Disaster DATA Recovery & Your System Personal Computer

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Disaster DATA Recovery & Your System Personal Computer. Catherine Agnew CEDu 581 - Oconomowoc. My Security Philosophy, Part 1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Disaster DATA Recovery & Your SystemPersonal ComputerCatherine AgnewCEDu 581 - Oconomowoc

  • My Security Philosophy, Part 1While I have never had my computer crash big-time (it can be slow from time to time), I have taken some security precautions to protect my computer and myself. Personally, I do not give out my passwords and seldom check the boxes on websites that ask if I want the computer to remember me. Someone will always have access to that information.

  • My Security Philosophy, Part 2I also check for the lock at the bottom of a screen when giving personal information so that I know that there is some protection of my information. I do run an anti-virus program on my personal computer, but feel I could be more proactive in backing up my files. I want the maximum amount of protection at a reasonable price in an anti-virus program that is also easy to use.

  • My Security Philosophy, Part 3If something does happen to my computer, I want to have everything backed up and access to a Data Recovery Disaster team that is also easy to work with and effective while being affordable, too.

  • PC Backup PlanWhat I can do:Save information in 2 or more places, can be any medium that is compatible with pcCurrently backup data on CDs, flash drive, but am considering also backing up my hard driveBacking up data online is also a possibility Google docs already an option depends on cost if using a different website

  • PC Backup PlanAnother option: Kroll Ontrack Data RecoveryPerformed by hardware, software & system engineersOffers multiple data recovery service options onAny operating system,Any make, model or brand,Any generation of drive, andAll causes of data loss

  • Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery PChttp://www.ontrackdatarecovery.comSteps needed for full deployment:Consultation assess loss, pricing, service agreement, options (often free consultation)Evaluation analyze, view recoverable files, more pricingData Recovery recover data, can track progress of recoverySupport recovered data of media of choice with instructions of how to access recovered data, customer service(As noted on site, company cannot always retrieve all data, so users are instructed to backup their own data ahead of time)

  • Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery PCEasyRecovery Professional 6.1 Standard EditionTechnical specifications required:Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, ME (can recover from others)Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or laterMinimum of 64 MB of RAMPentium-class processor150 MB of free space (Windows version only)

  • Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery PCEasyRecovery Professional 6.1 Standard EditionPricing comparisons:$500 at Kroll website (http://www.ontrackdatarecovery.com)

    $500 at Softchoice website (www.softchoice.com)

  • Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery PCEasyRecovery Professional 6.1 Standard EditionUser responsibilities:Backup information in more than one locationKeep up-to-date and delete old files that are not needed to have ample space on computerAdministrator responsibilities:Complete evaluation with all aspects covered and realistic goalsRecovery process in a timely manner with open communication (no surprises)Ongoing technical support available


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