Decommissioning Decontamination and Reutilization Division Presentation to ANS Board

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Decommissioning Decontamination and Reutilization Division Presentation to ANS Board. John Parkyn DD&R Chair November 2007. Mission Statement. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Decommissioning Decontamination and Reutilization Division Presentation to ANS Board

  • Decommissioning Decontamination and Reutilization Division Presentation to ANS BoardJohn ParkynDD&R ChairNovember 2007

  • Mission Statement Promote the development and use of those skills and technologies associated with the optimal management of decommissioning, decontamination, reutilization, and long-term surveillance and maintenance of nuclear and former nuclear installations, materials, radiological facilities, and sites for the nuclear safety and security of society. The target audience for this effort are the members of the Division, the Society, and the public at large.

  • ANS DDR Historic Membership

  • DD&R Budget




    Balance Forward$24,242$21,575$27,873$21,173$23,984


    Member Allocation$1,294$1,209$1,140$1,200$1,105

    Topical Income$0$7,677$0$8,000$9,860



    Communications (newletter/website)$0$542$2,579$1,000$1,000


    National meeting Costs$1,154$515$824$600$600

    Division Officer Expenses$0$0$0$100$0

    Membership Recruitment$0$0$1,000$2,200$2,250

    Student Support$2,681$1,392$500$2,250$2,250






  • Professional Division Metrics / Measures of Division VitalityDD&R Vitality Measures CY 2006




    Division Contributions to Society

    Division Services to Membership


    2006: 4 session 1panel/1session 1panel


    2006 - Submitted as part of Operating Manual

    ANS Position Statements

    11 LLRW Disposal Sites (Current)18 Safety of Transporting Rad Mat (current)50 Release of Radioactively Cont. Mat (current)


    Argonne Training Class & IAEA Training & Professional Development 2006 (ongoing)

    Class IClass IITopicals

    Spectrum 2002 +25% increaseCo-Sponsor Spectrum 2004 - cancelled2005 DD&R/300


    1140/1105 members 3.3% change 2006

    Participation withOutside ProfessionalSocieties

    ASME Decommissioning HandbookASTM regarding standards


    DDR Scholarship

    Class IIITopicals

    June 2003 Decommission & Spent Fuel Mgmt


    2 newsletters 2006web updated 2006


    75% Exec. Comm. PDC & NPC3 of 4 PDC; All NPC

    Peer Recognition/Awards

    Best Paper & Best PanelLifetime Achievement AwardAward of Excellence


    2006: 5 year & 1 year plan on web site


    Radwaste Magazine


    2006 Did not support

    DD&R June 26, 2007

  • Meeting SupportNational ANS Meetings1 Session 2007 Winter Meeting3 sessions 2008 Annual Meeting4 sessions 2008 Winter MeetingDDRD Topical (Capturing Lessons Learned from Decommissioning)September 2007 in Chattanooga235 Participants$45,807.99 to ANS, gross $198,093.96

  • CommunicationsFocus DD&R of reactors decreasing, reviewing focus to obtain new membersNewsletter value added Members onlyWeb Site (8695 hits per month last 12 month average) changing pictures of D&D workExecutive CommitteePlan conference calls every six weeksCall for self nomination brought a significant number of high quality nominees for 2008 election

  • Division PlanningAnnual Plan5-Year PlanIncrease the effectiveness of the division in serving the professional needs of its membersIncrease the effectiveness of the DD&R Division in supporting the ANS at national meetingsExpanded role in further reactor life extension

  • ANS Position StatementsDDRD, responsible for rewrite and reviewRelease of radioactively contaminated materials DD&R review complete, submitted to Public Policy Committee #50

  • Participation WithOther OrganizationsAttendance at international functions by Division membersCo-Sponsorship of 2007 TopicalAtomic Energy Society of JapanBritish Nuclear Energy SocietyCanadian Nuclear SocietyJapanese Society of Mechanical EngineersKorean Nuclear SocietyMexican Nuclear Society2010 Topical planned

