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Global perspectives and local expertiseThe head office of DEININGER Unternehmensberatung is in

Frankfurt am Main, with branch offices in Berlin, Delhi, Düssel­

dorf and Warsaw and we plan to open an office in Munich.

The DEININGER Group currently employees 100 people world­


Individual solutions for individual clientsDemanding companies of all sizes trust the analyses and recom­

mendations of DEININGER Unternehmensberatung. We work

with our international partners to offer a global service, ena­

bling us to research quickly and competently across all borders.

Modern communication media creates a reliable and efficient

infrastructure with unrestricted access for our consultants.

At our Eastern Europe Competence Center (EECC), set up in

Berlin in 2005, our specialists consolidate comprehensive inde­

pendent research on local Eastern European markets and the

latest background information. This new information reposi­

tory allows us to offer solutions even more tailored to the spe­

cific wishes of our clients.

Our satisfaction depends on that of our clients We are measured by the extent to which we sustainably im­

prove the competitive edge of the companies we advise. That

is why we take the entrepreneurial risk for our clients, search­

ing for as long as it takes to find the best candidate for each

vacancy. And our commitment does not end there – we often

support the new managers long after the contract has been

signed. We maintain contact with women and men in interna­

tional management positions and with specialists in a diversity

of functions and markets, ensuring that we are abreast of the

latest developments at the first and second levels of manage­

ment. We are particularly committed to promoting the next

generation of managers, recognising their potential and devel­

oping their talents. We regard personal culture, performance,

“Entrepreneurial independence and strong equity capital ratio serve as our basis for new ventures in future.”


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efficiency consciousness, social skills and integrity as the core


Consulting based on ethical principlesCo­operation between our clients, our candidates and our con­

sultants is based on the following tried and trusted principles:

DEININGER Unternehmensberatung informs the client of any

possible conflicts of interest prior to starting a project and also

ensures absolute confidentiality regarding information gleaned

during and two years after completion of the project.

DEININGER consultants analyse the current situation of a com­

pany together with the client and present a qualified require­

ment profile for the vacancy with our written proposal. The

final requirement profile is jointly approved prior to the start of

the project.

We are committed to the careful selection of relevant candi­

dates based on professional and objectively defined criteria and

longstanding experience.

References are requested by DEININGER with absolute discre­

tion and care. DEININGER assures every candidate the highest

level of confidentiality during the entire project process and

provides prompt and comprehensive feedback.

The client receives a final report on all key information concern­

ing the project process, which particularly supports qualitative

and quantifiable conclusions on the partnership.

We honour the unwritten law that DEININGER will not ap­

proach any manager of the client on our own behalf or for

another company within a period of two years after project


Our client assures DEININGER exclusivity within the framework

of the assigned project.


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DEININGER – InternationalDEININGER Unternehmensberatung was founded in Frankfurt

am Main, Germany in 1981. In the course of global economic

development – especially following the opening of the East­

ern European markets – the company also supported its clients

in the international arena and was soon able to join regional

networks. The company grew steadily to become an interna­

tional group in the mid 1990s, including Eurosearch Consult­

ants GmbH.

Eurosearch Consultants International was founded back in

1968 by the partners in the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland and

Germany. Today the international group has 21 offices in 10

countries and as such is one of the global leaders in independ­

ent Executive Search.

In addition to offices in almost all European countries, the com­

pany also has partners in the Far East and USA. Together, we of­

fer our customers a complete overview of international markets

and access to a diversity of sectors with the objective to find the

ideal candidates for their vacancies.

The company has offices in Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp), China

(Shanghai, Hong Kong), Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin, Düssel­

dorf), France (Paris, Bordeaux), Italy (Rome, Milan, Turin), Po­

land (Warsaw), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), the Czech Republic

(Prague), UK (London, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham) and USA


One Group – many talentsMany team members are at home in our international tar­

get markets, having grown up or been educated there. Their

knowledge of the culture and society is an exceptionally reliable

resource to complement academic expertise and research as a

basis for decisions. We can meet candidates for international

management positions locally, with direct personal contact to

regional professionals and specialists in several sectors:

“Openness, curiosity, networked thinking, creativity and collegial co-operation in diverse teams – the very essence of leadership”


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DEININGER at a glanceDEININGER Group Holdings

DEININGER Unternehmensberatung GmbH

DEININGER Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Eurosearch Consultants GmbH

DEININGER Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Deininger Management Consultants Private Limited

Plaut Personalberatung GmbH CommerceBay GmbH

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Our objective is to present excellent candidates for top interna­

tional positions in a matter of weeks – even in the most chal­

lenging cases. Our search teams are always headed by just one

consultant, who is the lead contact for his clients, honouring

the ‘one face to the customer’ principle.

