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Descriptive Paragraph. Unit 2 Page 29. What is a descriptive paragraph?. A descriptive paragraph describes a person, a place, or a thing so that the reader can picture it in his or her mind. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Descriptive ParagraphUnit 2 Page 29

What is a descriptive paragraph?A descriptive paragraph describes a person, a place, or a thing so that the reader can picture it in his or her mind.The writer uses words that create an image and help the reader see, touch, feel, smell, or taste the topic that he or she is describing.

1- Topic sentence:The topic sentence in a descriptive paragraph introduces the item that the writer will describe.It may also include the writers general feeling or opinion about the item.

2- supporting sentences:The supporting sentences give some background information about the item.The supporting sentences also give descriptive details about the item. These details describe how the item looks, smells, feels, or tastes.The supporting sentences may also describe in more detail how the writer feels about the item. 3- concluding sentence:The paragraph ends with a concluding sentence that restates the idea in the topic sentence using different words.

Developing Your IdeasUsing Specific Language:Using specific language in descriptive writing helps give the reader clear mental image of what something looks, feels, sounds, or smells like.For example,

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The Best Place to Visit (topic sentence) California is the most wonderful place to visit because of its variety of weather and its beautiful nature. (subject development) Visitors to California can find any weather they like. They can find cool temperatures in the summer; also they can find warm weather in the winter. They can find places that are difficult for humans to live in the summer because they are so hot. Or they can find places closed in the winter because of the snow. On the other hand, visitors can find the nature they like. They can find high mountains and low valleys. Visitors can find a huge forest, a dead desert, and a beautiful coast.(summary sentence) So California is the most wonderful place to visit because of its weather and nature.Editing Your WritingAdjectives are words that describe nouns. Writers use adjectives to give the reader a more complete picture of the people, place , and things they want to describe. The adjectives help the reader visualize the object. For example, a large, metal desk.

How can we use adjectives?1- an adjective can come before a noun. If the noun is singular, use a/an or the before the adjective. E.g, I own an antique violin.My mother gave me a big hug.2- adjectives have only one form. Use the same adjective with singular and plural nouns.E.g, a lovely bracelet. Two lovely bracelets.3- an adjective can come after ( be). When two adjectives come after be, separate them with (and). E.g, my fathers expression is wise and serious. 4- nouns can also function as adjectives. E.g, a rose garden.5- when a noun functions as an adjective, it is always singular. E.g, two kitchen tables.

Using Be to Describe and DefineUse the verb (be) to describe the subject of a sentence. You can use either a noun or an adjective after ( be).You can use ( be+ adjective ) to describe: 1- conditions ----- He is ready. 2- physical characteristic ---- I am strong. 3- age ---- my daughter is six. 4- personality ---- Gabriela is gracious. You can use ( be+ noun) or ( noun phrase) to identify or define something , or to describe occupations and relationships. 1- identifying---- it is a map.2- describing occupations---- he is a waiter.3- describing relationships---- we are classmates. Be with Adjectives Be with Nounssubject Be Adjective I am am not healthy. He She is is not athletic. you WE They are are not young Subject Be Noun Phrase I am am not an honest person. He She is is not a dancer. You We They are are not brothers.

Describe Your Favorite Room The first thing we did as soon as we came to the U.S.A. about two years ago was to search for an apartment in order not to live with one of our relatives. After looking for one month to find a suitable apartment, I finally found the apartment where we have been living. It includes a living room three bedrooms, and a kitchen. Probably the living room is my favorite room of all because we often gather together there after we come home from work or school. It is a comfortable room for our family. Entering the living room from the front door, we can we a new piano in the corner, with a vase of colorful flowers on it. In the opposite corner stands a Sony television, which I bought for my children to watch cartoons and for us to see films and get the daily news. Besides, there is a sofa next to the piano, a loveseat beside the TV, and also a low table between them. This is a comfortable place to sit while we watch TV or talk. On one of the light blue walls is a tranquil picture of the sea. The floor is covered with a dark red carpet, which my children like to play on. They also like to sit on it when they watch TV. The large window is shaded by a light colored curtain, giving the room a soft, bright feeling. A ceiling fan with small lights is hanging from the ceiling, whenever the fan and lights are on, we can see dangling images, which are reflected from the furniture in the room. Generally, our living room is a place where we receive our guest, gather together to discuss any topic and enjoy our leisure time.

Editors Checklist:Put a check () as appropriate:1- Did you include adjectives in your sentences to give your reader a more complete picture?2- Did you use adjectives after articles and before nouns?3- Did you use the verb ( be) before adjectives and nouns?4-Did you capitalize the first letter of each sentence and put end punctuation at the end?5- Does the paragraph have a topic sentence that introduces the thing you will describe?

6- Did you include background information about the thing you are describing?7- Did you include descriptive details about how the thing looks, smells, tastes, sounds, feels , etc?8- Did you use specific words as part of your description?9- Are the adjectives used correctly?10- Does the paragraph have a concluding sentence that restate the idea in the topic sentence?*** EXERCISE 3 / PAGE 48

Outline and 1st draft of Descriptive Paragraph