  • Scholarship/Student SupportDDRD scholarshipPresentation of one $2000 scholarship each yearLisandro Vazquez of Georgia Tech 2007 winnerStudent travel ($2250)ANS National Meetings & 2007 TopicalOne scholarship StudentStudent conferenceGeneral student support fund

  • Peer Recognition/Awards2007 TopicalBest paper/best posterEach half day session best paperMeeting staff recognitionPast Division Chair recognitionNational MeetingsBest daily paperDD&R Division Recognition Program Project Award of ExcellenceLifetime Achievement

  • Connecticut YankeeGerry P. Noordennen for Wayne Norton President & CEO 2007 DD&R DivisionAward of Excellence

  • 2007 DD&R DivisionLifetime Achievement AwardTom LaGuardia;Managing Member, LaGuardia & Assoc.

  • Standards in DevelopmentThe American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is working on DD&R related standards. The DD&R Division has recruited members to support this effort. The DD&R division will interact with the ASTM D&D Standards group during this development phase.

  • DD&Rs FutureU.S. commercial decommissioning market shrinkingFocus on license renewalFocus on continual decommissioning during long term operationFocus on small/research reactors and rad. facilitiesU.S. government decommissioning market also shrinkingEuropean D&D market increasingBNG major D&D effortResearch and other smaller reactor D&DInput to new reactor designs on lessons learned which enable future decommissioning cost reductions Decommissioning fund size

  • ConclusionsA Division with challenges due to industry trendsSurge of orders in 1960s 1980s made decommissioning last resortDecisions in 1990s based on politics and misconceptions of costs of other energy sources lead to early closure of big unitsNew trend towards orders in 2000s means little if any decommissioningFuture role of Division in design planning for decommissioningLong term 80 year + operating lives lead to decommissioning in progress opportunitiesFederal heritage sites will eventually be finishedDivision will need a bold effort in review of direction to hold membership base and provide true value to facility operatorsNew members from October 2006 through April 2007 total 114

    Recent Change to add long-term Surveillance and maintenanceConcern that completion of utility decommissioning will adversely affect membership numbersMark Price and discuss FCWMMark PriceTMI-2 Session also supported by ETD and OPDWinter Meeting strong focus on DOE initiativesTopical Meeting to Highlight Rocky Flats completion and also working with the DOE Legacy Management group in Grand Junction to highlight this areaDick Raaz Colorado Local Section Head is General Chair, Emmy Roos on Local Planning CommitteePlanning for something in excess of 100 papers and 200 attendees3 tracks D&D, Waste Management & Legacy ManagementDid her review and Lynn Goodman has lead Public Policy Committee Background to the Proposed CommitteeThe RIC is proposed as a standing committee of the Decommissioning, Decontamination, & Reutilization (DD&R Division). The committee replaces the SCRS and continues the regulatory input to the federal rulemaking process that is most relevant to the DD&R activities. The committee will also continue the work on the site and material release issues and criteria as well as the development of the Position Statement 64.KUNZ NOLAN HERTEL Sharon Kerrick One student at DC meetingRuss ? CARL?De-fueled Safety Analysis and Emergency Plan Status: Draft previously developed for utilityapplications. Recommendation has always been to complete the standard. Action: Needs to have a lead(Working Group chair) with Working group members move it forward. Operator TrainingForUtility D&D Site Status: Final draft 98% complete which includes former comments from DD&R EC Members.Action: Completion offinal draftstill requires an additional review beforeapproval by ANSI. Anticipate approval asStandard in 2006. Validation of Data from Radiological Analyses for UseinEnvironmental Remediation Status: Final draft complete Sept 2005.Still requires additional review before approval by ANSI.Action:Don Eggett has responsibility to obtain final approval before approval by ANSI. Anticipate approval asStandard in 2006

    Skeleton Draft 2 years ago No action on De-Fueled SA and EP.Validation of Data from Radiological Analyses for Use in Environmental Remediation - Been Reviewed and Project Instruction Approved to reflect current input. Needs final review to subcommittee --- 2006 maybe

    OPS TRAINING STILL IN REVIEW Commercial onlyDefueled no lead

    Will complete ops training and validation if no defueled then bring it up at DD&R


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