Meticulous researchFollowing an initial conversation to explore the potential candi­

date’s willingness to move, we conduct carefully prepared tel­

ephone interviews with the candidates in order to examine their

general profiles, to arouse their interest and to motivate them

to consider a new challenge.

In addition to academic qualifications and references, we review

communication and social skills, team spirit, organisational tal­

ent and innovation, as well as creativity and intercultural com­

petence. If qualifications, personality and commitment meet

expectations, the process continues with more detailed discus­

sions about background, future plans, readiness and naturally

the possibility of a new position in the relevant company. At the

end of the process we have a clear picture of the qualifications

and personality of the candidate, which serves as a basis for the

decision on whether the candidate should be recommended to

the client.

For us, service is passion and the promise of excellenceThe DEININGER search teams provide the dedicated consultant

with the results of their comprehensive research, identifying

candidates based on their insight into human nature and their

industry expertise. The consultant remains the personal and re­

sponsible point of contact for his/her client in the search for and

pre­selection of:

Supervisory Board and Advisory Council Members

First and Second Level Managers


“Alongside Europe, our focus markets are Eastern Europe and increasingly Asia.”


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Certified professionalism The professionalism of our service is documented by DIN ISO

9001:2000 certification, the international quality standard for

efficiency, including process management, reliability and dis­

cretion. In 1994, DEININGER Unternehmensberatung was the

first executive search company in Germany to be awarded DIN

ISO 9002 certification. In the meantime our Quality Manage­

ment follows the principles of DIN ISO 9001:2000, the latest

standard for customer orientation, efficiency, personnel man­

agement and discretion.

Commitment is a matter of courseThe DEININGER Consulting Team excels in its comprehensive

knowledge of a diversity of markets. Most of our consultants

held leading positions in industry, service, banks and administra­

tion before joining us. This seniority and the extensive network

of personal contacts are the solid foundations for our excep­

tional executive search service. DEININGER consultants deliver

strong commitment, team spirit and a keen instinct for suc­

cess – and expect the same qualities of their employees. In their

professionalism and dedicated pursuit of achievement, however,

they never forget to honour our high ethical standards.

Fast access to your consultant Each client is supported by a team, in which the consultant,

project management and secretary co­operate closely. The cli­

ent’s expectations and requirements serve as the guideline for

their actions. The client has a competent and reliable partner

– the dedicated consultant – who remains constant through to

completion of the project and is available at all times.


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National and international databasesWe naturally make use of state­of­the­art research and com­

munication tools to identify suitable candidates. These include

pertinent databases and documentation, as well as our long­

standing network, always honouring trust and integrity in the

interest of our clients and candidates.

New media creates time for classic consultingThe DEININGER Executive Service Center (DESC) is a modern

platform for communication with future candidates. Contact

is established conveniently and confidentially, either online or

by telephone.

This frees valuable time, which can be used more efficiently

for personal discussions. We get to know new high potentials

and in return provide expert advice for future professional de­

velopment perspectives. Our DESC consultants analyse career

development and pinpoint areas that require attention. They

highlight new visions and identify strategies. In the best cases,

such contact results in a recommendation as a candidate, lead­

ing to a new challenge and perhaps shortening the executive

search process for our client.

The DESC platform is also an excellent tool for coaching and

advising a candidate after a new career move. Expertise in ne­

gotiations, constructive feedback and intuition create the basis

of trust for our consultant in supporting this specific group.

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“Knowhow is the basis – character is the way to success.”


Input Group Network via Plaut Personalberatung

Job Advertisementson Job Exchanges

Job Advertisementson the Website

Sourcing and Identin Target Companies

Sourcing and Ident

in Target Companies

Evaluationof Candidates

on Job ExchangesInternet

Job Advertisementsin Print Media

Unsolicited Applications

Media AnalysisHunter NTDatabase

Search Network

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Dariusz Uzycki

Having obtained his Master’s in Machine Engineering from

a technical university in Warsaw, Dariusz continued his studies,

receiving a Doctor’s Degree in 1993. Then he worked as a university

lecturer. Making a transition to a non-academic career few years

later, he became Training Manager at a globally leading home

appliances company. In 2000, he joined one of the biggest

European personal consulting firms, initially as a Consultant,

then Branch Manager, and finally Country Manager, elevating

the local daughter-company to the level of the most profitable

subsidiaries worldwide. Currently Dariusz is the Managing

Director of Deininger Consulting Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw, Poland

(and Partner in Deininger Unternehmensberatung GmbH). He

was born in 1964. In addition to his native Polish, he speaks

fluent English and Russian, as well as medium German. He

has wide professional experience from the entire CEE region,

including Russia and Ukraine.

