Digital Curation Centre: tools and services under development

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Digital Curation Centre. a centre of expertise in data curation and preservation. Digital Curation Centre: tools and services under development. David Giaretta Associate Director (Development). Funders:. Organisation. curation organisations eg DPC. communities of practice: users. UKOLN. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Digital Curation Centre: tools and services under developmentDavid GiarettaAssociate Director (Development)Funders:Digital Curation Centrea centre of expertise in data curation and preservation

  • OrganisationIndustryresearch collaboratorsstandards bodiestestbeds & toolscommunities of practice: usersUKOLNU of EdinburghCCLRCU of GlasgowU of Edinburghcuration organisations eg DPCCollaborative Associates Network of DataOrganisations

  • OrganisationIndustryresearch collaboratorsstandards bodiestestbeds & toolscommunities of practice: userscommunity support & outreachresearchdevelopment co-ordinationservice definition & deliverymanagement & admin supportcuration organisations eg DPCCollaborative Associates Network of DataOrganisations


  • Overview Developing tools and services which will be needed in the short-medium termintegrating tools from many sourcesWill be new DCC services as well as useable separately by other projectsStrongly OAIS basedSupport automated processing & interoperability

  • OAIS Reference Model Functional Model

  • Representation Net

  • Representation Information Classification

  • Representation Information vs FormatFormat = StructureOmits important information e.g Language, terminologyEncryptionNeed to know more than just Format in order to stand a chance of being in a position to use the information

  • Layered Model from OAISMore easily applicable to Science data

  • Representation Information - High Level ViewExample of use of Representation Information Labelling

  • Registry/RepositoryInterface and protocols JAXR standardfreebXML implementationmany access methodsURLWeb ServicesAPIEtc..FindabilityPersistent IDsWhat can we rely on?Labels (to support automated processing)Initial service this SummerHope to work with PRONOM 4 & GDFR

  • Registry/ RepositoryTrusted repository of Rep. InfoAuthenticity of infoAccess controlCertificates/Digests : (are they trustable over the long term?)ExtensibilityDistributed

  • CertificationRLG task force preparing draft standardBased on OAIS (plus TDR)Expect this to become an ISO standardTool:Checklist and reportsAwaiting release of draft (in May)

  • Archival Information PackageMETSXFDU PackagingExpect tools available by end of year

  • Preservation Description InfoWill be working with PREMIS on tools

  • DCC Development Roadmap for next 6-12 monthsRegistryComplete phase 1Include links to TNA/PRONOMHand over to Services groupStart Phase 2 aim for Trusted Repository statusRepresentation Information:Data descriptions of science data using EAST ( & othersImport other Structure description tools and Data Dictionary toolsDevelop Mapping to data object levelWork with other projects e.g. Emulation, ProcessingCertificationDraft certification ChecklistProposed standardAdditional ToolsMetadata extraction tool setIngest tool (based on PAIMAS standard)Testbeds e.g. large scale data management tools

  • ResearchTo draw together the various functions of curation, from the traditional archival functions to the maintenance and publication of evolving knowledge as seen in scientific databases. To identify through direct research collaboration, and through interaction with the service arm of DCC, the key projects in which research is needed. To conduct research in areas already identified by the partners as crucial to digital curation. To institute two-way conduits between research and service in which practical issues can be drawn to the attention of researchers and the products of research can be tested in practice.

  • Current research prioritiesData integration and publication Performance and optimisation Annotation Appraisal and long-term preservation Socio-economic and legal context: rights, responsibilities and viability Cost-benefit analysis of the data curation process Security: safe and effective data analysis environments Automation of metadata extraction Visitors Programme and Seminar Series

  • SummaryDeveloping and integrating OAIS based toolsReviewing other related toolsSee also Development Web site ( with a Wiki and associated open email list have been set up. aim to encourage widest possible collaboration with other projects.In medium-long term expect tools from DCC Research activities e.g. Annotation


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