DISCUSSION What activities do people have at those festivals? What activities do people have at those festivals? We have gone over many festivals last

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  • DISCUSSIONWhat activities do people have at those festivals?We have gone over many festivals last year?

  • 1 wear special clothes2 eat special food3 give or receive gifts4 have a holiday from school5 take part in a traditional ceremony6 dance and listen to music7 enjoy yourself with friends or family

  • Read the email on P38

  • P38 Please learn some new words and expressions.atmosphere spectator celebration whistle tasty paradeNotting Hill carnivalThe West Indian Calypso bands

  • Read the email on P38 and number these things in the order you read them._____what the writer is doing_____the atmosphere at the festival_____the food_____what the writer is going to do_____ the music41352

  • Detail questions :1 What is happening ? Where is the writer and what he is doing? What is the atmosphere like there ? What about the food and music ? What is the writer going to do ?

  • Please introduce the Spring Festival to reply the email in 5 sentences.

  • While writing, make sure you include details about:the atmospherethe musicthe foodspecial clothestraditional activities

  • Pay attention while writing:Format/ structure/Connection wordsGrammar/Spelling/Beautiful words and sentences/Handwriting

  • Hi lee, How is everything? Now let me tell you something about the Spring Festival in China.1.,,.2., .3..4., ,.5.,.(:lunar firecracker couplet)I look forward to hearing from you . Yours , Li Hua

  • The Spring Festival The Spring Festival, also known as the lunar New Year, is the most important traditional festival in China. According to Chinese legends, Nian was originally the name of a monster beast. On the eve of the Spring Festival, it is a folk custom to stay up late or even all night.A get-together banquet is usually a must for every Chinese family. The most popular food is jiaozi, or dumplings. People wear new clothes, set off firecrackers and post couplets on the gates. Moreover, people go out to visit relatives and friends. For many children, The Spring Festival offers them a special chance to receive lucky money


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