Digital Booklet - This is Who We Are

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  • 7/27/2019 Digital Booklet - This is Who We Are


    C P2009Metal BladeRecordsInc., 2828CochranSt. PMB302, SimiValley, CA 93065-2793.All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication Is A Violation Of Applicable Laws.WWW.METALBLADE.COM


  • 7/27/2019 Digital Booklet - This is Who We Are





    SION:Live at Seacoast Community Church, The Jumping Turtle and The Grove of Anaheim 2008

    Directed and Produced by Denise Korycki

    Edited by Lia Starace and Jim Starace

    Camera Operators: Russell Brownley, Steven Burhoe, Mike Catalano, Jerry Clubb,

    Ricky Hunter, Denise Korycki, Nate Miller, Brigman Foster-Owens, Andrew Perez,

    Matt Jara Ratajsczak, Luke Riffle, Drew Rivera, Jeremy Schott, Roger Timm

    Lighting Design at Grove by Ryo Suguro

    Live at Cornerstone Festival 2008

    Directed by Kyle Farthing

    Edited by Lia Starace and Jim Starace

    Camera Operators: Kyle Farthing, Rhett Blankenship, Mike Free, BJ Frost

    Live at Wacken Open Air Festival 2008

    Directed by Sven O ffen, Hans-Christian Vetchy / Just 24/7

    Produced by Marcel Schleiff / Record Film

    Edited by Lia Starace and Jim Starace

    Camera Operators: Tarek Abou Alsoud, Dietrich Bock, Enno Born, Michael Chrnella,

    Ralph Hector, Dennis Heinemann, Florian Kaiser, Max Kuhl, Jenz Laqua, Thorsten Ler,

    Uli Niebel, Malte Nieschalk, Markus Schlott, Tony Schmidt, Jrn Schulz, Christian Seefuss,

    Robert Stalinzky, Thomas Wagensommer, Gnther Wallbrecht, Matthias Wittkuhn,

    Christian Zuckmayer, Denise Korycki

    Live at With Full Force Festival 2007Produced by True Jokx

    Edited by Stefan Kanter and Thomas Riek

    Camera Operators: Steven Glzow, Frank Kremer, Dominic Ernst, Stefan Kanter,

    Claudius Grimme, Marc Hennicke, Tobias Kaufmann, Thomas Riek


  • 7/27/2019 Digital Booklet - This is Who We Are


    AS I L


    G I

    S:Tim Lambesis - Vocals (2001 - present)Jordan Mancino - Drums (2001 - present)Phil Sgrosso - Guitar(late 2003 - present)Nick Hipa - Guitar(2004 - present)Josh Gilbert - Bass (2007 - present)



    MBERS:Noah Chase - Bass (early 2001)Evan White - Guitar(off & on from 2001 - 2003)Chris Lindstrom - Guitar(late 2001 - early 2002, and again in 2003)

    Tommy Garcia - Bass (off & on from 2001 - 2002)Brandon Hays - Bass, Guitar (2002)Chad Ackerman - Guitar (summer 2002)Jason Krebs - Guitar(late 2002 - early 2003)Aaron Kennedy - Bass (early 2003)Clint Norris - Bass (summer 2003 - summer 2006)


    AST T


    L INS

    :Jarrod Taylor - Guitar(late 2001 & also sang on Distance is Darkness during the recording of Frail WordsCollapse)Jeremy Rojas - Guitar(Feb, March 2001)Ruben Gutierrez - Guitar(winter 2001)Caylen Denuccio - Bass (summer 2002)Mark MacDonald - Guitar(fall through winter 2004)

    Jon Wang - Bass (Nov 2006)Eli Bowser - Bass (Nov 2006)


    :Live shows tracked, engineered, and mixed by Daniel Castleman

    Assistant engineer - Tim Lambesis

    Live audio provided by AILD Audio Co.

