Day 1 Bellringers & welcome!. Day 2 No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main ~John Donne Respond

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Day 1 Bellringers & welcome! Slide 2 Day 2 No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main ~John Donne Respond to this quote. What might it mean? Try to write at least 5 complete sentences and create a paragraph with your response. Hint: Think about the idea of community. Is our classroom a community? Is it important? Slide 3 Day 3 Watch Video: 4ZIJg 4ZIJg Write down at least 10 tips you learned from this video-- be prepared to share with the class. Why are these skills important? Hold on to the tips you wrote down. They will be of use to you throughout this unit! Slide 4 Day 4 Very soon, you will be taking the county-wide writing assessment that looks at your knowledge of how to write a persuasive paper. Pretend you are a preparing to write an essay on why there should be more time in between classes. Write down 5 reasons you would use to convince your reader that more time is necessary. Slide 5 Day 5 Please read the worksheet Introduction to the Student Copies are at the front of the room Slide 6 Day 6 Examine a self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh, a famous artist. Think about how he expresses his voice- his style of personality. Look carefully at the details. What is he saying about himself? How do you know? Think about how you would paint a self-portrait. What colors would you use? What expression would you have on your face? How would you be dressed? What is the background of the painting? Make a simple sketch of your own self portrait, and write a few sentences describing what your self portrait would look like. Slide 7 Day 7 Write down the two nouns in each sentence. Some nouns may be compound. 1. Each February, there is a major snowstorm. 2. The daisies in the garden are dying. 3. The children on the merry-go-round were laughing. 4. There are no longer any animals in that zoo. 5. Uncle Pete has been studying to become a pilot. 6. After the party there were dirty plates everywhere. Slide 8 Day 8 No bellringer Slide 9 Day 9 In your Language Network book (orange book under your desk) answer questions 1 10 on page 5. Slide 10 Day 10 Listen carefully to Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. What kind of voice does this music have? Pretend the music is a kind of self-portrait. Write two statements that capture the voice of this self portrait. Think about tempo (how fast the music goes) and volume. How does this music make you feel? What is the music trying to convey? Slide 11 Day 11 In your Language Network book (orange book under your desk) answer questions 1 10 on page 10, part A. Slide 12 Day 12 Copy down these notes: Diction refers to the authors choice of words. In order to write well, you have to find the perfect word. The perfect word is clear concrete and exact. In other words, it says exactly what you want it to say, is specific, and creates just the picture you see in your mind. Some words are especially overused and tired, certainly not perfect. These words have lost their freshness and impact. Avoid them at all times! Consider these words forbidden and eliminate them from your vocabulary: good, nice, pretty, beautiful, fine, bad, thing, really, very, terrible, wonderful, a lot Words dont simply have meaning. Words have denotation and connotation. Denotation is the literal meaning of the word, and connotation is the meaning suggested by a word, the feeling evoked by a word. Slide 13 Day 13 Fill in each blank with a noun. 1. The _______ we saw was a _________. 2. We went to the _____ to see a ______. 3. _________ is not my favorite _______. 4. In three ______ the _____ will be over. 5. Many of the _____ were not ready for the ______. 6. Put your ______ on the _______. 7. We must remember that ______ is not a ______. 8. Walking through the ______, they found a ______. Slide 14 Day 14 A redheaded woman was there with Trout. Kate could see her rummaging through the cabin, dumping drawers and knocking things from the shelves of cabinets. (Louis Sachar, Holes) 1. What picture do you get when you read the second sentence? 2. How would the meaning of the sentence change if we changed some of the words? For example: Kate could see her searching through the cabin, emptying drawers and taking things off of the shelves of cabinets. 3. Write a sentence describing a small boy making a mess in a restaurant. Choose words that are clear, concrete, and exact. Use perfect words. Slide 15 Day 15 Write the two nouns from each group and identify them as people, places, or things. 