DC Valentine Mad Gabs

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Valentine Mad Gabs for seminary.

Text of DC Valentine Mad Gabs

Valentine Mad Gabs!

Valentine Mad Gabs!Give the key words and the scripture reference

Theo Earth ov sole sis ker eightThe worth of souls is greatD&C 18:10-112

Prints a bowls afright chess nesk ivp hour tooth a Prius stood

Principles of righteousness give power to the priesthoodD&C 121:36, 41-423

Theyll or dis bow in tube bliss Theo beady antThe Lord is bound to bless the obedientD&C 82:10


Geez ask riced leaves

Jesus Christ livesD&C 76:22-245

Braked ice vert you in hoe Lee nisk ant tin you allyPractice virtue and holiness continuallyD&C 46:336

Klee van two York oven ants

Cleave unto your covenantsD&C 25:137

Tour reap ant weem us kun fiss sand force aches inTo repent we must confess and forsake sinD&C 58:42-438

Thelma cozy duck Prius stood add mini stir sin spear itch you all thinks

The Melchizedek Priesthood administers in spiritual thingsD&C 107:89

Thief author ants unav baa deez off le shand bow nis

The Father and the Son have bodies of flesh and bonesD&C 130:22-2310

Grrr aych oik ums frumb reeng insole sun two geez ask riced

Great joy comes from bringing souls unto Jesus ChristD&C 18: 15-1611

Be yank shus Leon cage dinna gut coz

Be anxiously engaged in a good causeD&C 58:42-4312

Sees tube bee eye doll Landon kleen

Cease to be idol and uncleanD&C 88:12413

Then you an dever las tink oven nint ov may ridge

The new and everlasting covenant of marriageD&C 131:1-414

Yurm eye in Dan dinner art

HINT: This is only a partial phrase!Your mind and in your heartD&C 8:2-315

Thov hurst fish on

The First VisionJS History 1:15-2016

Theo Ron ick Prius stood wiz Reeces door red

The Aaronic Priesthood was restoredD&C 13:117

Geez ask riced so Ford four roll love is

Jesus Christ suffered for all of usD&C 19:16-19


Reece sea vol think swith Hank fill nes

Receive all things with thankfulnessD&C 78:1919

Geez ask rice twas crew sif eyed Dan boar arsons

Jesus Christ was crucified and bore our sinsD&C 76:40-4120

Bowl liss sing suv they were dove whiz dumb

Blessings of the Word of WisdomD&C 89:18-2121

Puh ray all waze tha tee make konk yours ate in

Pray always that you may conquer SatanD&C 10:522

Lou can took riced ina very thot

Look unto Christ in every thoughtD&C 6:3623

Wheesh shoot fork if alm in

We should forgive all menD&C 64:9-1124

Geez ask rice towards Shelby pho Phil lid

Jesus Christs word shall all be fulfilledD&C 1:37-3825

Lure nov these ayve your rand liss into hiss were dzLearn of the Savior and listen to his wordsD&C 19:23