Division of Reference Services Office of Library and Information Technology Sept. 19 2007

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  • Division of Reference Services Office of Library and Information Technology Sept. 19 2007

  • Building

    Collection: Library Catalog E-resources


  • .. Building ..

  • Library I5-story building with a basementLibrary II1-story spaceBuilding

  • Basement Study & Newspaper Reading Areas

  • 1st Floor Arts Center and Computer Area (Intranet only)

  • 2nd Floor Entrance and Circulation DeskEntranceExitSwipe your student card here

  • 2nd Floor New Books and Reference books Areas

  • 2nd Floor Computer Area (with a multifunction printer, copy cards are sold at Circulation Desk) and a ATM

  • 2nd Floor Concert Hall & AV Materials Viewing Room

  • 3rd Floor Bound Periodicals Area & Closed Carrels

  • 4th~5th Floor Western Books & Eastern Books Areas

  • go straight ahead down the corridor, then take the staircase Library II How to get there from Library I ?

  • Library II Current Periodicals & Computer Area(with a multifunction printer)

  • .. Collection: Library Catalog & E-Resources ..

  • Library website: http://www.lib.ntou.edu.tw/eindex.php

  • Library Catalog: how to find a book

  • Library Catalog_Books

  • Library Catalog_BooksStatus: (1)DUE MM-DD-YY: checked out request (2)ON SHELF: Pls go to the 4F English Books Area to find it according to call no. (3)DUE + 1 HOLD: checked out + 1 person has reserved it

  • How to find a Journal titlePrinted journal info.E-journal links

  • User ID: your student card no. Password: Visa or Resident Certificate no.View Your Patron Record

  • View Your Patron RecordLihsin Wan

  • Library Email Notice Service The notices include (1)Courtesy notice: remind you of the due date(2)Overdue notice: return overdue items ASAP, might be fined. (3)Hold pick-up notice: requested items are available.

    If you need this service, (After filling the form, then the next day you can start checking out items from the library. )FRESHMAN, please fill out Library borrower card application form at http://www.lib.ntou.edu.tw/datajoin/enew92.html

    CURRENT Student, please email the following info. to cynthia@mail.ntou.edu.tw (1)Student card no. (2)Chinese and English name (3)Email address

  • What : include databases, e-books and e-journals.Who :Only NTOU CURRENT faculty, staff and studentsDo NOT pass your ID/PW to anyone including NTOU faculty, staff and students. Where : Campus No extra setting is needed. Home Please see the instruction online. http://www.lib.ntou.edu.tw/online_databases/eoutelec.php How : how to use it effectively and legally E-Resources

  • How to use it effectively ?

  • How to use it legally ? DO NOT use all or any part of the Content for any commercial purpose; DO NOT Systematically distribute, or give access to, the whole or any part of the Content to anyone; DO NOT Publish, distribute or make available the Content, works based on the Content or works which combine them with any other material; DO NOT Alter, abridge, adapt or modify the Content. For the avoid- ance of doubt, no alteration of the words or their order is permitted.

    You are NOT ALLOWED to download the whole issue of a journal, even do it manually (by click). Otherwise you might violate the law related to IPR.

  • There are more information includingOpening hoursYour borrowing privilegesRegulations for studying in the libraryComputer roomNationwide Document Delivery Service

    The handout has already been posted athttp://www.lib.ntou.edu.tw/online_databases/demo2.php

  • Opening hours

  • Your borrowing privilegesEach item can be renewed TWICE, if no one reserves it.

  • No eating, drinking and smoking in the library, or you have to leave the library right away and your student card will be blocked, that is, you cant enter and borrow any material from the library within 1 month.Remember to swipe your student card at the entrance of the library.

    Regulations for studying in the library

  • Computer room2 computer rooms are located at the 3rd Floor of the building of the Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering. Opening hoursSemester timeMon to Sat8:20AM 10:50PMWinter/Summer break time : Mon to Fri8:20 AM 4:50 PM

  • .. Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS).

  • Steps for applying NDDS serviceStep 1 Apply a NDDS accountStep 2 Make sure the lenders (libraries in Taiwan) by using Serial Union CatalogStep 3 Make a NDDS requestStep 4 Wait for an email notification from the NDDS systemStep 5 Come to the 2nd floor of the library (Division of Reference Services) for picking up a document and paying the service fee. PS: The service will be free of charge, if you are a Ph.D student and a document you requested is offered by a domestic library (in Taiwan).

  • Step 1: Apply a NDDS account Pls email to liush@mail.ntou.edu.tw or lihsin@mail.ntou.edu.tw

    with the subject: Apply for a NDDS account, then the staff will inform you if done. The following information MUST be included: 1. Full Name (English) 2. Visa No. 3. Student Card No. 4. Name of Graduate School 4. Name of Department 5. Mobile No. and Campus Extension 6. Email Address (the one you use frequently)

  • Step 2: Make sure the lenders (libraries)

  • Step 2: Make sure the lenders (libraries) by using Serial Union Catalog (SUC)

  • Step 2: Make sure the lenders (libraries) by using Serial Union Catalog (SUC) Western SUC

  • Step 2: Make sure the lenders (libraries) by using Serial Union Catalog (SUC) Click the title you want

  • Step 2: Make sure the lenders (libraries) by using Serial Union Catalog (SUC)

  • Step 3: Make a NDDS request

  • Step 3: Make a NDDS request

  • Step 3: Make a NDDS request (Sample)Pls fill out the fields as many as possiblePls select Ariel---It is the fastest delivery method.

  • Step 3: Make a NDDS request (Sample)If all fields are correctly shown, then click Confirm & Submit After submitting the request, pls write down a request no. which is given by the system for tracing the request later. Then you can wait until the staff notify you the status of your request, or you can contact the staff at extension 2125

  • Please visit us at the 2nd floor of the library during staffed hours (Mon to Fri8:30AM 4:50PM)(1)About the use of library and E-resourcesExtension: 2114 or 2125 Email: lihsin@mail.ntou.edu.tw or liush@mail.ntou.edu.tw

    (2) About check out, return, overdue itemsetc. Extension: 1181 Email: cynthia@mail.ntou.edu.tw

  • Thank you for your listening!