    Additional engineering by Kelly "Carnage" Cairns

    Compiled and mixed at Lambesis Studios

    Additional post production done at For The Record in Orange, CA

    Mastered by Louie Teran at Marcussen Mastering




    :Falling Upon Deaf Ears, Forever, Distance is Darkness, 94 HoursSongs by As I Lay DyingPublished by Herbainous Music / Notting Dale Songs (ASCAP)

    Meaning in Tragedy, The Darkest Nights, Through Struggle, Reflection, Confined

    Songs by As I Lay DyingPublished by Sleeveless Salmon / Notting Dale Songs (ASCAP)

    Separation, Nothing Left, An Ocean Between Us, Within Destruction, Forsaken, I Never Wanted,

    The Sound of Truth

    Music by As I Lay Dying, Lyrics by Tim LambesisPublished by Sleeveless Salmon / Bughouse (ASCAP)




    Layout and Design by Sons of Nero ( by JonnyUps, James Elledge and MichellexStar(


  • 7/27/2019 Digital Booklet - This is Who We Are


    SPECIAL THANKS TO:Jordan's parents, Paul & Beth, who let us practice at their house for the first 3 years

    and who continue to give us their love and support

    Tim's parents, Nick & Vicki, who let many of past and present members live with them while the

    band was trying to build a foundation. Additionally, we appreciate being able to borrow your vehicle

    for our first three tours.

    Our label, Brian Slagel, Mike Faley, Dan Fitzgerald, Tracy Vera, Heather Parsons, Kelli Malella,

    Jen Graham, Vince Edwards, Brian Ames, Matt Taylor, Gary Usher, Michael Trengert

    Simon Fullemann, Andreas Reissnauer, Todde, Will Palmer, Andy Turner, Sarah Lutz, Geess

    and everyone else at Metal Blade Records

    Brian at Pluto Records for having the faith to release our earliest recordings

    Michael Lambesis for helping to pay for our original EP recording

    when we couldn't afford to get in the studio.Johnny Upton who sang on Forever (Frail Words Collapse version)

    Tommy Garcia who sang at least one word on every recording we've ever done

    Steve Cortes who constructed our set carts and risers

    Our road crew past and present.... Mike Neglia, Ricky Hunter, Big Brandon, Holland Mason,

    Meggan Lambesis, Joe Aguilar, Kevin Puig, Taylor Brown, Andrew Perez, Matt JR, Jason Mageau,

    Mike Catalano, Jovka De Boar, Jeroen Sanders, Tom Kubik, Caleb Williams, Caleb James,

    Yuriko Shirahata, Ivonka, Joey Brueckmann, Ryo Suguro, Jon Eddy, Joseph McQueen, Kyle Rosa,

    Brian LaReau, Nigel Melder, Nick Gentry, D-Rock, Adrian Cendoya, Romeo Sison,

    Drew Rivera, Joey Bradford and many others who helped us on shorter tours

    Our management, Kenny Gabor & Vaughn Lewis as well as everyone else at Channel Zero

    Our attorney Ian J. Friedman

    Both Nick Storch and Paul Ryan at The Agency Group

    Sesiri Pathirane for all of your web assistance at Centuryware Solutions

    Tommy & Staci at The Print Lab who have printed our shirts

    (even before we could afford to pay them for it)Brad Petersen at Benchmark Merchandising

    Tom Bennett, Felix Sebacious & Ute Linhart at Bravado

    THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING FOR THEIR CONTINUED SUPPORT:Jody Dankberg at Eden amps, Washburn guitars, and Randall amps;

    Tim Godwin and Valerie Corabi at Line 6; Mark, Anthony, and Tony at DR Strings;

    Scott Ferrara at EMG; Tony Price at Electro-Voice; John Paice at Celestian;

    Mike Taft at Ibanez; Bert at In Tune Picks; Shelley Waller at ISP; Kevin Bolembach at Maxon;

    Linda Tilson at Calzone Cases; Steve Vega and Garrison at DW Drums; Kevin Radomski at Pro-Mark;

    Jeanette Coffey at Ultimate Ears; Tim Moore at Sennheiser; Kirsten Matt at Zildjian;

    Scott Uchida at Dunlop; Mark Cabrera at Coffin Case; Jason Mageau at Malus Clothing;

    Anthony Sustarsic and Joey Tafolla at Rebel Straps; Red Bull; Jon Strauss at Heroine Clothing;

    Travis Ducsay at Rockett Clothing; Ryan Jaso and Rob Dubar at Cardb oard Robot;

    Kurt Soto and Cecilia Martinez at Vans, Brandan Klein at Loserkids

    and Bob Borbonus from Taylor Guitars


  • 7/27/2019 Digital Booklet - This is Who We Are