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A2 Media Studies Detailed Research

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Trailers drama

Katie mouldDetailed Research500 Days of summerI thought that it would be a good idea to look at this film because it has a similar storyline to what I am going to create. The film itself focuses around the life of one individual who thinks that their life depends on another person. This is the same type of concept that I am going for in my own trailer which is why I thought that it would be a good idea to look at it in more detail.In regards to my own trailer I am obviously going to change the general story behind it to my own idea but keeping the same approach to making it. I like the way it jumps between time periods so that we arent continuously watching the same period of time as well.

We can see that the main character is obviously not happy with his life from the facial expression and the way that he is sitting which is what I am going to try and replicate when I am creating my own trailer to get the same type of emotion across.

This is a scene where we see the two main characters socialising, which is something that I am going to include in my own trailer so that we can get a good idea of both characters personalities, much like in this trailer for 500 Days of Summer.

This is another screenshot of the two main characters socialising, however this time, there are other people included in the shot. I am going to use this same idea, but instead of them socialising with the other person or people, they are going to be ignored to show how neither of them are wanted.

This is a happy scene in the trailer, however I am going to use this type of scene and change it into my own idea making it a very dramatic sad scene to show the audience the type of emotion that the character is feeling. I think that this is a good idea to get the overall mood of the trailer across to the audience.This particular scene in the trailer, is something that I really like the look of. The sun beaming through really caught my eye and I think that I would like to do something like this for when my two main characters meet. The effect looks really pretty and will replicate the mood in the shot. Fox searchlight

Fox SearchLight generally creates films that are dramas rather than institutions such as Hammer create stereotypical horror films. This institution is generally very centered around a dramatic storyline.

Films under Fox SearchLight127 Hours500 Days of SummerNever Let Me GoSlumdog MillionaireThe Art of Getting ByIt is clear that the popular films that are created by Fox SearchLight are very dramatic and have very relatable storylines.I think this institution would be best to use for my film trailer because of the fact that they tend to focus around drama films.Key selling pointsThere are various selling points in the trailer that would make the audience want to watch the film.The characters in the film played by well known actors Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Descahanel makes for a strong selling point because they will most like have a very strong fanbase that will want to watch the film purely because they are in it.The location that the film is set, would also be a good way to sell the film and the location in 500 Days of Summer would be somewhat desirable to a lot of people.Key selling pointsThe storyline of the film and any film for that matter is always a key selling point when it comes to films and their trailers because at the end of the day, it is going to be the main reason that someone will choose to watch the film. As long as the storyline is put across in a good way in the trailer, much like it is in 500 Days of Summer, then you are going to be a lot more likely to draw in the audience to watch the entire film rather than to just watch the trailer and be satisfied with the information that they are finding out. trailers tend to leave a few cliff hangers so that the audience will have to watch the film in order to find out the answers to their questions.How does each trailer establish genre, moodand expectation of the film?The trailer for 500 Days of Summer establishes the genre through the storyline that we are shown. The typical dramatic romance that we get a sense of, gives the audience a very direct indication of what the genre of the film itself is.It also gives a good idea of the mood of the film through the use of the voiceover near the beginning saying This is not a love story. It gives us the impression that it will be based on a relationship but not the typical, boy / girl ending in marriage and totally in love type of storyline which I think is actually really effective.I think that everything working together in this way makes the overall expectation of the film quite high, especially for the type of relationship we are expecting to see after watching the trailer and getting a good feel for each of the characters. successfulnessI think that this trailer is highly successful because of the relationship that we get from the trailer. It is also successful because it establishes to the audience the storyline that we are expecting. After watching the film we are assured of the relationship which proves that the trailer was a good way of presenting the relationship.In regards to establishing the genre to the audience, the trailer does a good job at signifying that is a drama about a romance. This is important so that the audience will get a good idea of whether or not they are going to enjoy the film or not.SUCCESSFUL UN-SUCCESSFULThe voiceover throughout the trailer works well.Some of the shot types arent as effective as others. The actors are good at establishing the genre. Particular characters could have been used more/less.The music over the top of the entire trailer is in-keeping with the storyline.Aspects of mise-en-scene arent inkeeping with the background of the film.The locations create a good sense of verisimilitude and representation.Who appears to be the target audience for the film?From watching the trailer I think that it would be fair to say that the target audience of the film would be 16 21 year old females due to the storyline behind the film. The lovey dovey relationship that we are presented with would suggest that a younger audience would be more appropriate. It can also be argued that the target audience for the film is a little older due to the failure of the relationship that we see throughout the film. It would be understandable in this sense that the film would be targeted at a higher audience as it has more mature ideas behind that would maybe appeal more to a female audience of around 18 30 y/o.How does the trailer specifically target the audience?The audience is particularly targeted in this trailer through the representation of the characters and the relationships that we are shown. The storyline would also most likely be a reason as to how the trailer would target audiences.Characters in this film are easy to relate to, which would be a selling point and a reason to watch the actual film which is why getting their personalities and demeanors across in the correct way is vital in the trailer. The relationships work in the same way because the target audience would much rather watch a film that they know is going to have relationships involved that they are familiar with. The storyline is also very important because it is essentially the reason that a person will decide whether or not they are actually going to see the movie and the trailer has a lot of impact in helping the audience make their decision. The great gatsbyI wanted to look at this film and trailer because I love the storyline and also how Baz Luhrmann presents the entire film.The storyline is also somewhat similar to what I am planning on creating as it centres around the main character searching for someone to change his life which is essentially the same type of idea that I am going for in regards to the two characters finding each other. It wont be as extravagant as the way the two meet in The Great Gatsby but I would like to try and make it as dramatic as their meeting.

I thought that this shot was really intriguing and you can see the background characters through the main characters. I might attempt to do this type of shot in order to show how no-one wants to talk to them so I might try and show people talking in the background away from them.This shot of one of the characters moving close in to the woman works really well and adds a lot of tension. We can clearly see from her facial expression that she is upset which I think adds to the mood of this shot. It would be interesting to try and create this type of shot when creating my own trailer.This establishing shot is really interesting because it shows the luxury lifestyle in which the majority of the characters in the Great Gatsby live. I might try and do something similar with my own trailer to show at large the type of area that my characters will be in.

This shot of Gatsby going to punch one of the other characters is really effective because we can see from the others body language that they were unprepared. I am going to create a similar shot when creating my own trailer, to show the frustration in one of the characters.I like the way that Baz Luhrmann has presented Gatsby to the audience as it shows his personality really well. This is important, so that the audience knows exactly what the character is like. I am going to do something similar, by showing that my character is sad and lonely.The music in the background of this trailer is something that I took note of straight away. The slow but gradually building music adds a lot of suspense to the overall feel of the trailer which works perfectly with the storyline. Even when the characters are speaking, the music does not completely disappear which is something that I would like to keep consistent throughout my trailer when I am creating my trailer. Warner bros. picturesMuch li