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The entire pros and cons of film distribution

Text of Distribution of Bollywood movies

  • 1. Presented by: Raktim Hatai(3) Ravi Shekhar Rai(18)Saumya Ranjan Pradhan(34) Irfan Sahid(48)Sandeep Singh(52)

2. The path followed by a movie Idea for movie Create outline of idea and generate the interest Investors purchase the right to the filmpeople are brought together (screen writer,producer,director,cast crew) Studio makes the licensing agreement with distribution comp. Distribution comp. decide how many copies to be make 3. Distribution comp. show movie to perspective buyerNegotiation of buyers with distribution comp.Prints are sent to theater before opening dayTheater shows the movie for specific periodCustomer buy ticket and watch movieAt the end theater send back the print copy to distributioncomp & make payments. 4. c 5. Traditional and new ways of showcasing a movie Traditional ways : through the theatres Both in multiplexes and single screen theatres with the help ofprojectors. Newer ways: digital technologies in os and 1s and store theinformation in the digital form. Television,DTH,cable networks, compact disk etc. Now a days most of the movies are recorded by a digi cam andonly a smaller no by the traditional means because of the costfactor and the better quality.but there are some exceptions to 6. Digital means is better in quality than the traditional means.It can also help in controlling the piracy problem.So many theatre owners are planning to for digital technologywhich demand a huge expenditure.When the number of theatre owners adopt the digitaltechnology the production houses would start releasing themovies in the digital form. 7. The different phases before a movie releaseProducer - Distributer -ExhibiterPre production, production phase ,post production.Success of the movie depends on the profit of thedistributersLesser the budget of the movie greater chances of the moviebeing a hit and rarely on the content of the movie.(JodhaAkbar,Guzarish,Kites)In the last four years only a single film year is able to crossthe 100 crores revenue(3 idiots,Ghazni,Dabang and Ready) 8. The profit SharingThe studio or the producer either sales the film in a fixed priceor profit sharing wise.The distributer distributes the movie on a leasing basis or profitsharing basis. If its on a profit sharing basis then there aresome accepted ways how the profits are shared.Generally the producer and the exhibiter earns good profit butthe job of a distributer is very risky and it holds the over allsuccess or failure of a film. 9. Basis on which the rights are soldThe distributor buys the movie on the over all quality of themovie like the content of thestory,actors,music,cinemetography, budget of the project etc.Sometimes only the distribution right of the movie is given tothe distributers while the music rights and the tv rights arekept intact with the producer or sometimes all the rights aresold to the lone distributerAgain while the theatres are looking for the movies there arebidding for the film and the theatre with the highest bid getsthe right to exhibit the film. The bidding again depends onfactors such as the star cast, the production house ,the 10. Memorandum of understandingThe television rights:UTV Motion pictures (pioneers in India)Viacom( US based)Eros Entertainment:Eros India had collaboration with Star network.Multi film content licensing deal(Pathsala,Kartik callingkartikAnjaana Anjaanee, Rockstar and Toonpoor KaSuperhero) 11. contTv channels to market its network premieres in advance notonly to audiences worldwide but also to its advertisers andsponsors.The distributors can use the channel to market their upcoming releases.A win- win situation for both the distributor as well as thetv channel.According to KPMG, cable, satellite and ancillary streamscould make up nearly 40 percent of total revenues with some 12. Bodyguard Release date : August 31, 2011 Release ( In India) : 2,250 screens in 70 Indian cities ( Abroad ) : 482 prints Budget: Rs 60 crore ( Marketing and Print Budget ) : Rs 22 crores( marketed by Reliance Entertainment) Box office : 215 crore 13. Real-time Application in Movies 14. Distribution ( In INDIA): Reel Life Production Pvt. Ltd, wasbought by Reliance Entertainment for 64 crore. This earnedReliance the co-producer status and an equal share in the IPRfor perpetuity ( ABROAD) : Released in Dolby Surround 7.1 Soundtrack :The music rights were sold to T-Series for 6crore. Satellite Rights : STAR network for 27 crore for seven years 15. Dabangg Release date : September 10 , 2010 Release ( In India) : 1,584 screens ( Abroad ) : 300 screens (screened in Norway at an internationalfilm festival) (DVD & VCD launch) : Reliance Big Home Video ( 12th October ,2010)( Internet release ) : YouTube ( 28th January , 2011 ) Budget: Rs 42 crore 16. Box office : Rs 213 crore Distribution ( In INDIA): Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision LtdArbaaz Khan Productions( ABROAD) : Released in Dolby Surround 7.1 Soundtrack :The music rights were sold to T-Series for Rs 9.5crore. Satellite Rights : Pre owned by COLORS for Rs 10 crores 17. ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA Release date : July 15, 2011 Release (worldwide) : 1800 screens( game launch) : Launched by Jump Games on La Tomatino Fest ( tie-ups) : Excel Entertainment tied up with Aircel to make the promos of the film available on mobile and Internet Budget: Rs 55 crore 18. Box office : Rs 145 crore Distribution : Eros International Media Ltd. Excel Entartainment Soundtrack : Sold at Rs 7 crores to T- Series ( Released onJune 3, 2011 ) Satellite Rights : Rs 31 crore 19. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows -2 Release : 13 July 2011 (2011-07-13) (International)15 July 2011 (2011-07-15) (United Kingdom &United States) Special edition DVD as well as a fullscreen and a widescreenedition of the film released in 2007. Budget: $250 million 20. Box office : $1,324,180,123 Production: Warner Bros. Soundtrack and DVD: Blue Ray-$20-40. Copyrights : The rights for the first four novels in the serieswere sold to Warner Bros. for 1,000,000 by J. K. Rowling. 21. Paa Release date : December 4, 2009 Budget: Rs. 15,00,00,000 Box office : Rs. 39,00,00,000 Distributors- Reliance big pictures MAD Entertainment Ltd. Amitabh bachchan corporation. Soundtrack : Owned by T- series