Did you know 7 fun facts about tattoos

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<ul><li><p> Did You Know? 7 Fun Facts About Tattoos Think you know everything there is to know about tattoos? Check out these fun facts below! </p><p>#1) The $1 Million Tattoo </p><p>Ever wonder how much the worlds most expensive tattoo cost? Its just under $1 million, $924,000 </p><p>to be exact. The tattoo, featured on BornRich, is a brilliant floral design thats comprised of 612 </p><p>individual diamonds of roughly half a carat in size each. This isnt just your ordinary tattoo, though, </p><p>as the South African jeweler Shimansky funded the project to promote its brand. </p><p>#2) Cosmetic Tattoos </p><p>A growing new trend is the use of cosmetic tattoos (also known as permanent makeup). As the </p><p>name suggests, this involves tattooing with special inks that mimics the appearance of removable </p><p>makeup. Being that its created with a tattooing gun, however, the results last significantly longer </p><p>than standard makeup. Cosmetic tattoos may consist of lip liner, lipstick, eyeliner, and more. </p><p>#3) Tattooing Involves Up to 3,000 Skin Pokes Per Minute </p></li><li><p>This fact is not one for the squeamish or faint of heart. While tattooing techniques vary, a typical </p><p>session will involve the skin being pierced up to 3,000 times per minute. Of course, there are some </p><p>tattoo machines which operate much slower, at just 100 pokes per minute. </p><p>#4) Social Security Number Tattoos </p><p>Its frustrating when you cant remember your Social Security number. You dont want to write it </p><p>down out of fear that someone will steal it, but some people just cant seem to remember those </p><p>critical nine digits. Back in the 1930s, though, some Americans came up with the idea of tattooing </p><p>their Social Security numbers on their arms. </p><p>#5) UV Tattoos </p><p>The tattoo industry has come a long ways over the years. Theres now special ultraviolet (UV) </p><p>tattoos which are invisible during the daylight but glow under UV light. </p><p>#6) The Worlds Most Tattooed Person </p><p>Gregory Paul McLaren, who goes by the name Lucky Diamond Rich, has held the Guinness World </p><p>Record for being the most tattooed person since 2006. The New Zealand native is 100% tattooed, </p><p>with ink covering his entire body. And, in case you were wondering, McLaren has sat through more </p><p>than one thousand hours of inking. </p><p>#7) Martin Hildebrandt was the First US Tattoo Artist </p><p>As of 2015, there are around 21,000 tattoo parlors operating in the United States. However, Martin </p><p>Hildebrandt is believed to be the countrys first modern tattoo artist. After opening his shop in New </p><p>York City during the mid 1940s, hundreds of men and women began pouring into his parlor in hopes </p><p>of getting inked. Reports indicate that his parlor even attracted soldiers from the Union and </p><p>Confederate militaries during the American Civil War. </p><p>Photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/boEjqD </p></li></ul>