Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2

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  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    This book is for all the boys and

    girl who got aquiver of smile

    matters more than your love . This is my story (A

    true story) for a girl . I started to write this

    because I didnt know a better way to propose

    her. My friends made it into a book and now its in

    your hand published and all done. Credits to all

    my publishers and my editors Savitha and


  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    This page is dedicated to

    The women who made me write

    *An awesome women indeed.

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    #1 The Introduction

    #2 The pages of love

    #3 Explanation of love

    #4 The worst holidays

    #5 Ideas of love (Guys never try mine!!)

    #6 A caf time

    #7 Facing the death

    #8 The dream

    #9 Weeks by weeks

    #10 Now what??Some more weeks

    #11 Eighth week

    #12 The endingStory ends!

    Till this it's from Sundars point of view

    From here my twist starts these chapters are from

    Niharika and Avanthikas point of view seeing

    Sundar as a friend and a guy who loved deeply...

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    #13My view(Niharika)

    #14 Avantikas view

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    Sid thinks he finds the missing puzzle piece

    when he first met avantika then times

    changed this story moves around avantika

    and sid taking some hard turns in their life

    avantika is sid love of life.

    I found ma missing puzzle pic

    Sid thinks this way when he meets avantika

    gets to know her and starts falling for her

    slowly and finally deeply this can ever beand he is still happy even if this didnt work

    out for both in the way he planned his life

    will do for him. Read the story for yourself


  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    Chapter 1- The introduction

    Things about her I had always been the mature

    lover that too with moon even now after many

    years I stuck on to my routine of admiring moon.

    Looking at me someone would defiantly think I am a

    lunatic but, the full moon day is always something

    special for me!

    Always remained me (or) brings back my teen-age

    days which had more of Avanthika than me. Thissingle name Avanthika brings me thousand

    memories of a wonderful girl into my mind I may

    have not walked with hands joined together in the

    warm sun shine and a few drops on rain but I

    consider mine as the purest form of love!! I havenot seen her for the past 10 years of my life .Still, I

    havent had a peaceful sleep without her face in my

    dreams I still remember the day when I saw her .

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    She was clad in a chudi with a perfect pony-tail and

    with the kohl in her spark brown eyes! Which can

    make any guys blush!!??? (I know guys dont blush)

    And her lips were exceptionally beautiful quoting

    Justin Biebers lines

    Her lips ma biggest sweetness

    I dont think it ever needs lip gloss in her life! Andher earring was the thing which I love the most

    those, rings make her look more expressive I think

    I fell in love with those full moon nights!! After

    seeing her face I have pronounced her name over

    thousand times. still I skip a beat when I hear hername I think its the most beautiful name which I

    have ever heard!! And doubt is there a name in this

    whole world than her's more over I dont want to

    know that either. I think a dictionary go out of

    words while describing her. As, she is way aheadbeautiful than describing. My only memory of her

    was a pen which she used (which I would never loss

    at many movement of my life) my routine begins

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    from now. I would look at her photo and, would

    think what she would do? Would she even

    remember a looser called Sid!! (Yeah guys! Myname is siddhart) who is still madly in love with her

    for 14 years! Usually. In the morning I would find

    few emotional tears rolling over my cheeks at least

    my tears are blessed enough as it drops out for a

    person I love. Who has been so special to me! Evennow still she is! A person should make a persons

    counterpart happy not the other way around! I

    know I can never give her that happiness

    sometimes its better to be away from the person

    whom you cant see shedding tears. I dont want tosee her unhappy. not her cute eyes shedding tears

    for me. Out of all weirdest things that in the past

    fourteen years have never had guts to propose her

    moreover I have never felt that urgency to do so... I

    think it is something which needs to be felt in whichmy dreams

    Every memory of her is beautiful

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    Everything which remains me of her is more


    #2 the pages of love

    Every time I see her I get the happiness every guy

    would get after his first shave. My best buddy at

    school was Johnny boy- I dont intend togive cheesy intro to him as we guys never glorify

    our guy friends. Like every others I was addicted to

    the facebook

    I faced it most of the time just to see Avanthika on-

    line whenever I see.. Green light in her profile I

    feel the moments of my life .She looks more

    ravishing every time than my previous memory of

    her. She has a fair face, sparky brown eyes-which

    burnt me burnt me alive, sharp nose and her lips

    which never needs gloss I feel

    like liking it whenever I see! yak, as a trained pet I

    fell in love with that angel again again(as if I

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    stopped loving her?! which is no

    way possible!) in my part of the country it was

    considered a sin if one doesn't attend tuition classesfor 10th board exams , following the

    suit I did the same(that implies I can no longer be

    regular to my cricket academy) though I was un-

    happy about it. But ,my tuition classes offered

    something great which it was on 3rd of June, thefirst time I had to look into the dictionary searching

    for words to describe "Avanthika"-'beautiful' was

    not the right word-it was an understatement, I

    cursed my over vocabulary as well as the English

    language for the lack of words to describe her . Shewas the topper in everything on the other to be

    frank I was a zero in everything. She was the

    captain of the basketball team looking at her

    tapping the ball made me wish I were a ball. Every

    time I see her I get the happiness that cricket cannever do! Yes, you have guessed it right

    "Avanthika" and I were in the same tuition- I made

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    it a point to travel 5 km to study(!!!) in the same


    #3 the explanation of love

    Avanthika is 5.10 and she already looks like the

    upcoming MISS WORLD even in her school

    uniform(at least to my eyes!). I stand around 6.1

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    accented tone. I grabbed the copies from her

    hand(bit harsh) and said `Hmm' this was the end of

    my first ever conversation(!!!!!) though, one sided

    conversation. Only after a few minutes I realized

    that I had neither thanked her nor asked how much

    does it costs. I asked myself why had she chosen

    me????( The answer is quite obvious that I am the

    only guy from her class).

    This is the first time I ever lovedmy name `Siddharth' she gave an extra stress while

    pronouncing `d' and I loved this. I got back to my

    senses and ran and told her . I called her `Avanthika'

    (This is the first time I had ever called her real

    though I do that over 1000 times a day in my

    mind). She turned and said Rs:100 siddhath Iguess you where bit-pre occupied and flashed a

    cozy smile.. NO BODY CAN SMILE AS CUTE AS

    HER(At least to my eyes) I said my trade mark

    `Hmm' she said k,bye its getting late... I stood

    in the same place for over 10 minutes in peace, and

    I finally realized that I had stricken a REAL

    Conversation that too with the girl to whom I lost

    myself even before knowing her name. I was

    extremely happy and slept with a smile on my face.

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2


    As usual she knocked my doors in dream..... EVEN



    #4 Worst holidays

    These lines came out during vacation.... The

    loneliness in me converted me to do something

    which I didn't even knew that I can. I ventured it

  • 7/28/2019 Did i Say i Love You... Final Copy2



    writing what came into my mind. I was just trying

    to express my love to her of course I never had theguts to say this to her. This is my first ever poem..

    "My day makes me an idler by dragging

    My night is neither happy nor sad!

    I wish night to be 17hrs and day to be 7 hrs tokill my day and lead a life with her in my dream"

    Is it good?

    It may appeal as a prank to others. But, its not to

    me as it is my first verses being dedicated

    to Avanthika. I know my vocabulary is sho