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Dependable Venturi Eductor Pneumatic Conveying Info... · PDF fileDependable Venturi Eductor Pneumatic Conveying Systems ... designed by a Pneumatic Conveying ... pneumatic conveying

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  • Bulletin No. 205-201Bulletin No. 205-201Bulletin No. 205-201Bulletin No. 205-201Bulletin No. 205-201




    Venturi Eductor Venturi Eductor Venturi Eductor Venturi Eductor Venturi Eductor

    Dependable Venturi Eductor PneumaticConveying Systems

    Inlet Flange

    Diffuser Entrance

    Diffuser Throat

    Diffuser Outlet


    Mixing Section

    blowers, bins and hopper designs.You can now get a Transvair VenturiEductor (TVE) furnished as part of acomplete system. Systems will beintegrated so all associated compo-nent pieces of equipment are reliableand cost effective. With the TVESystems, velocities are matched to theapplication with the proper pick-upand average conveying velocities.Collecting filters have the propercloth area. Power units are sized forreliable conveying and efficient use ofthe motor horsepower. Inlet hoppersare designed to efficiently feed thematerial into the venturi eductor.

    Transvair Venturi Eductor isaccurately fabricated and machinedin critical areas

    We have designed the various parts ofthe TVE to make it the most efficientunit on the market. The diffuser

    entrance is designed with a smoothbore and taper eliminating objec-tionable shock and eddy losses. Thenozzle is machined to a precisecenter to the diffuser throat tube.The nozzle position is adjustable sothat fine tuning may be done afterinstallation for best performance.

    The mixing section or entry area tothe diffuser throat is conical toincrease flow in the throat. TheTransvair Venturi Eductorsdiffuser throat is parallel producinga higher maximum inlet vacuumwhen compared to other designs.The throat length is calculated foroptimum performance. The diffuserthroat outlet expands to get properstatic pressure regain and air/material acceleration. The length ofthe outlet diffuser is calculated formaximum pressure recoveryefficiency.

    PH: 717-546-3165 FAX: 717-546-1888e-mail: [email protected]

    Transvair Venturi Eductor systemsare an economical method to conveypowdered or pelletized materials.Properly designed venturi eductorsystems are reliable and require littlemaintenance. The systems are mostvaluable in conveying applicationswhen the material is transported at arate less than 6000#/hr and overcombined vertical and horizontaldistances of up to 300 feet in totallength.

    Venturi eductor systems are positivepressure dilute phase pneumaticsystems that can convey a variety ofbulk solids materials. The venturieductor replaces the rotary valve thatis normally used as an airlock andfeeds material into the pneumaticconveying line. The problemsencountered when using rotary valves,like air blow back and pellet clipping,are eliminated with the venturieductor.

    Now, Venturi Eductor Systemsdesigned by a Pneumatic ConveyingCompany.

    Until now, venturi eductors weresupplied by companies that had littleor no experience in the designing ofdilute phase pneumatic conveyingsystems. These manufacturers havedispensed a lot of bad information,misinformation and have installedmany venturi eductor systems that donot work. These companies do notunderstand pneumatic conveyingfundamentals, including filters,

    Transvair Venturi Eductor - most efficient with thehighest regain and proper air/material acceleration

  • Filter


    Self-contained BagDump Station


    TransVair Venturi Eductor

    Positive Pressure Power Unit

    Diverter Valve

    "A" Nominal Pipe SizeProduct Outlet

    Typical TransVair Venturi Eductorpneumatic conveying system.Material is picked up at the bottomof a bag dump station and trans-ferred to one of two filters. Thefilters separate material and airwith the material discharging intothe process equipment.TVE Conveyors can be furnishedin combination with bulk bagunloading frames, dust collectordischarges, holding hoppers, silos,dryers and blenders.


    "D" Male N.P.T. Nozzle SizeGas Inlet


    TransVair Venturi Eductors -Rugged Construction ensuresReliable, Trouble-free operation.

    TVE conveyors use plant compressedair, positive displacement or regenera-tive blowers for their motive air. Thenozzle has an O-Ring seal for vacuum-tight and leak-free operation. The TVEis a self feeding design that can be set-up for metered feed or choke feedapplications.

    You get complete system and eductordesign responsibility from us with theTVE furnished as part of a completepneumatic conveying system. Youbenefit from our application engineersexperience and a system design thatmatches your conveying requirements.

    The first step in designing any bulkmaterial handling system is to learnthe physical characteristics of thematerials that are to be handled in thesystem. The Young Industries, Inc. hasa fully equipped test lab to test yourapplication. We can do preliminarybench tests, and pilot scale Transvair

    Venturi Eductor conveying tests. Wecan save you time and money bydetermining the feasibility of using aventuri eductor for handling yourproduct before you invest a largeamount of time and money in theproject. Contact us for additionalinformation or testing of your material.



    Various inlet sizes and flangeconfigurations available.

    CFM Rating is maximum motivegas flow at 15 PSIG supplypressure

    Available materials of construc-tion include-Carbon steel, Stain-less steel and Special Alloys

    Custom sizes and designsavailable










    "A" Size








    CFM Rating "B"












    "C" "D"

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