Ana Rancic – Malczewska

Originally from ex-Yugoslavia, Ana has lived in Poland since

1990. After finishing Russian high school in Warsaw, she

attended Warsaw University, where she obtained her Master’s

degree in Economic Science. Then she spent several years in the

furniture business, being responsible for sales and promotion

of the Polish furniture brands in the CEE region. In 2006, she

joined one of the biggest international recruitment companies

as a Consultant. At the moment Ana is an Executive Consultant

responsible for projects in Poland and Eastern Europe (especially

Russia and Ukraine). Apart from her native Serbian, she is

fluent in Polish, English, Russian and Spanish. She can also

communicate in Czech.

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business processes, history and culture, which is highly valued

by our business partners.

The core value of Deininger Consulting is to build strategic

relations with its clients, which is far more important for us

than generating a short-term profit only. Our company is here

to support the growth of our clients’ organizations in line with

their long-term business strategies and human resources capital

(mainly top- and middle-management).

The fundamentals of our activity are teamwork, quality of

service and respect toward candidates whom we treat as

intellectual partners.

A solid and active part of Deininger Unternehmensberatung

GmbH, Deininger Consulting Sp. z o.o. is fully operational in

the CEE region. We are also a proven partner within Eurosearch

Consultants International, a group of executive search firms

with a 40-year-long tradition, which extends our service

coverage worldwide.

CEE is still a very good place to locate any kind of investment.

Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania

and Bulgaria are EU members. Improving and investment-

oriented legal regulations (such as special economic zones in

Poland and relatively low taxes), solid banking system, goodwill

attitude of authorities on all levels, lack of internal borders

(Schengen) and geographical closeness create very encouraging

business environment. Employment costs are much lower than

in Western Europe and it will be valid in the years to come.

Additionally, it is very important to point out how well educated

the CEE population is, especially in the technical area. What is

more, almost twenty years of market economy development has

created here a very effective, experienced and success-hungry

management class – ready to take responsibility for the most

demanding challenges. Many CEE-located production plants

have become the best ones within their global organizations.

It is vital to remember that Poland and the CEE region represent

over 1000 years of continuous history, statehood and cultural

development that influence business a lot. To be successful, each

company should implement into its strategy the knowledge

of local relations and customer habits. That is why Deininger

Consulting is so active in sharing this essential knowledge and

offering high quality advice to its clients.


Michał Stepien

Michał is an alumni of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).

He holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Banking. Since the

beginning of his professional career in 2001, he has been

active in the area of Executive Search and has worked with top

international companies. Michał has been with Deininger since

day one, being responsible for the Polish, Czech, Slovakian and

Hungarian markets. He speaks Polish, English, French and Czech.

Deininger Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Started with four people in August 2007, the company has

grown into a nine-person operation today – three consultants

and six researchers/assistants. Our sustainable growth comes

from a stable business development strategy and very good

long-term trustful relations with our local as well as international

clients. Our consultants have substantial experience in the

whole CEE region and territories like the Siberian part of Russia

or Kazakhstan. Our expertise is additionally supported by our

strong language skills and deep understanding of the local

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DEININGER Unternehmensberatung GmbH

, Hamburger Allee 4, 60486 Frankfurt, Telephone + 49 (0)69 7 92 04 - 0, Telefax + 49 (0)69 70 04 86

, Voßstraße 16, 10117 Berlin, Telephone + 49 (0)30 22 69 86 - 0, Telefax + 49 (0)30 22 69 86 - 11

Düsseldorf, Roßstraße 92, 40476 Düsseldorf, Telephone + 49 (0)211 4 54 80 - 0, Telefax + 49 (0)211 4 54 80 - 11

Unit 2406B, Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century Boulevard, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200121, P.R. China

Telephone + 86 (21) 61 01 65 98, Telefax + 86 (21) 61 01 65 88

Al. Jerozolimskie 81, 02-001 Warszawa, Telephone + 48 22 69 502 - 10, Telefax + 48 22 69 502 - 11

804,BPTP PARK CENTRA, Sector-30, NH-8, Gurgaon 122002

Telephone + 91 124 43 85 200, Telefax + 91 124 43 85 300

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