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1. MARKETING WIZARDSFrom Sri Kalahastiswara Institute of Information and Management Sciences, Sri Kalahasti. 2. DEFINING THE PROBLEMDEVELOP THE RESEARCH PLANCOLLECT THE INFORMATIONANALYZE THE INFORMATIONPRESENT THE FINDINGSMAKE THE DECISION 3. Recommended by IDA 4. 5324 1 5. FEATURES DENTOPLUS is multiple easily detachable and attachable product manufactured with advanced technology. DENTOPLUS provides tooth paste sachets for refilling. DENTOPLUS provides new based gel paste, which can be more effective with less quantity of paste while brushing. DENTOPLUS indicator bristles fade halfway, so you can know when to replace your brush heads. Green glide bristles with interslide technology glide floss. Removes surface stains to whiten teeth early. DENTOPLUS power tip bristles help to clean hard-to-reach places. Efficiently removes plaque without irritating gums. Handle with greater comfort and easy to carry. 6. Marketing Strategy Development Part ITarget market size, structure & behaviour, planned product positioning & sales market share profit goals in first few yearsPart - IIPlanned price, distribution strategy & markets budget for first year.Part -- IIILong run sales , profit growth , marketing mix strategy. 7. MARKETING MIX PRODUCT PRICE PROMOTION PLACE 8. PRODUCT Brand name: DENTOPLUSDesign:Color: Red, Yellow, GreenSub Products Brush heads Design Packing: :paste pouchesNew 93401862Refill PackDesign:Rs.7 /-Best before 16 Months from Mfg.Date. 9. PRICE PRICING STRATEGY : Price penetration Tooth Brush: Rs 27/- Brush head: Rs 12/- Paste pouch: Rs 7/- (35 grams) Tooth Brush: Rs 22/-( childrens) Brush head: Rs 10/- 10. PROMOTION Personal selling :Door to Door Advertising: publicity: Sales Promotion :Television channels FM Radio News papers Posters Brochers Dealers Retailers 11. PLACE Channels: Location: Introducing: Physical Distribution :- Wholesalers - Retailers - Merchant agents - Mumbai - All Over India - Transport - Warehousing 12. Commercialization When (Timing) Where ( Geographic strategy) To whom (Target market prospects) How (Introducing market strategy) 13. Target Marketing: All classes Travelers TouristsSegmentation : State head quarters District head quarters 14. Positioning by attributes. Positioning as a leader. Positioning with respect to use / application 15. Year Year 1 Year 2 0 (In lakhs) (In lakhs) Sales revenue0Cost of 0 goods sold Marketing cost0Profit0Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 (In lakhs) (In lakhs) (In lakhs) 16. Feel it Say it For ideas ,suggestions and feed back contact Dentocol executive Call toll free no: 1800-22-8080 Sms Dentocare to 455 (BSNL 4555) Po box no 14760,Mumbai 400 099 E-mail: