Diego de vELAZQUEZ 1599 - 1660

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Diego de vELAZQUEZ 1599 - 1660. The best painter in the world. My life. This is me, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez . I was born in Seville in 1599. When I was 11, I started working with Francisco Pacheco in Seville. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diego devELAZQUEZ1599 - 1660The best painter in the world

My lifeThis is me, Diego Rodriguez de Silvay Velazquez .

I was bornin Seville in 1599.

When I was 11, I started working with Francisco Pacheco in Seville.

I married his daughter, Juana Pacheco, when I was 19, in 1618.

Some people say that this is my wife. What do you think?

Seville 1617 - 1623 I started working alone, in my own house, where I lived with my wife and our two daughters .

La Adoracin de los Magos is one of my Sevillian paintings.

Madrid 1623- 1660. I was appointed painter to King Felipe IV. These are two pictures of him.

One of my most famous pictures of my first period in Madrid is Los Borrachos.

1629 My first journey to Italy. I was in Italy twice. During my first journey, I painted La Fragua de Vulcano.

1630s.As you can see, I painted some of my best pictures from 1630 to 1639Las lanzas o La Rendicin de Breda

La venus del espejo

Cristo crucificado

1649 My second journey to Italy. During my second journey to Italy, I made this portrait of Pope Inocencio X. It is very difficult to portray a Pope: they have not got a lot of time to pose for you.

Madrid 1651- 1660Back in Madrid, during my last period, I painted pictures for the royal family and noblemen, for example, las Hilanderas, based on the legend of Arachne.

In my paintings,I sometimes portrayed myself, as you can see in Las Meninas.

Madrid 1660I died in Madrid, when I was 61 years old, rich and famous.

What do I do now?I enjoy myself watching what people do with my pictures.Pope Inocencio X

15Las lanzas

Lots of versions of Las meninas.

My favourite versions are the ones of the Venus

This is my favourite one! Goodbye!


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