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Dare to Differentiate!. dulidoherty.wordpress.com. Multilevel class scenario. Has this happened to you? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dare to Differentiate!dulidoherty.wordpress.comMultilevel class scenario Has this happened to you? Ms. Angelo has her class of 30 complete an exercise in the book that has them write the present continuous form of the base verb. After 2 minutes 10 Ss have finished the activity quickly and they start talking to each other. There conversation is in Spanish and not about the topic. Other Ss have barely started. They are having trouble and she goes to assist them. What is the challenge this teacher is facing? TPS2Factors to considerDifferent educational backgroundDifferent literacy levelsDifferent levels of English

Ts brainstorm how does this happen? Why would some Ss arrive at a higher or lower level?3Our reality as EFL teachersEvery EFL class is multilevel to some degree. Some classes levels are much more exaggerated than others.

Is there a solution? 4Of course! Differentiation

Can you plan 2 different lessons? This is differentiation, but it is hugely time consuming.

My purpose is to get you to start differentiating(probably already are)- TPS?Know your levels, and attempt to let every student be successful. TODAY Ill show you some easy prep ways to differentiate your activities. DO we differentiate the whole lesson? No, start with practice activities

5What is differentiation?It is using certain strategies and organizing activities in your lesson so that all students of varying levels are able to succeed.

It is the choices you make that make the activities, etc. accessible to all your Ss.

Which one includes more Ss?Class discussion on hobbiesClass discussion on hobbies

Teacher asks a question and the Ss answer(10min.)Teacher writes a question on the boardSs write an answer and then check their answers with a partner(5min.)Teacher asks a question and the Ss answer(5min.)StrategiesTiered activities(routes of access)Multilevel ActivitiesFlexible Grouping - Mixed ability and same ability pairing and grouping techniquesTask based learning(projects)More scaffoldingModified activitiesFlexible assignments

Tiered ActivityThe teacher manipulates an activity so that it is achievable and challenging for each level. Present continuousA. 1. Fill in the blankB. 1. Fill in the blank 2. check with a partnerC. 1. Fill in the blank 2. check with a partner 3. Switch the verb in the sentence that will still keep the meaning of the sentence. Ex. She is playing football. walkingAm I teaching more? Less?9**I want to make clear that Im not asking you to teach them LESS, just give the lower level Ss more support/scaffolding and the higher level Ss room to expand.

My objectiveSWBAT change a sentence from positive to negative in present tense by comparing pictures in a pair activity.


How can we make it more achievable for a lower level student? More scaffolding/support? Show the paper.13Douglas Reeves describes this as not uniformity of work, but similarity of proficiency." The idea is that students can gain proficiency even when completing different types of assignments or a different number of assignments (one big project vs. five smaller assignments). SWBAT write a 6 line adjective poemChallenge: you know that a certain group of your Ss will fly through this and another group will have trouble thinking of adjectives. Courage Courage is invisibleIs invisible, temporary Is invisible, temporary, misunderstood Is invisible,temporary,misunderstood,discouragedCourage

How can you differentiate the activity for 3 groups? give list of adjectives, high group someone gives them a topic peer edit- read each others15Multilevel ActivitiesSame activity, but it allows Ss to go at their own pace or contribute what they can.Speaking/ListeningSWBAT describe someone putting on their clothes using the present continuous while watching a video.

Br bean- he is putting on his socks do it what did YOU say?17WritingDialogue Journals

Dialogue journals What they want or a topic(past tense)---18Dialogue JournalsDear Ms. Emma,How are you? Today Im very excited because I had a presentcionn en the class of english and it was great!

RuthDear Ruth, Im doing great! Im so happy for you that your English presentation went so well! What was it about?

EmmaEmma, today I go to school , but forgot my homeowrk.


Luisa, Im sorry that you forgot your homework. Did you tell the teacher?

EmmaDear Teacher Karin, Today was a very bad day. My father was crying to day because of the death of my mother last year. I miss her, too. I went to my grandmothers house. Everyone was sad there, too. Thank you for the English class, Miss Karin. I love it!YesseniaDear Yessenia,Comic strips

Flexible GroupingSame ability pairs/groupsMixed ability pairs/groupsMr. Bean activty would you put the Ss in SA or MA? Why ---- TPS26Mixed grouping- speaking Show a picture and in groups the lower level student will answer the questions(Yes, she is wearing a hat.)


Newspaper Template- multilevel writing

Multilevel Grouping- speaking

Video robbery role play write dialogue one student is low level- everyone has to speak 5 lines

Show the beginning of Our Town Do it! 33FlexiblehomeworkFlexible Assignments:

After reading a story:Write a diary entry as the main characterWrite what the character would be like if they lived in present day GuatemalaDraw and write captions for a comic of a day in the life of the main characterStudent comment I enjoyed having a choice of what project to do. It allowed me to focus on things that I thought were interesting, and thus I did a better job and worked harder on my project because it was less of a chore. I also think the choices were diverse enough that it allowed for a variety of people to be successful.Reading Jigsaw Tiered Assigment Fiction Story Adapt the first part for the lower level studentsUse a jigsaw activity