Dave Rippon, Head of Organisational Development Bridging the Gap

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  • Dave Rippon, Head of Organisational Development

    Bridging the Gap

  • ContextExcellent councilImprove outcomes100m efficiencies (180m)

    ChallengeAvoid a sense of crisisAchieve more with less

  • Bridging the Gap8,500 people - 180m = 5,500 people

    5,500 x 1.25 x 1.25 x 1.2 = 10,312 (people) (process) (activity)

  • PeopleEngagement (upper quartile): +18%Square pegs in square holes: +19%-48%Focus (leadership): 5%?Creativity (culture): 5%?

  • ApproachEngage & empower the workforceCollaborative leadershipGreater customer focusFind hidden talent and deploy it betterAvoid mass redundancies

  • EngagementAuthentic/empowering leadershipHonestly share our realityClear vision and valuesFocus on the individualFocus on strengths/opportunities

  • We dont employ robots!

  • Recruiting to personal strengths

  • Assessing & matchingOn-line tool (personality and ability)

    Employee portal (qualifications and experience)

    Automated job-matching (square pegs in square holes)

  • Managing transition SWITCH TeamResource temporary roles/projects


    Prioritised to permanent roles

  • Results: Internal Jobs Market

    RatingExcellentGoodSatisfactoryPoorJob Fit14%48%35%3%Competence17%55%28%0%Attitude20%53%27%0%Team Impact14%62%24%0%

  • Results: SWITCH

    RatingExcellentGoodSatisfactoryPoorJob Fit63%25%13%0%Competence60%30%10%0%Attitude74%14%12%0%Team Impact60%27%12%1%

  • Organisational Results

    Implemented new operating model

    Closed 20 buildings, relocated 3,300 employees, 1,500 working flexibly

    100m savings

    Workforce down from 8,400 to 6,300

    No redundancies

  • Organisational Results Customer satisfaction upProtected front-lineHigh levels of trust/motivation:98% believe its important to improve services to customers75% believe the council has high integrity - 14% neutral72% trust senior managers 13% neutral (CIPD: 35% - lower in public sector) 98% of managers believe its worth the effort

  • We dont employ robots!