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  • Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka Page | 2

    Draft Karnataka Tourism Policy 2014-2019


    Department of Tourism Government of Karnataka

  • Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka Page | 3

    Draft Karnataka Tourism Policy 2014-2019

    1. Introduction

    Karnataka, one of the most progressive and well developed industrial states in the country, is focused on development of trade and service sectors, through various initiatives and policies. It is home to several forts, architectural marvels and is blessed with a rich cultural heritage of over 1500 years. Other diverse visitor attractions include pilgrim sites, coastal landscape, wildlife / national parks, Eco Tourism, Wellness Tourism Alternate Lifestyle/ Yoga, Voluntary Tourism and Adventure Tourism. Over the years, Karnataka has also emerged as a strong contender in the global market for Business Tourism. The State has been ranked as the 4th preferred destination among domestic tourists and is the 3rd preferred destination for attracting investments in the tourism sector.

    The Karnataka Tourism Policy 2014-2019 focuses on accelerating and facilitating private investments in the tourism sector, and strives to be an outcome based initiative. The policy follows a non discriminatory approach to incentivise and promote the local community as well as private sector for contributing towards the development of tourism sector. This policy strives towards creating an enabling environment for tourism in Karnataka by addressing and providing guiding

    framework pertaining to governance structures, tourist infrastructure, manpower requirements, service standards and, safety and security of tourists. The Policy lays emphasis on creating a quality experiences, appealing to different visitor segments, by promoting development of various tourism products which will encourage repeat visits and increased length of stay and spends by tourists. The Policy encourages shift in attitudes - from regulation and control to empowerment, from patronage to partnership, and from linear government-lead structures to alliances with diverse stakeholders in the sector.

    2. Vision and Objectives Tourism is one of the priority sectors identified in the Governments overall growth strategy for the state. Karnataka should aim to be in the top 2 tourism destinations in India and top 50 in the world. The vision articulated for the tourism sector is as follows: To develop Karnataka as a dynamic, sustainable and most-favoured tourism destination - by increasing domestic & international visitations, offering high quality experience to visitors, facilitating and accelerating investments and improving livelihood opportunities at the local level. It is estimated that the fresh employment possibilities at 4.3 million (based on global norms of 10% employment in the sector), additional revenue potential of Rs. 83,000 crs (through direct and indirect taxes) and the investments of Rs. 73,000 crores with 50% government funding (infrastructure, destination and mobility) is needed for providing a fillip to Tourism in the State by 2024. To achieve the vision and set the direction for the tourism industry over the next five years, the following objectives are outlined:

    It is estimated that approximately 62 billion and 7 million domestic & foreign tourists respectively will visit Karnataka in the year 2015.

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    Draft Karnataka Tourism Policy 2014-2019


    Accelerate and facilitate private investments and promoting entrepreneurship in the tourism sector.

    Motivate and enthuse entities from different segments of the society with substantial incentives to contribute towards development of the sector.

    Higher growth in visitations and duration of stay of different visitor segments, through improved infrastructure, products and services.

    Improve total quality experience to visitors, from before arrival till after departure, by

    providing better access to information, greater choice in destinations, compendium of services for eating, shopping, participative safe and hassle-free experience at various travel stages.

    Promote effective inter-departmental co-ordination to streamline processes and increase sector performance.

    Enhance tourism industry skills, knowledge and professionalism to provide visitors a pleasant experience and promote local employment opportunities.

    3. Strategic Framework To realize the core objectives of the Policy and achieve the larger vision outlined for the sector, the Government of Karnataka has identified the following strategic intervention areas:

    Facilitate improvement of Infrastructure, Tourism Products and Services Position Karnataka as a preferred tourism destination at state, national and international levels Create institutional structures for effective implementation of the policy Streamline processes for obtaining clearances Offer attractive incentives for various tourism products and services Prioritise Human Resources Development & Capacity Enhancement

    The Government endeavours to pursue these strategic intervention areas by encouraging local

    entrepreneurship, promoting private sector participation, identifying additional means of raising finances

    and supporting the interventions through its own budgets and resources. The thrust will be on:

    Promoting Public Private Partnerships (PPP), creation of SPVs, Joint Ventures, and other appropriate structures.

    Encouraging corporate groups to invest in tourism projects related to community involvement and rural tourism through their CSR initiatives.

    Leveraging existing financing options extended by multi-lateral agencies, viz., the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, etc.

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    Draft Karnataka Tourism Policy 2014-2019

    Efficient utilization of funds available under state sponsored schemes and central government schemes.

    Exploring innovate financing mechanisms through capital markets.

    A set of actions have been identified for each of the strategic intervention areas, which are elaborated

    in the following sections. Detailed guidelines for undertaking activities in the identified areas including

    the incentives and concessions offered by the Government are elaborated in the Policy.

    A. Improve Infrastructure, Tourism Products and Services To achieve growth in visitor numbers and duration of stay, the government shall pursue the actions highlighted below, some of which are already being implemented by the tourism department and other departments in the state.

    Assist and facilitate development & maintenance of basic tourism infrastructure and facilities at destinations

    Promote new and innovative tourism products and services Improve connectivity infrastructure Improve access and delivery of tourism information services

    Basic tourism infrastructure and facilities at destinations

    Tourist Accommodation

    o Promote quality accommodation including homestays. The definition of homestays includes heritage homestays developed at various locations, including Hampi. The Homestays Policy/ Guidelines have been strengthened to encourage registered homestays across the State. A mechanism for inspection, certification and licensing of the homestays are also defined.

    o Encourage heritage buildings to convert into heritage hotels.

    o Facilitate development of accommodation for all customer segments through serviced apartments, cottages, camping sites, dormitories, youth hostels & yatrinivas at tourist destinations.

    At destination and wayside amenities

    o Promote wayside amenities including gender distinct toilets, cafeteria, mini store/ pharmacy and an information / souvenir booth at intervals of about 50 km along connecting roads leading to major tourist destinations.

    o Where possible dry toilet pits and a separate washing with water/drainage facility will be promoted. Wayside amenities especially benefitting local communities will be encouraged.

    o Retail for local produce, crafts, adult literacy progammes, access to internet etc. will be encouraged, wherever possible. Initiatives for physical manifestation of brand perceptions will be promoted, eg. silk.

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    Draft Karnataka Tourism Policy 2014-2019

    o Amenities including parking at the entrance of major tourist destinations will be promoted to regulate vehicular movement, with special access for the physically challenged. Thrust would be given to provide information centers/ kiosks at all major tourist destinations. Accredited tourist Guide services will also be promoted.

    o Community kitchens and cluster of public conveniences at rural locations will be encouraged, largely through private entrepreneurs/ franchisees.

    New and innovative tourism products and services

    Theme Parks

    o World-class exhibition and convention complexes through appropriate PPP framework will be promoted in Bangalore, Mysore and other important cities in the state.

    o Private enterprise, in collaboration with international exhibition companies, will be encouraged to establish these