Developing Countries Pursuing Nuclear Technology

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In This Podcast, We'll Be Discussing Nuclear Proliferation. We'll Take a Look at Two Well-Known Developing Countries Who have Nuclear Ambitions, and Explain The implications of allowing these countries to develop nuclear technology.

Text of Developing Countries Pursuing Nuclear Technology

  • 1. Nuclear Proliferation in Developing Countries Robby Lock 4th Period Mrs. Blockers Contemporary World Issues Class

2. Why Do Developing Countries Pursue Nuclear Technology ?

  • Increased International Attention and Influence
  • Demonstrates Countrys Technological Ability
  • Country Lacks Nuclear Deterrent
  • Neighbors Developed/Developing Nuclear Technology
  • Negotiating Asset

3. Irans Pursuit of Nuclear Technology Reason for Controversy

  • Controversy exists over Irans Uranium Enrichment Program.
  • United States claims Iran is intending to develop Nuclear Weapons
  • Israel- Threat to Sole Possession of Nuclear Technology
  • Iran pursuing Nuclear weapons encourages neighboring countries to pursue nuclear technology

4. Irans Pursuit of Nuclear Technology Introduction

  • 1950s- Nuclear Technology Introduced to Iran
  • 1970- Iran Ratifies Nuclear NPA
  • 1974- Saudi Arabia Tests Nuclear Device
  • 1979- Iranian Revolution
  • First Nuclear Power Plant: Bushehr I
  • Iranian Government Asserts Program is Peaceful, not for Arms.

Iranian Leader Tours Nuclear Research Center Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 5. Irans Pursuit of Nuclear Technology Recent Developments

  • August 2002 Uranium Enrichment Plant in Natanz, Iran Discovered
  • December 2002 U.S. accuses Iran of Pursuing Nuclear Weapons
  • December 2006- Nuclear Technology Trade Ban Introduced
  • Israel Threatens to Attack Irans Nuclear Facilities
  • Iran now has approximately 1 Metric Ton of enriched Uranium
  • Iran has imported some Weapons Grade Uranium
  • Not Sufficient for A Bomb
  • Cannot Produce Weapons Grade Uranium Domestically (April 2009)

6. North Koreas Pursuit of Nuclear TechnologyBackground Information

  • 1993- North Korea Quits Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty
  • 1994- U.S. and Pyongyang Agreement: International Aid Developing Nuclear Power in Exchange for Dismantlement of North Korean Nuclear Program
  • 1998- North Korea Launches Missile over Japan into Pacific Ocean
  • 2000- U.S. Nuclear Power Construction in North Korea Delayed, Threatens to Restart Nuclear Arms Program
  • 2002- President George Bush Declares North Korea in Axis of Evil

North Korea Leader: Kim Jong Il 7. North Koreas Pursuit of Nuclear Technology Recent Developments

  • 2006- North Korea Tests Taepodong 2 Missile. Test Fails.
  • 2007 North Korea Agrees to Dismantle Nuclear Arms Plants
  • April 5 2009 -North Korea Claims to Launch Satellite into Space, U.S. says test failed
  • April 10 2009 -announces it will tighten economic sanctions against North Korea to punish the communist regime for its launch of a rocket
  • April 13 2009- UN Demands North Korea: No More Rocket Launches
  • April 18 2009-North Korea says any Sanctions imposed will be considered Act of War

8. How Do We Prevent Nuclear Proliferation?

  • The Goal is to Maintain Peaceful uses of Nuclear Technology (Like Nuclear Power), while simultaneously preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.
  • Early 1960s Many Military and Political Leaders feared spread of Nuclear Weapons
  • Late 1960s United States and Russia Develop Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty

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