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Diatom Discovery Boxes

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Diatom Discovery Boxes. Dave Westenberg SEQL follow-up meeting 20 April 2013. Which item does not belong?. Beer Slice of bread Hepatitis B vaccine Vitamins Penny. Which item does not belong?. Laundry detergent Drain cleaner Lact-Aid milk Orchid Beano. Which item does not belong?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Diatom Discovery Boxes

  • Diatom Discovery BoxesDave WestenbergSEQL follow-up meeting20 April 2013

  • Which item does not belong?BeerSlice of breadHepatitis B vaccineVitaminsPenny

  • Which item does not belong?Laundry detergentDrain cleanerLact-Aid milkOrchidBeano

  • Which item does not belong?ChalkCoffeeSoy sauceNail polish removerYogurt

  • Which item does not belong?Moldy breadChickenRiceBoneLeather

  • Which item does not belong?CowHumulinTermiteLichenBeans

  • Which item does not belong?License PlateDynamiteCleanserSwimming poolCortisone cream


  • Diatom Game RulesStart with 4 cardsFill out sheet using your own cardsAsk other students questions from sheet.If no answer on cards, draw a cardIf answer on cards they show the card only to askerIf answer from another person they read the answer aloudFirst to fill out all questions wins.

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