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EnterpriseProtectionStoragew w w . d a t a d o m a i n . c o m - 2 0 0 7WRI JF PAPFRCommvaulI 0alaxy8ackup and RccovcrywIh 0aIa 0omanIIs All AbouI Rccovcry:Rghly Rclablc, Rgh PcrIormancc0sk-Io-0sk 0aIa ProIccIon aI Ihc CosI oI Japc2ExEcutivE Summary 3introduction 4commvault Galaxy and data domain at Work 6HiGH PErformancE rEcovEry and BackuP 8flExiBility: SimultanEouS BackuPS, rEStorES, and auxiliary coPiES 9dEduPlication StoraGE: cHanGinG StoraGE EconomicS 9Wan vaultinG: diSaStEr rEcovEry and rEmotE SitE ProtEction 10HiGHly rEliaBlE, ProactivE vErification of data rEcovEry 11imProvEd lonG-tErm arcHival for offSitE taPE coPiES 12oPtimizEd for naS and San tHrouGH ndmP and vtl 12HiGH availaBility data ProtEction infraStructurE 13concluSion 13aBout data domain 14CommvaulI 0alaxy 8ackup and Rccovcry wIh 0aIa 0oman0 A J A 0 0 MA I N I C o n I c n I s8FxccuIvc SummaryWith improvements in disk technology and cost, disk-to-disk backup has become a preferred solution for protecting data, a valuable corporate asset However, there is a world of difference between simply writing backups to disk and designing a disk-based data protection solution optimized for fast and reliable recoveriesCommVault Systems Galaxy backup and recovery software provides an application-integrated approach to managing and safeguarding business-critical data for rapid, reliable data protection and recovery it takes full advantage of disk as random access media, allowing simultaneous backups, restores and copies more importantly, commvault Galaxy focuses on smart recovery strategies, enabling it organizations to restore data in their most demanding environments Data Domain is the industrys leading provider of Enterprise Protection Storage systems their applianc-es and arrays are certifed and work seamlessly with commvault Galaxy software data domain systems are uniquely designed for cost-effcient, fast, and verifable data protection data domains deduplica-tion technology provides an average of 20x compres-sion to commvault Galaxys backup data this enables customers to retain months of backup images for less than $35/GB, a price that is comparable to tape data domain systems also enable network-effcient Wan vaulting for disaster recovery (dr), remote offce data protection and tape consolidation all under the control of commvault Galaxy in addition, data domain systems offer unprec-edented levels of data integrity, verifcation and self-healing, which are unavailable in traditional fle systems or conventional disk systems together, commvault Galaxy and data domain offer remarkable improvements in performance, reliability and tco to any it organization considering disk-based solutions for both onsite and offsite data protectionCommvaulI 0alaxy 8ackup and Rccovcry wIh 0aIa 0oman0 A J A 0 0 MA I N I F n I c r p r s c P r o I c c I o n S I o r a g c4InIroducIonChallcngcs wIh 8ackups Io 0skfalling disk prices and availability of cost-effective Sata-based disk arrays have made disk a viable option for backup storage and network replication targets However, simply inserting a cheap disk system into a backup or replication process does not provide better data protection or dr responsedisk has several advantages over tape for example, tape requires a constant stream of data for peak performance, while disk does not Because disks are random access devices, data fles can be more logically organized on disk, as opposed to the linear format of tape disk arrays also simplify and speed up the overall backup process finally, disk offers superior reliability in terms of recovering datadespite these advantages, disk systems are still too expensive to serve as more than a small cache to tape most enterprises need multiple weeks or months of quick recoverability, requiring many versions of fles or databases Historically, tape has been the cheapest backup solution available, and its portability has made it easy for companies to truck the tapes offsite for safekeeping While disk-based recovery is argu-ably much faster, at $10-$20 per GB even Sata raid arrays are far more expensive than $1-$5 per GB for tape-based backups With a delta this large, most it departments choose cost over speedtoday, data deduplication has turned the tables in disks favor By eliminating redundant fles during the backup process, deduplication can compress the origi-nal data by an average of 20x, dramatically reducing the amount of disk storage and the associated cost required for a disk-based solution moreover, with this smaller footprint, the data can now be vaulted over an existing Wan to an offsite location, thereby eliminating the need to drive tapes offsiteStoring backup data on a conventional fle system has risks of its own; if the fle system becomes inconsis-tent or corrupted, recovery