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Did you say you want to communicate a change?

Tips for internal communications professionals who are planning communications for a change initiative.

Judith H. Jones Communications1

Judith H. Jones Communications2Communicate a change? Thats easy!Said no one ever.

Before jumping in and communicatingJudith H. Jones Communications3

Start with questions and get the factsJudith H. Jones Communications4

What specificchanges are we making?

Who owns this initiative?

What is our business problem and how does the change address it?Who areour audiences?Who are our stakeholders?

Who needs to know about the change?

Whois affected?

When do we make change happen?What else is happening in our companyat the same time?What do we wantpeople to know, say, and do about this change?

Whats in it for our customers, employees, shareholders?

What is the priority/scope of this change as compared to other changes?How do we know were successful?

Get to Know Who is AffectedJudith H. Jones Communications5Get to know your target audiences/stakeholders.Be specific to understand the impact of change for each group.

Impact of changeTimeline of change

What you learn informs a communication strategy that spansJudith H. Jones Communications6

Start drafting your planDefine successDevelop key messages and craft the message mapAnalyze audiences/stakeholdersEstablish communication principlesEstablish a visual identity that is recognizable AND complements the brandConsider multiple channels, including existing channelsIntegrate with the organizational communications calendarIdentify your co-communicatorsInclude ways to empower your co-communicatorsIdentify your risks to successPitch your plan(s) at the right levelsMeasure your communications and link metrics to initiative objectives

Judith H. Jones Communications7

Word to the wise

Ensure there is a channel for two-way communication and a feedback mechanismJudith H. Jones Communications8

Planning takes workJudith H. Jones Communications9

But its worth itA solid communication planSupports the activities that advance the success of the change agendaBuilds stakeholder engagementDelivers clear and consistent messages that are authentic, relatable, and accurateConveys actionable facts to the relevant people at the right timeEnables people to make meaning of change and adopt new behaviors

Judith H. Jones Communications10

Dont forget to monitor and measureJudith H. Jones Communications11

Judith H. Jones Communications12Remember that there's no one perfect way to communicate change. Sarah Fenson, Inc., June 2000Yet planning, employing various methods and maintaining flexibility throughoutensure maximum effectiveness and deliver better results.

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