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Dark Side of Enterpreneurship

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  • 1.MBA (FB&E)PRESENTATION BYAmi Sharma (124104)Anant Lodha (124105)Anika Agrawal (124106)

2. The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship 3. Who is an Entrepreneur and what isthe meaning of Entrepreneurship? 4. Two Sides Of Entrepreneurship?P NO ES GI AT TI IV VE E 5. JOHN WHITES DELIMMA : John White is a CEO of a well known company in officeequipment industry. In order to expand his business he thought of acquiring a small electronic component business. Finally he got a seller named Lee Thompson who was ready tosell his company giving a indication that he would like to stayin the organization even after selling his firm.Now the question is Would Thompson fit in with the parent. 6. DISADVANTAGES : Difficult Employee Inability to work for others Disagreements can lead to Conflicts. 7. NEED FOR CONTROLX Dominating behavior and forcing your point.X Difficulty in changing role from superior to Sub-ordinate.X Placing their Grandiose Desires at mercy of other.X Contrasting attitude with that of managers.X Mostly misfit as an employee and successful as an ENTERPRENEUR. 8. LARRY MALCOM IN CONTROL OF THINGS: Took his savings and went to Germany where he met a designer. Managed to get in a few orders for a from departmental stores.Even his third job was a bizarre. Clerical position in an apparel company. A sporting goods sales person at a departmental store.A college drop out. 9. EXAMPLE: ENTERPRENEUR Every morning the entrepreneur responsible fora $20 million consumer product operation habituallyopened not only his own personal mail but also allmail directed to the company.In addition, he had to approve all requisitions. Hesaid it gave him a feel for the overallfunctioning of the organization. 10. SENSE OF DISTRUSTX They live in fear of being victimized and want to be ready for any disaster.X They are in a way SICK and continuously scan the environment for suspicions.X Always alert and on their toes.X Focusing on certain troubled spots and ignoring others.X The sense the smallest of harmless acts as THREATS. 11. EXAMPLE: In one of the cases when the headquarterssent a consultant to help the newly joinedCEO to deal with the account relatedproblems, he was restricted by the ex-owneron the grounds that the consultant might passon the information to his competitors. The Vice-President of a company installed cameras in the front and the back door with the fear that the workers are stealing product from the plant. 12. DESIRE FOR APPLAUSE BirthConquest BetrayalDeathX They feel that they live on edge and their success will not last long and forwhich they constantly stress themselves.X Their Dreams and Grandiosity always involve high position.X They have that power to push and prove the wrong things as right.X Despite of all the dangers they will still make it to the top.X SHOWING OFF THEIR POWER AND PRESTIGE. 13. EXAMPLE: When an entrepreneur stand stills anindustry in his hometown to flaunt hispower and prestige. This gives him the sense of beingapplauded by the people of hometown. Such bias decision might endanger theentire successful journey of anentrepreneur. 14. THE DEFENSES WE USE :Personality: It is determined by the way people balance their views of the world with external reality. Splitting: Tendency to see everything as either idealor persecutory. Problems: Discomforts and fears. Scapegoating: Method people commonly adopt to see themselves as blameless. Fear: success and fear of failure.Makes more enemies than friends. 15. Turning on LIGHT LeadershipManagement:qualities: Top managersDealingQualities should heed a with leadingAcquisitions: few stressesentrepreneu Acquisitionsprecautionsand to attain dont alwaysbefore taking achievement have happya.endings.entrepreneur on board. 16. Thank-You

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