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Dish TV - WISH KARO DISH KAROdishtv is Indias first direct to home entertainment service that has digitalized Indian entertainment to bring to your home the best in television viewing through the latest in digital technology. It not only broadcasts high quality programmer straight from the satellite to your home, but also gives you absolute and complete control of what you watch and pay for. It is almost like having your own satellite up in the sky.

With dishtv you can unleash the true potential of your high-end television set and complete your TV viewing experience with true DVD quality. If you are a connoisseur of good sound then make sure you experience true stereophonic sound effects, which only dishtv can bring to your home. dishtv takes television viewing to the next level as it supports various futuristic features like Electronic Programme Guide, Parental Lock, Capacity up to 400 channels, Games, Interactive TV, Movie on Demand etc. dishtv also brings you exclusive National and International channels for the first time in India! You can enjoy all of these never-seen -before channels in uninterrupted viewing without any transmission cuts. Brought to you by a Zee Network Enterprise, dishtv has changed the face of the Indian television home, bringing it at par with the global entertainment industry.

People Speak R.Iniyan,Head Operations Ranjit Srivastava,Dy. Company Secretary Manu Sirohi, Executive - Sales Support Ashima Sehgal, Sr.Executive - Finance and Accounts Anurag Kull, Shift Manager Quality Saurabh Sharma, Head Key Accounts Manprit Singh, Manager LAN Network

R.Iniyan Operations It has been a wonderful experience being a part of the Dish TV family. The Dish family members participate actively in creating a culture of innovation that encourages fun and stimulates creativity. Work gets done in an atmosphere that fosters joy, productivity and integrity. This is one company which really puts the employee first in their agenda. Team members feel really valued & recognized here. It has been exciting to be a part of the company during its successful transition from a monopoly operator into a fast thinking and fast acting competitive entity. Ranjit Srivastava Deputy Company Secretary and Investor Relation Officer I joined Dish TV in 2006 and am proud to be associated with Indias First DTH Company, and a part of renowned Essel Group and this association has been a source of great learning for me as an individual and as a professional. The Company has strongly focused on strategy, brand building, processes, combating competition and customer orientation and satisfaction.

Across the Essel Group, the management actively plans for developing employee skills and knowledge. During the last couple of years lot of efforts have been made towards employees welfare and performance is reviewed, appreciated and adequately rewarded. The management has been able to create a sense of camaraderie among the entire Dish TV force and being in Dish TV feels like being in my own family. Manu Sirohi Sales Support I am grateful to my collegues, supervisors and Dish family as a whole, who have helped me to evolve as a better individual. Here, I have learnt how business can excel even with all ethics and values in place to make organization the best in its endeavor. I wish to provide my services to Dish to retain its no.1 tag in DTH business always. Ashima Sehgal Finance & Accounts Dish TV is like an extended family for me. The greatest reward that my company has given me is freedom to learn and sense of belonging which has resulted in a determined effort to give my best and take ownership of every task in hand. Senior management is highly approachable, open interaction is encouraged and outstanding performance is rewarded. I feel proud to be associated with Dish TV. Anurag Kull Operations Joined in January 2005 as Team Leader- Quality, came from operations exposure. Its been a great working experience throughout. Companys support has enhanced my skills to a great extent. I have been given six sigma training and after completing it successfully, I am also a certified internal auditor

(ISO 9000:2000). I am grateful to constant trainings and reviews that has enriched my experience and appreciate the managements warm approach. After a year and a half, I have been promoted as a Shift Manager. Unlike other companies, Dish TV possesses a good working culture where you have the liberty to approach the top management. It is a privilege that the company always identifies the talent and gives you the platform to prove self. Saurabh Sharma Corporate Sales & Key Accounts Dish TV has provided me opportunities with a high degree of crossfunctional content, thereby adding immense value and rich content to my work profile. Exposure to different functions has broadened my role from a traditional sales manager to a general manager, enabling me to drive my vertical with complete responsibility and accountability. The company has helped me develop/hone skill sets to take on jobs with greater responsibility and I have benefited from companys policy of Job Rotation, being assigned different roles across functions, over a period of time. Manprit Singh Information Technology Joined Essel Group in 2000, and found out that the company was having multiple projects to work on, which was very exciting. Within a year I was chosen for the DTH project team i.e. from 2002 onwards and became the core team member of Dish TV. For efficient and hardworking person this organization is very good. As different and varied projects are going on and one get the chance to work on them. Here also management gives full freedom to work, and give new ideas. As company takes very minimum consultancy and more dependent on in house resource with that employees get motivation as well as experience in different field.

OUR LINEAGE dishtv is an Essel Group venture. Essel Group has a vast range of national and global business interests that include media programming, broadcasting & distribution, speciality packaging and entertainment.The businesses have close synergies in the areas of content, distribution and infrastructure. Continuing with the same path-breaking tradition, the group now brings to you a new era of digital quality TV viewing.

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India's Largest Online Gaming

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India's Leading Cable network What is dishtv?

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Asia's Largest Amusement Park

dishtv, the ground breaking direct-to-home digital entertainment service brings the power of choice to you. Entertainment in your language of choice and packages to suit preferences and budget. Over 180 channels on offer and growing. How does it work? dishtv uses a single satellite, that sends signals directly to your personal Minidish. All channels are bounced off this satellite, and brought directly to your TV set via the Dish. It offers you better picture quality as the picture is completely retained in digital format. How is it better than the existing cable system? Besides elevating you to a new technology dishtv offers you an option of complete freedom from the friendly neighbourhood cable guy. Going the Direct to Home way has innumerable other advantages that change the way you watch television forever: Superior Picture quality, just like watching a DVD Stereophonic Sound Capacity up to 400 channels Geographic Mobility Uninterrupted Viewing Video Games Exclusive International Channels Parental Lock facility Electronic Programme Guide I already have cable TV. Can I also get dishtv to work on my TV set?

No Problem!. dishtv is digital and direct, that means when you choose to install dishtv, you need not disturb your cable connection, just install your own Dish, simply connect the Digibox to your existing TV, insert your personal unique Viewing Card and you are ready to go! Infact you can watch television without disturbing your existing cable connection in normal TV mode and dishtv in AV mode, by choosing the AV option from the remote of your TV set. That means both the inputs can be used simultaneously How will I know about new channels introduced? Whenever there are new channels, you as our valued customer will be informed first through our website, dish interactive channel, e-mailers, dealers and of course you can stay updated by calling our customer care at 1-901-180-3474 or 01204443474. My TV set has only limited number of channels, how can I view more number of channels that dishtv offers? The Digibox provided by dishtv enables a large number of channels to be viewed irrespective of the number of channels supported by your TV set. Digibox supports up to 400 channels. What is a viewing card? A Viewing Card is a credit card sized Smart Card, which contains information about the channels that the customer has subscribed to. When inserted in the Digibox it enables viewing of the channels chosen by the subscriber. You must take care of this card and note down its unique VC Number in a safe place and mention it in your every communication with us. How do I make payments? You can pay your subscription fees:

Directly through your dealer through cheque at the time of installation Through Credit Card on this site Through ITZ Cash Card, a prepaid card Through Easy Bill, cash or cheque deposit Through Electronic Clearance Scheme Cash to dealer Pay Order / Demand Draft / At Par Cheque MDU What is MDU? The Multi Dwelling Unit, it is customsied solution for wiring multiple houses within the same building with a single Dish Antenna. A common dish installed on the terrace of the building powers TV sets in multiple home in the building through a cable, which runs into each apartment. For this, permission of the society is required for cabling the premises. And once installed, member