1. able baby musician 2. rabbit really chair 3. Prison mountainside write 4. Misery rusty success 5. Only forest swamp 6. Sailor tiny explored 7. Hunter nurse into 8. Bedroom school rough 9. Lion kindly kite 10. Tame table dog Slide 16 Day 16 Free write for approximately 15 minutes. You can write about whatever you want. (Add it to your bellringers sheet). You can make up a story, write about whats on your mind, or use the time to write down a concept youve been learning at school basically, get in the habit of writing for a set amount of time! Slide 17 Day 17 He spent hours in front of the mirror trying to herd his teeth into place with his thumb. He asked his mother if he could have braces, but he asked at the wrong time. (Gary Soto, Broken Chain) 1. What is Gary Soto implying about the narrators teeth when he uses the verb herd in the sentence? 2. How would the meaning change if the sentence were written like this? He spent hours in front of the mirror trying to push his teeth into place with his thumb. 3. Fill in the blank with a strong verb that creates a clear picture in the readers mind like Sotos does. Avoid obvious verbs such as brush, comb, or fix. Be creative! She spent hours in front of the mirror trying to ___________ her hair in place for the party. Slide 18 Day 18 Identify each of the following numbered items as a fragment (F), Run-on sentence (RO), comma splice (CS) or complete sentence (S). 1. The movie Double Jeopardy is about a woman who is unjustly framed for murder. 2. Because her husband fakes his own murder. 3. The wife went to jail for six years, her son was taken away from her. 4. But when she got out of jail. 5. She went to find her husband she wanted to kill him in revenge for his framing her. 6. She had already served time for the murder, and she couldnt be convicted twice. 7. Illegal to be convicted of the same crime twice. Slide 19 Day 19 Write a short description of a dog (at least 3 sentences). First, decide whether you want to describe a fancy, pedigreed dog or a scruffy mutt. Then capture the dog by using strong diction. Dont explain that the dog is fancy or scruffy. Instead, use perfect words to create a picture of the dog for the reader. Slide 20 Day 20 There was a scurrying around and then eight of them snatched up their guns, formed into twos, and marched out behind the office. He wheeled his horse about and trotted toward me. I jumped back and plunged for the tavern doorway. 1. Look at the boldfaced word (snatched) in the first sentence. Notice how clearly you can see the action because of that strong verb. How would it change the meaning of the sentence if it read eight of them picked up their guns? 2. What does the use of the word plunged in the third sentence tell you about the narrators attitude toward the other characters in this passage? 3. Use the word plunged in a sentence, but instead of having the word express fear and desperation, have it express excitement and happiness. Remember that in many cases the context of the word determines its deeper meaning. Slide 21 Day 21 Use the following instructions to write your own original sentences. 1. Write a sentence about sports that includes one proper noun and one common noun. 2. Write a sentence about animals that includes two common nouns. 3. Write a sentence about an interesting place that includes one proper noun and two common nouns. 4. Write a sentence about your school that contains one proper noun and one common noun. 5. Write a sentence about music that includes one common noun and two proper nouns. Slide 22 Day 22 n you at the ivory-n-ebony crooning I Left My Heart.. to momma, winkin n smiling n jazzin n profilin n sangin n sangin n soundin sweeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Crystal Williams) 1. The words in this song imitate the way someone talks. Why do you think Williams uses these kinds of words instead of standard English words? 2. How would the impact of the passage change if we wrote the lines in formal language? And you at the piano/ singing to momma/ winking and smiling/ and singing/ and sounding sweet. 3. Now write a short poem that captures the way you sound when you talk to your friends. Use slang (no bad words!) and creative spelling to make your poem sound like talking when you read it aloud. Slide 23 Day 23 Imagery is a type of figurative language which uses words to paint a picture in the readers mind & often appeals to the 5 senses. Directions: Copy the paragraph below and underline the words which paint a picture in your mind and/or appeal to the 5 senses. I opened one eye when my alarm clock buzzed. My room was still dark, but I could smell coffee. When the scent of sizzling bacon hit my nose, my mouth watered and my stomach rumbled. I knew Mom would cook it until it was brown and crunchy, just the way I like it. My feet met the cold, hard floor as I leaped out of bed. I threw on my fluffy, red sweatshirt and tattered jeans and headed for breakfast. Slide 24 Day 24 When smoke crept over a green field. The smoke teased peoples eyes and noses. And it seeped into their clothes. Standing in the smoke were some 5,000 reenactors. (Winkler, Fighting for History) 1. Write down all the verbs in the sentence. 2. Are these strong or weak verbs? How do you know? 3. Write your own sentence using strong verbs. Slide 25 Day 25 Analogies are logic puzzles. You must look at the word