot in a show. Ultimately, Ely and Harris have forged these kids and their parents into a band of brothers </p><p>who work together to achieve their dreams. The stakes are high, as most of these families fully support their kids </p><p>shot at the big time. </p><p>But no matter what the assignment, the kids, their parents and mentors will come together at the end of each </p><p>episode for a final, jaw-dropping performance. The high-energy, exuberant performances may include a sudden </p><p>flash mob for a charity event, a reinterpretation of a famous dance performance, dancing backup for a celebrated </p><p>singer, or a music video that highlights an up-and-coming artist. </p><p>Ely started her career as a young dancer in Atlanta and has since toured the world with some of the top names in </p><p>the music industry, including Christina Aguilera, Ciara, Christina Milian, Brooke Valentine and others. A former </p><p>choreographer and member of the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team, Ely has also choreographed for countless music </p><p>videos and films, including Drumline, starring Nick Cannon, Zoe Saldana and Orlando Bloom. </p><p>UP presents Dancin the Dream, an UP Entertainment production in association with Crazy Legs Productions. </p><p>Executive producers are Tom Capello, Keely Walker Muse, Tara Burtchaell and Alana Goldstein. </p><p>Follow Dancin the Dream at: </p><p> www.UPtv.com </p><p> Kiki Ely on Twitter @KikiEly and online at www.iamkikiely.com </p><p> Beejay Harris on Twitter @BeejayHarris </p><p> Leona Lewis on Twitter @leonalewis and online at leonalewismusic.com. Download Fire Under My </p><p>Feet on iTunes now: http://po.st/FUMF2, http://leonalewismusic.com/, </p><p>https://www.facebook.com/leonalewis, https://twitter.com/leonalewis, https://instagram.com/leonalewis/ </p><p> Jade Novah on Twitter @JadeNovah, on Instagram @Jade Novah and on YouTube at </p><p>www.youtube.com/channel/UCst8Gt6zqxBpb_dyHHF_dXQ </p><p>http://www.uptv.com/https://twitter.com/KikiElyhttp://www.iamkikiely.com/https://twitter.com/leonalewishttp://leonalewismusic.com/http://t.co/VbPb7POtibhttp://leonalewismusic.com/https://www.facebook.com/leonalewishttps://twitter.com/leonalewishttps://instagram.com/leonalewis/file://gmc-data/PR/GMC.UP%20Drafts/@JadeNovahhttp://www.youtube.com/channel/UCst8Gt6zqxBpb_dyHHF_dXQ</p></li><li><p>About UP </p><p>UP is television's trusted entertainment brand dedicated to providing viewers with "feel good TV for you and your </p><p>family." UP uplifts viewers every day with premiere movies, original reality, dramatic and comedy series filled with </p><p>compelling stories and characters with character. In keeping with its brand promise, UPs pro-social initiative, Uplift </p><p>Someone, inspires people to do simple, everyday acts of kindness. UP can be seen in 70 million homes on cable </p><p>systems and satellite providers across the United States. Based in Atlanta, UP is a division of UP Entertainment, </p><p>LLC which also operates gMovies, the first faith-friendly streaming movie service and provides sales and operations </p><p>services to the ASPiRE network. </p><p>Follow UP on the Web at www.UPtv.com, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/UPtv, Twitter on @UPtv and </p><p>Instagram at UP_TV. </p><p>About Crazy Legs Productions </p><p>Crazy Legs Productions is a leading developer of unscripted programming and branded content for film, television, </p><p>and commercials. Their diverse array of series include The Prancing Elites Project for Oxygen, Dance Crash for </p><p>OWN, Swamp Murders and Your Worst Nightmare for Investigation Discovery, Hotel Amazon and Hidden </p><p>City for Travel Channel, How to Live to 100 for Cooking Channel, and Mega Dens for DIY. Renowned for their </p><p>cinematic storytelling, Crazy Legs Productions has been engaged by Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola, </p><p>Comcast, UPS, Marriott Hotels &amp; Resorts, and others to produce content that promotes their brands </p><p>About Leona Lewis </p><p>Leona Lewis exploded onto the scene in 2007, when she won the UKs prestigious Ivor Novello Award, and her </p><p>RIAA platinum debut album Spirit hit #1 on charts around the world. The album, which sold over 8 million copies </p><p>worldwide, was buoyed by the quadruple-platinum Bleeding Love (#1 in over 35 countries). In the U.S., Bleeding </p><p>Love was #1 for 4 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, the biggest-selling single of 2008, which earned Leona the </p><p>Billboard Music Award for Top New Artist of the Year. She received three Grammy Award nominations, and went </p><p>on to record I See You (theme from Avatar) at producer-director James Camerons personal request. </p><p>Her double-platinum Echo followed in 2009 (featuring Happy), then Glassheart in 2012 (with Trouble featuring </p><p>Childish Gambino), and Christmas, With Love in 2013. </p><p>In addition to the Ivor Novello Award and the MTV VMA for Best UK Video (for Bleeding Love), Leona has won </p><p>two MOBO Awards in the UK, and more than 20 music awards in countries around the world. Her eagerly </p><p>anticipated fifth album, I AM, will be coming out this Fall on Def Jam Recordings. </p><p>About Jade Novah </p><p>Jade Novah is a multi-talented singer, versatile actress, and YouTube Sensation having garnered over 18 million </p><p>views for her covers, comedic skits, and original music. Jade's unique fusion of Broadway musical and mainstream </p><p>Pop/R&amp;B have been praised by music enthusiasts and notable media outlets including Rolling Stone, Ryan </p><p>Seacrest, Ebony Magazine, Perez Hilton, and more! </p><p>http://www.uptv.com/https://www.facebook.com/UPtvhttps://twitter.com/uptv</p></li><li><p>Jade is set to release "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" from her highly anticipated debut album, "In Search of Me which </p><p>is slated to be released before the end of 2015. Written by Novah and long-time collaborator, producer Devin </p><p>Johnson, "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" is an example of art imitating life as it takes listeners on a musical journey of </p><p>Jade's road to success, and the trials she's faced along the way. </p><p># # # </p><p>MEDIA CONTACTS </p><p>Chelsye J. Burrows David Gardner </p><p>770.692.4559 770.692.9939 </p><p>cburrows@UPtv.com dgardner@UPtv.com </p>mailto:cburrows@UPtv.commailto:dgardner@UPtv.com</li></ul>