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DIGITAL FILMMAKING S FILMMAKING - Olympic College · PDF file Digital Filmmaking Bachelor in Applied Science (180 cr) The Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Filmmaking (BAS DF)

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    Bremerton • Shelton • Poulsbo Olympic College is an equal opportunity institution. Information about our non-

    discrimination policies is available at:,

    360-792-6050, 1600 Chester Ave., Bremerton, WA 98337-1699.

    The contents of this publication were developed with

    funds from the Carl D. Perkins Act.

    Revised 09. 12. 2018


    P R

    O F

    E S

    S IO

    N A

    L -T

    E C

    H N

    IC A

    L P

    R O

    G R

    A M


    DIGITAL FILMMAKING Explore your opportunities in an exciting career pathway!

    Introducing The OC Film School!

    A revolutionary new program designed for

    today's digital artists. The rise of the digital era

    has led to a shift in the industry where tools of

    the modern filmmaker are more accessible than

    ever before. We believe a world-class film school

    experience should be equally accessible. As a

    student of the OC Film School, you will learn all

    of the skills needed to compete in this new

    frontier of digital film, at a fraction of the cost of

    other schools. Acclaimed instructors with

    successful film careers provide hands-on

    practical training designed to equip you with

    the theoretical and technical skills of the modern

    filmmaking industry.

    OC Digital Film students have the

    opportunity to:

     Assemble a demo reel from Olympic College

    film projects

     Gain practical hands-on training by working

    on digital filmmaking projects

     Construct an industry resumé detailing

    specific filmmaking crafts positions

     Study film language and the techniques of


     Practice the art and craft of film acting

     Acquire film directing skill and expertise in

    directing actors

     Artfully tell original stories and complete a

    feature length screenplay

     Obtain film editing and visual effects skills by

    mastering industry software


    Get Started Today!

    Faculty Advisor

    Tim Hagan (360) 475-7315, [email protected]

    Professional-Technical Program Advisor

    Steve Quinn (360) 475-7345, [email protected]

    Contact Admissions to enroll!


    A Quality Film School

    for a Fraction

    of the Price

    Tell YOUR Story

    with a Degree in Film!

    Funding Options

    Available through Workforce Development

    and Basic Studies

    [email protected]

    (360) 475-7555

    Contact us to find out if you are eligible!

    Interested in Digital Filmmaking?

    Check out their webpage!

  • P R O F E S S I O N A L - T E C H N I C A L P R O G R A M S : :

    Digital Filmmaking

    Digital Filmmaking Bachelor in Applied Science (180 cr)

    The Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Filmmaking

    (BAS DF) is a practitioner-oriented applied degree that

    will prepare students for a range of positions in the

    rapidly changing field of digital film, including jobs in

    video production, directing, cinematography,

    screenwriting and acting. The degree will also prepare

    them for digital content production in a variety of

    industries, including jobs with branding, marketing and

    advertising companies, businesses in any industry that

    creates digital content for training purposes and

    entrepreneurial opportunities.

    Digital Filmmaking Associate in Applied Science—Transfer (97 cr)

    Olympic College's Digital Filmmaking Program offers

    students a unique blend of film theory and practical

    hands-on training. Our students learn the craft and

    techniques of narrative storytelling while acquiring the

    technical skills and artistic sensibilities necessary to

    compete in the new emerging frontier of digital


    Our curriculum integrates concentrated classroom study

    of all the major filmmaking disciplines with intensive

    hands-on experience in student film projects because our

    philosophy stipulates that the fruits of theory realize full

    maturity in the practical application of the art.

    While the focus of our program is the narrative fiction

    film, the artistic and technical skills acquired by our

    students are transferable to television, commercials,

    documentaries, music videos and the blossoming new

    arena of episodic web content. This program is dedicated

    to serving the authentic needs of the modern dramatic

    artists of the 21st century.

    Our educational philosophy clearly declares that the

    contemporary dramatic artist is a digital artist. This is of

    vital importance because knowledge and training in

    digital movie making means higher employment for our

    students upon graduation.

    Career Options

     Camera Operator

     Cinematographer

     Director

     Film and/or Video Editor

     Producer

     Production Manager

     Screenwriter

     Script Supervisor

     Sound Recorder


    For median wages, labor market and wage

    data provided by the Washington State

    Employment Security Department go to:

    “The Olympic College Film School is such an

    exciting program to be a part of. As a student

    in this program, you get to bring YOUR voice

    and YOUR vision to life. I have no doubt that

    I'll have what it takes to make it in the ‘real

    world’ once I'm finished studying. ”

    - Curtis Keat, Digital Filmmaking Student

    “Being around like-minded individuals

    has proven to be nurturing to my

    creative process.”

    - Jared Rank, Digital Filmmaking Student

    How to Pay for College

    You may be eligible for financial assistance!

    Workforce Development Eligibility Survey

    Financial Aid

    The Washboard Scholarship Opportunities

    Check out the

    Digital Filmmaking

    Career Pathway

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