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    1. The Statue of Liberty isstanding on a broken chain.What does the brokenchain stand for?

    A. Fear and hunger

    B. Government and order

    C. Wealth and power

    D. Independence and freedom

    2. What do the rays on theStatue of Liberty's crownstand for?

    A. The day America declared independence.

    B. The seven continents and the seven seas.

    C. The founding leaders of the United States.

    D. The number of planets in the Solar System.

    3. Which happened FIRST?

    A. Workers finished building the Statue ofLiberty in France.

    B. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated onOctober 28, 1886.

    C. Bartholdi designed a statue to honorAmerica's independence.

    D. The statue was taken apart and shipped tothe United States.

    4. Who is the Statue of Liberty modeled after?

    A. A famous Indian princess.

    B. An ancient Roman goddess of freedom.

    C. An American folk hero.

    D. An important president's wife.

    5. How is the Statue of Liberty a symbol ofhope?

    A. It is a gift from the people and government ofFrance.

    B. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the AncientWorld.

    C. It was built to encourage peace all over theworld.

    D. It welcomes immigrants as they start newlives.

    Statue of Liberty - Easy Quiz

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