Data Sharing of Basic Medicine in China

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THE FIFTH CHINA-US ROUNDTABLE ON SCIENTIFIC DATA COOPERATION. Data Sharing of Basic Medicine in China. Heng Wang, Professor, Director Institute of Basic Medical Sciences Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences School of Basic Medicine Peking Union Medical College Beijing, 2011-10-27. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Data Sharing of Basic Medicine in China Heng Wang, Professor, DirectorInstitute of Basic Medical SciencesChinese Academy of Medical Sciences School of Basic Medicine Peking Union Medical CollegeBeijing, 2011-10-27THE FIFTH CHINA-US ROUNDTABLE ON SCIENTIFIC DATA COOPERATION


    BioMedical Informatics Center of China

  • Molecule --Individual--PopulationScientists in all of the world 24 hour service Original scientific data produced in China

  • 29 databases Population Survey Database (8) Molecular Mechanism Database (14) Biomodel Organism Database (5) Experiment Material Data Resource (2)

    Integrated and Shared

  • Sharing Database (1)

    DatabaseSub-centers(1) Physiological Reference Database of ChineseIBMS(2) Psychological Reference Database of ChineseIBMS

    (3) Chinese Visible HumanThird Military MedicalUniversity(4) Sub-health database of ChineseIBMS(5) Maternal and Child Nutrition Reference Database Capital Institute of Pediatrics

  • Sharing Database (2)

    DatabaseSub-centers(6) NcRNA (The database of all kinds of noncoding RNA)ICT CAS(7) NPInter ( Functional interactions between noncoding RNAs and proteins Database) IB CAS

    (8) ATID (Alternative Translational Initiation Database)TsinghuaUniversity (9) dbRES (dbRES: A web-oriented database for annotated RNA Editing Site)Tsinghua University

  • Sharing Database (3)

    DatabaseSub-centers(10) dbNEI(database for Neuro-Endocrine-Immune)Tsinghua University(11) SPD(Secreted Protein Database)Peking University(12) SynDB(Synapse Database)Peking University(13) The Biology Database FTP Mirror SitePeking University(14) Human Urinary Proteome DatabaseIBMS(15) Database of potential target genes for clinical diagnosis and immunotherapy of human carcinomaICT CAS(16) Natural sense-antisense transcripts database Peking University

  • Sharing Database (4)

    DatabaseSub-centers(17) Natural sense-antisense transcripts database PekingUniversity(18) ChickVD(Chicken Variation Database)BeijingGenomicsInstitute(19) SilkDB(Silkworm Knowledgebase)BeijingGenomicsInstitute(20) PigGIS(Pig Genomic Informatics System)BeijingGenomicsInstitute(21) TFDB(Transcription Factor Databases)PekingUniversity

  • Sharing Database (5)

    DatabaseSub centers(22) China National Cell Resources ConfederationIBMS(23) Phenotype Database for Genetically Engineered Mouse Disease ModelsModel Animal Research Certer of NanjingUniversity(24) Liver Expression ProfileBeijing ProteomeResearch Center(25) A Multi-center Survey on Cardiovascular Diseases in ChineseCAMS(26) Database on antiCODE IB CAS

  • Sharing Database (6)

    New Database in 2011Sub centers(1) Tetrahymena Gene Expression DatabaseInstitute of Hydrobioloty , CAS(2) Health Survey Database of Yi People, ChinaIBMS, CAMS(3) Health Survey Database of Chinese Children and teenagers

    Capital Institute of Pediatrics

  • Online Tools MiRAlign MethCGI SubMito PhoScan

  • Resources of Data

    RequirementsOriginal Quality

  • Data from Laboratory

  • Data from Cell Laboratory

  • Data from Health Survey

  • Chinese physiological reference dataset

    Population: 130,000Provinces: 9Races: 8Variables in dataset: 247

  • HeilongjiaangInner MongoliaHebeiSichuanGuangxiHunanYunnanDistribution of areas for physiological reference survey in China Ningxia

  • Yan Huang database

  • Yan Huang database (Beijing Genomics Institute at Shenzhen )

    The genome, named as YH, is a very start of YanHuang Project, which aims to sequence 100 Chinese individuals in 3 years. To illustrated the personal genome data in a MapView, which is powered by GBrowse. A new module was developed to browse large-scale short reads alignment. This module enabled users track detailed divergences between consensus and sequencing reads.

  • Yan Huang database Efforts on designing the YH database are helpful attempts to organize and present personal genome data, which is a useful resource for genomic and medical researches. As the third published personal genome, YH diploid genome accelerates the discovery of disease gene and mutation in Asian population.