data is lost this is why we back up data in the frst placean effective disk-based data protection solution requires enterprise-level backup and recovery software that takes advantage of disk as a random access device and a robust, reliable storage system to make deep retention and network vaulting economically and operationally feasible at the same time, the solution must ensure improved reliability and data integrityFocuscd on Rccovcry: CommvaulI 0alaxy and 0aIa 0oman the purpose of backups is to recover although a backup process may complete successfully, the result-ing backup image is useless if users cant get back the information they need recovery operations must work reliably, quickly and effciently the combination of commvault Galaxy and data domain systems provides a cost-effective, powerful disk-based data protection solution, focused on the integrity and reliability of data recovery the com-bined solution delivers:increased backup and recovery performanceSimultaneous backup, recovery, and auxiliary copy processes for more fexible data protectiondeduplication storage to retain months of recovery images at the cost of tapeCommvaulI 0alaxy 8ackup and Rccovcry wIh 0aIa 0oman0 A J A 0 0 MA I N I F n I c r p r s c P r o I c c I o n S I o r a g c5network-effcient Wan vaulting for more responsive dr protectionHighly reliable, proactive verifcation of data recoverabilityoptimized for naS and San environments through network data management Protocol (ndmP) and virtual tape library (vtl) supportHigh availability backup and recovery infrastructureCommvaulI 0alaxy 8ackup and Rccovcry commvault Galaxy backup and recovery software is a proven enterprise solution to protect and increase data availability it focuses on business resumption, not just data backup By tightly integrating with busi-ness-critical applications such as microsoft Exchange, Galaxy ensures data consistencycommvault Galaxy has been supporting disk as a backup target for over a decade it is designed to take full advantage of the random access capabilities of disk it supports simultaneous backups, restores, and copies (auxiliary copy) leveraging native fle systems on disk and its two-part indexing scheme, Galaxy software optimizes backups to disk unlike competing solutions that treat disk as a sequential device0aIa 0oman Applanccs and Arraysdata domain systems are specialized disk-based data recovery appliances and arrays designed for high throughput backup and recovery processes and highly reliable recoveries With its revolutionary deduplication technology and data invulnerability architecture, it provides unprecedented levels of data protection, data verifcation, and self-healing capabilities that are unavailable in conventional disk or tape systemsdata domain systems easily and seamlessly integrate with existing commvault Galaxy environments as nfS or cifS fle servers or as a vtldata domains deduplication technology, Global compression, dramatically reduces the storage capacity required for commvault Galaxys backup data key benefts of Global compression include:less than $35/GB for disk-based backups99% bandwidth reduction for Wan vaulting or remote offce data protection20x storage reduction for retaining months of backup dataCommvaulI 0alaxy 8ackup and Rccovcry wIh 0aIa 0oman0 A J A 0 0 MA I N I F n I c r p r s c P r o I c c I o n S I o r a g c6CommvaulI 0alaxy and 0aIa 0oman aI Workthis section highlights the following confgurations with commvault Galaxy and data domain systems:data domain systems as backup targets either Galaxys magnetic library or tape library devicesGalaxys auxiliary copy for creating tape copies from a data domain system for long-term archival or offsite tape vaulting purposesBandwidth effcient network vaulting using data domain replicator0aIa 0oman SysIcms as a CommvaulI 0alaxy 8ackup JargcIdata domain systems are specially designed to be simple and intuitive to install, confgure, and integrate into commvault Galaxy environments data domain systems appear as naS appliances supporting nfS or cifS over Gigabit Ethernet or as an emulated vtl over fibre channel using the commvault mediaagents, the systems are simply added as a magnetic library or tape library device as magnetic library devices, when multiple systems are used, backup data can automatically span several mount points Similar to media spanning on tape, Galaxy also allows backup to disk jobs to span from one fle system to another without user intervention or job disruption, simplifying management CommvaulI Auxlary Copy Ior CrcaIng Japc Copcs Ior Long-Jcrm Archvalthe confguration in Site a provides a solution for creating tape copies from a data domain system when dr or data retention requirements mandate the use of removable media a tape library and the system are attached to the mediaagent the system s