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DJs and Subcultural Style

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DJs and Subcultural Style. Style. Hebdige (1979) Subcultures=noise? Recuperation: 1) commodity form: freezes style 2) ideological form: exotic...through media Intentional communication through commodities Bricolage Homology. Hip Hop DJs are. Break manipulators using disks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of DJs and Subcultural Style

  • DJs and Subcultural Style

  • StyleHebdige (1979)Subcultures=noise?Recuperation: 1) commodity form: freezes style 2) ideological form: exotic...through mediaIntentional communication through commoditiesBricolageHomology

  • Hip Hop DJs are...Break manipulators using disksDJs were first replace by studio musicians who replicated their cutting (Rapper's Delight)Beat producers are an extension of the DJCollectors, diggers, archivists, technologistsA challenge to romantic authorshipThe back bone of hip hopThe last element of the culture to be mass commodified, and this is very recent

  • PedigreesPioneers: 1973Herc, Bam, Flash2nd Generation: 1976-1982 Breakout, Baron, Theodore, Jazzy Jay, Afrika Islam, Whiz Kid, DST, Red Alert3rd Generation: 1983-1991Barry B, Mixmaster Ice, Cheese, Cash Money, Miz, Steve Dee, Jazzy Jeff, Aladdin, Cutmaster Swift, Joe Cooley, Scratch, Tat Money, Jam Master JTurntablists: 1992-2005ish?ISP, X-Men / Ex-ecutioners, Allies, 5th Platoon, Scratch Perverts, Beat Junkies

  • Building Subcultural CapitalCollecting records (Kool Herc, objectified)Diggin' (Bambaataa, embodied)Technique (Flash, embodied and objectified)Scratching, Beat Juggling, Mixing, BlendingMusical knowledge (embodied)Battling; competition as cultural advancementTurntablism

  • Juice (1992)Stars Tupac and Omar EppsBlack ganster / hip hop film in Bronx (shot in Harlem)DJ QDJ Battle SceneDJ Practice / Tape SceneOne of the few filmic depictions of hip hop DjingQueen Latifah, EPMD, Special Ed, Treach, Fab 5 Freddy,

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