  • Yan Huang database

    Data StatisticsNucleotideTotal117.7GbpMap to genome102.9GbpCoverage of genome99.97%PolymorphismSNP3.07MIndel135262Structural Variation2682

  • Maternal and Child Nutrition Reference Database

  • Maternal and Child Nutrition Reference Database

    Population Child and women in 14 provinces, ChinaInformation Incidence of low birth weight Incidence of anaemia in reproductive aged women Prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency in childSelf-evaluation Fetus weight Anaemia in reproductive aged women Vitamin A deficiency in child

  • A database on genetically engineered mouse and mouse modelsIntroductionReproductive informationdisease modelsSpecial useReference

  • News of research on life sciences

  • GOAL OF BMICC To create a national scientific data sharing center for biomedical information To establish the technical platform for integrating and sharing the scientific data To collect and integrate more valuable and available databases related to the study on health and diseases in China To provide the data sharing services for various users in different requirements

  • Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, CAMSCenter for Bioinformatics in Peking University;Institute of Biophysics of CAS;Institute of Computing Technology of CAS ; Beijing Genomics Institute ;Beijing Genomics Institute at Shenzhen Bioinformatics Division Tsinghua University;

    Co-Units13 institutes/universities, 5 provinces,

  • Beijing Proteome Research Center;Model Animal Research Certer of Nanjing University Capital Institute of Pediatrics;Third Military Medical University ;Fuwai Hospital, CAMSInstitute of Hydrobioloty , Chinese Academy of Sciences


  • Sharing & service

  • Browse Record Distribution by Month

  • Browse Record Distribution by Countries

  • Distribution of users all of the world

  • --- Oct. 20th, 2011 520,596 person-times VISITERS from all of the world

  • Scientists / specialistsHealth officialsStudentsPublic

    User groups in China

  • Administration Model

  • Institutes in CAMS & PUMCInstitute of Basic Medical SciencesInstitute of Medical InformationInstitute of Laboratory Animal ScienceInstitute of Clinical MedicineInstitute of OncologyInstitute of Cardiovascular DiseaseInstitute of Plastic SurgeryInstitute of HematologyInstitute of DermatologyInstitute of Materia MedicaInstitute of Medicinal BiotechnologyInstitute of Medicinal PlantsYunan BranchHainan Branch Institute of MicrocirculationInstitute of Radiation MedicineInstitute of Blood TransfusionInstitute of Medical BiologyInstitute of Biomedical EngineeringInstitute of Pathogen Biology

  • Standards Resource system Technology platform BMICCClinicalCenterPublic Health CenterTraditional Medicine DrugCenterMonitor and evaluation LocalLinkUsersInternetInternetUsersNational Medical Scientific data Sharing Network


    Authoritativeness Strategies Aim and assignment of the sub-centers Financial plan

    MANAGEMENT OFFICE Implementation Routine activities Collect and integrate database Maintain the work on technique platform and network ACADEMIC COMMITTEE Academic activities Technical advisory Monitor and revise Evaluation

  • Work team

  • RULES AND STANDARDS (1) Technical standards for data sharing The metadata standards The terminological standards in medicine The standards on the quality control for data searching

  • The service guide A manual for developing technique framework Guide for data set execution. A rule for data backup management


  • Challenge and development

  • Challenge Impact on biomedical researchers Weaker consciousness on sharing among researchers Requirement for specialists on cross- sciences (biomedical and computer science) Financial support on maintaining the network for a long term development

  • Continuing to search new data To improve performance of technique platform To develop the conjunction among datasets International communication & cooperation Wireless access supporting Online self-evaluation on healthPlan for the next step

  • OUTLINE About Administration model Implementation and Progress Sharing and service Challenge and development

  • To initiate the data sharing center from 2006.

    One of the national scientific data sharing projects supported by the Ministry of Sciences and Technology of China.

  • National Medical Scientific Data Sharing Network (2006-2009)

    National Scientific Data Sharing Network for Population and Health (2009)

    National Biomedicine Database (2001-2006)

    BioMedical Information Center of China (BMICC) (2006 -)


  • Research Funding

    National Science Fund of China (NSFC)National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Schoolars, NSFCBeijing Natural Sciences FoundationThe National Program for Key Basic Research Projects ( 973) The National High Technology Research and Development Program (863)The Research Fund for Doctoral Program of Higher EducationProject of Ministry of Science and TechnologyInternational cooperation program from NIH, USInternational Cooperation program between China and EuropeChinese Medical Board (CMB) from America

  • Implementation & Progress

  • The categories of variables surveyedCharacteristics of demographyAnthropometric measures Account of blood cells

    Data profile of Chinese physiological reference

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