Digital Citizenship: Keeping Students Safe Online - TCEA 2015

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Digital Citizenship: Keeping Students Safe Online - TCEA 2015

Digital Citizenship: Keeping Students Safe OnlinePresented by Diana Benner

Director of Professional Benner

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Do you ever feel like the world is watching YOU?

Understanding Digital CitizenshipObjectivesUnderstand digital citizenship and cybersafety policies

Identify useful resources for teaching digital citizenship

Discuss best practices for keeping your students safe online

Session Resources

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Introduce Yourself(Name, Position, District, Grade Level)

Does you campus/district require that digital citizenship be taught? About Digital Citizenship Digital Citizenship

Digital Dirt 10Quick Facts 73% of teens between 12 and 17 have social network profiles25% of young people pretend that they are older than they are 5% of teens have admitted to arranging a secret meeting with someone that they have met online29% of parents allow their children to use the internet with no supervision or restrictions93% of teenagers use the internet to go online Quick Facts Cont Teens who use texting between the ages of 12 and 17, send and received an average of 1,500 messages per month1 out of 3 teens between 12 and 17 have experienced cyberbullying or online harassment with girls being the most likely victims of this form of abuse97% of teens play online games on their computers, smartphones, and portable and console games. Some of these games are in an online open environment, where predators tend to lurk looking for victims1 of 25 teens have received online sexual solicitations with the offender seeking to make contact with them offline

How True Is This?

Understanding Digital CitizenshipHow True Is This?

How True Is This?

Read the full story at Missouri family learns their Christmas card photo was lifted from the web and used by a Czech Republic grocery store delivery service as an ad on a van. They only discovered it because some of their friends happen to be visiting Prague at the time and saw the van.

Where might your photos end up? and for what purpose?Its a Digital WorldAmerican family's web photo ends up as Czech advertisement 17

Everything you do now ends up in your permanent record. The best plan is to overload Google with a long tail of good stuff and to always act as if youre on Candid Camera, because you are. Seth Godin

Cyberbullied Emmas Story 19Dangerous Apps to be Aware OfYik YakSnapChatKiK MessengerPoofOmegleWhisperDown

7 Dangerous Apps To Be Aware Of - Digital Citizenship Education

CIPA & E-rate ISTE Standards for Students Technology Applications TEKS ISTE Standards for Teachers What are schools DOING? 26Three-Step Process Digital Parenting 101 Course If you are interested in taking part of the Spring 2015 iTunesU Digital Parenting Course, please sign up here:

The course will begin on Monday, February 2nd and end on Friday, May 1st.


Online Course What is your school doing to educate staff, students, and parents?

Share on Todays Meet 30Resources Free Digital Etiquette Quiz

Posters, Lessons, Videos, and more Current events

Lesson plans for teaching digital citizenship K-12

Short videos explaining key concepts

Educational games Teacher professional development

Elementary/Secondary curriculum for students

Educator packets with resources Has videos and presentations

Lots of great resources for parents Create a digital citizenship strategic plan

Access lessons, posters, tool kits, videos, assessments and more

Tons of resources for educators and parents Search for digital citizenship

You will find lessons, podcasts, and more You will find lessons, quizzes, and more

Everything from managing your digital footprint to recognizing online scams

Digital Literacy and Citizen Curriculum Managing Your Digital Footprint

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A comprehensive people search on the web 41Google TakeoutDownload an archive of all your Google data from all or selected Google services. Save to your hard drive as a zip file. 42InteliusLive in the know

Another comprehensive people search 43After searching images, click on Search Tools link. Then, click on Type and select Face.

Googles Face Filter Twitter Hashtags#smedusocial media in education#smmannerssocial media manners#smchatchat exploring the evolution of social media#smmsocial media marketing#DLDaydigital learning day#digcitdigital citizenship

More Twitter resources at 45Lets Talk About It Digital Citizenship ChallengeTodays Meet

Learn Today, Use Tomorrow

Google yourself and share the following:What did you discover about yourself?Was it more than you expected to find?Was it accurate?How could it be used for or against you?DiscussionTodays Meet

How do we approach educating children and adults in a world where the worlds most offensive content and behavior is at most, a few key strokes away? DiscussionTodays Meet

How do we help students develop positive digital identities? Now What?Share:Twitter - @diben or @tcea #tcea2015Todays Meet

What will you take back to your campus/district after this session and how will it be used? Questions 51

Remember to Think

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follow me on twitter@diben58Session ResourcesThe CyberSafety Lady Digital Citizenship 101 Digital Citizenship Digital Citizenship Lessons from Google Tattoo - Avoiding the Digital Tattoo -