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  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


    D I V A C O N N E C T I O N

    M A G A Z I N E


    Little PinkBook

    Women sharearea connections

    they trust

    Power ofconnectionSix inuential F-M womenremember life-changing


    InspiringchangeLearn how youcan help today

  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


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  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine





  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


    4 | Diva Connection Magazine Spring/Summer 2013


    Inspiring divas:Fonda uses

    celebrityfor good

    Page 12

    contentsSpring | Summer 2013

    Global Connection:

    Meet a Fargo woman making adifference in Kenya

    Diva Connection:One woman recognizesself in anothers call for



    20Power of connection:How one chance meetingcan change your life

    32Little Pink Book:Real referrals realwomen trust

    Empower each other, impact the world.

    Visit DivaConnection.org

  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


    6 | Diva Connection Magazine Spring/Summer 2013

    Chris Linnares

    Diva Connection founder

    Heidi Shaffer

    Diva Connection Magazine editor

    From the editor

    From the founder

    ln December 2005, I was experiencingmy rst winter in North Dakota. I left mycountry, Brazil my culture, my friends, my

    career and all my connections. I didnt know

    where to go, with whom to talk or how tobegin to create the life of my hearts dreams.

    Eventually, I was able to start making

    connections with beautiful women in this

    community, women who generously offered

    their friendship, encouragement and support.

    If it wasnt for them, I believe I wouldnt be

    here today.Those beautiful women inspired me to

    dream of creating opportunities to facilitate

    the connection between women in our

    community. Not just a simple connection,

    but a connection that can provoke powerful

    change in our lives, families and world.

    Today, I am so grateful this dream cametrue! What you are holding in your hands is

    not just a simple magazine, but the power

    of dreams, connection, love and, most

    importantly, the power of women.

    From the executive director of our

    foundation, to the editor of this magazine,

    we are all volunteers who share the samedream. We all believe, as Mother Teresa once

    said, that together we can do great things.

    We invite you to dream with us and bea part of our community, one lled with

    beautiful women who empower each other

    and impact the world.

    Change means something different toevery woman. We think of passing seasons,transitioning to new stages in life and, as

    we are so inclined as women, changing ourminds.This issue is all about connecting for

    change from our own families to the worldat large.

    Many womens magazines promise to helpyou change your eating habits to lose weight

    or give you 10 ways to look great naked, butDiva Connection Magazine is different.We want to inspire readers to go out

    and change the world around them byhighlighting what women are doing to helpthose in need in our community.

    Our Global Connection page illustrateshow one Fargo woman has changed the lives

    of women living in poverty-stricken Kenya,while our Inspiring Divas page examines thelife of Jane Fonda, an international advocatefor womens issues.As we all know, change is inevitable. So

    embrace it and let it inspire you.

    Founder | Editor message

  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine



    Hannah Sorensen

    Contributing writer

    Sometimes it feels impossible to connectwith your friends, family and community.

    Carve out time in your schedule to makesome of these activities a priority, and you

    will feel the positive power of connection.

    1.Join Diva Connection Foundationeach month for our Happy Hour socials atMaxwells in West Fargo. Meet new people,

    share your business, and enjoy good food

    and drinks.

    2. Volunteer. Help others while enjoyingtime with people who matter to you.

    3. Celebrate! Dont forget to encourageeach other as you reach your goals and

    celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. These

    are all great reasons to enjoy a meal together.

    4. Snail mail. Send someone you careabout a handwritten note. Out of the blue

    or for a milestone, its always nice to receive

    something other than a bill.

    5. Game night. Host a game night andenjoy great conversation and lots of laughter.

    A good friend is aconnection to life

    and a tie to the past, aroad to the future, the

    key to sanity in a totallyinsane world.

    Lois Wyse, author

    Make time for yourself and others

    Courtesy of Maxwells

    8 | Diva Connection Magazine Spring/Summer 2013

    Social connection

  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


    Jane Fonda

    devotes lifeto womensadvocacy

    Associated Press photo

    Actress, writer and activist Jane Fonda,age 75, is known for many things.

    Her more than 50 years of acting that

    earned her two Academy Awards, an Emmy

    Award and three Golden Globes; more than20 exercise videos; political activism; and her

    best-selling books.

    What a lot of people dont know is that she

    is a very big supporter of feminist causes.

    A lot of the programs she stands behind

    pertain to women empowering, helping and

    supporting them.Fonda writes on her website, I think you

    can be most effective as an activist when youare involved with something that speaks to

    you in your gut. Stopping violence against

    women and girls, helping adolescents see a

    bright future for themselves so theyll avoid

    risky behaviors, helping expand womenspresence in the media these are things that

    matter to me.

    Causes she supports:Georgia Campaign forAdolescent Pregnancy

    Prevention (G-CAPP)Fonda founded the campaign, which is a

    statewide effort to reduce the high rates of

    adolescent pregnancy in Georgia.

    V-DayA global activist movement to end violence

    against women and girls. Fonda is a member ofthe V-Board, along with other celebrities such as

    Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron and Eve Ensler.

    The Emory School of

    MedicineShe established the Jane Fonda Center for

    Adolescent Reproductive Health to help prevent

    adolescent pregnancy and educate and guide

    young people as they develop and mature.

    Womens Media CenterFonda is the co-founder and board member.

    They work to give women greater presence and

    voice in the media.

    LaurelLee LoftsgardContributing writer | Director of

    Operations for Diva Connection

    10 | Diva Connection Magazine Spring/Summer 2013

    Inspiring divas

  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Magazine


    Continued on page 14

    A highlight on a womens issue in the worldand what one woman is doing for change

    Jua means hope and sunshine inSwahili, and thats what the Jua Project aims

    to bring to the women of Kitale, Kenya, andtheir families.

    The Jua Project, founded by Lindsay

    Erhardt of Fargo, provides employment andbasic skills training to help women out of

    poverty by supporting themselves and their


    Lindsay started the Jua Project after sheand a friend found a mother of two named

    Sellina, whose house was about to cave in.

    Her 6-year-old and 4-year-old daughters were

    so malnourished, they both t into Lindsays

    12-month-old daughters clothing.Lindsay cared for the two girls until they

    were healthy enough to live with their motheragain. Three months later, she brought the

    girls back, but little had changed. Their

    mother needed structure and accountability.

    The Jua Project was born by a simple actof giving Sellina a job, Lindsay says.

    Now, six women come together to makepaper-bead necklaces and bracelets and pray

    for and with each other. The women also

    started making patchwork bags and banana-

    Photo courtesy of Lindsay Erhardt

    Fargo resident Lindsay Erhardt visits with some of the women she helped in Kenya.


    By LaurelLee Loftsgard | Contributing writer

    Fargo native helps Kenyan women

    Forum Communications le photo

    Jua Project women make jewelry to support their


    12 | Diva Connection Magazine Spring/Summer 2013

    Global connection

  • 7/30/2019 Diva Connection Maga