DkIT 1916 Afternoon Tea for MND

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DkIT 1916 Afternoon Tea

DkIT 1916 Afternoon Tea08th March 2016

Good afternoon and welcome to our event evaluation presentation, in which we hosted a 1916 Afternoon Tea on 8th of March 2016.


Event Organisers

Rachel Curran, Christina White, Laura Woods & Roxanne Wall

Once again let me introduce you to our event team: Rachel Curran, Christina White, Roxanne Wall and myself, Laura Woods.


The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA)

As initially planned we decided that all proceeds raised would go directly towards the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. We are incredibly pleased that we raised so much money for a worthy cause. We were delighted to have Marie Reavey attend our event as a guest speaker and representative from the charity. To recap, The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association is:The only organisation for people with Motor Neurone DiseaseMND is a neurological conditionThere is currently no treatment or cure The damage is progressiveOn average one person dies every four days in Ireland Unfortunately Paul Lannon who suffers from MND couldnt make it to our event as a guest speaker due to illness on the day, which highlights the severity of the disease.


Target Market Local CommunityStaff and Students of DkITParentsLocal Groups/SocietiesPeople within a 20 minute drive of the campusPeople aged 35+

Our target market was aimed towards the local community aged 35 years plus as well as staff and students of DkIT. We also aimed it towards parents and local groups and societies within a 20 minute drive from the college campus who would be interested in a 1916 event.We were delighted to have VIP guests attend our event including Tla Collier from the Battle of Ashbourne 1916, Anne Campbell the acting college President, Maria Roddy-Freyne, Fr. Paddy Rushe and Brianain Erraught.Our chosen target market was successful since we sold out before the event and there were still enquiries after we reached the full capacity of fifty attendees.


Relevant Planning Data

Roxanne will now discuss the relevant planning data.


Risk Assessment & Insurance

For our event we carried out a detailed risk assessment to see if any possible risks that could occur at our event. After distinguishing these, we implemented policies and procedures to deal with any possible incidents. However, we had incident report forms at the ready if any issue did arise, but luckily enough we did not have to fill one out. By hosting our event on DkITs premises we were covered by their insurance as our insurance form was passed by the relevant body. 6

List of Suppliers/ SponsorsNathan CarterNevin MaguireMcM SurfacingRubys Vintage Tea RoomsBarry's TeaCoby JewellersButlers ChocolatesThe Kearney FamilyKerry Food GroupHariboMc Brinn Prints

The Sound ShopThe Palace, NavanDkIT Hospitality RestaurantHoustons ONeills FlowersMichael Curran Consultancy LtdAn Tin Arts CentreMarket Fresh Fruit & VegOxigen EnvironmentalHanley Energy LtdHanlon Machinery LtdAfter Sybil

Here is a list of our suppliers and sponsors. Without the generosity and help from these businesses our event would not have been so successful. Such sponsors include McBrinn Prints who sponsored our tickets and ONeills Flowers who sponsored our shamrock favour pots.


Marketing EffortsThe ArgusThe Dundalk LeaderThe Dundalk DemocratLMFM Radio InterviewFacebookDkIT TimesPostersPromotional EmailsWebsite

We carried out a number of PR and Marketing activities which included:For Pre-Event:We sent out an immediate press release to local newspapers (The Argus, The Dundalk Leader, and The Dundalk Democrat) and to the college newsletter (the DkIT Times).We set up a Facebook page to promote our event which we updated with over eighteen scheduled posts. We set up our own website with all event team information, information on how to purchase tickets and all relevant event details was readily available.We also distributed posters all around campus to gain the attention of DkIT stakeholders.We were delighted that LMFM radio station gave us a ten minute slot to talk about our 1916 Afternoon Tea and the charity that we were fundraising for on their mid- morning show on 8th March. This gave us a great chance to make people aware of what we were doing and why we were doing it.

For Post-Event:We distributed an immediate press release to indicate how successful this fundraiser was and we were delighted with the coverage that we have got in the local print mediums. We got front page coverage from The Dundalk Leader and as you can see from the slide, a half page article in The Dundalk Democrat.8

Facebook Reach

Facebook ActivityAs you can see from the slide our Facebook page was very active during both pre- and post-event. We gained over eighty likes and many of our posts had a reach of over three hundred users.


CateringGroup EffortShanes CateringDkIT Hospitality RestaurantKerry FoodsBarry's Tea

The catering for this function was a group effort. Myself and my colleagues made numerous baked goods including fresh cream sponge and fruitcake.We hired Shanes Catering to make an array of sandwich platters.DkITs Hospitality Restaurant supplied us with all our condiments (such as butter and jam) on the day this was very much appreciated. This is an example of our menu.



Here you can see some of the raffle prizes we received in this picture collage.Three of the top prizes included:A Signed Rugby Jersey by Rob and Dave KearneyA Signed Nevin Maguire Cookbook and A Signed Nathan Carter CD


Guest Speakers

Marie Reavey IMNDA Representative

Tla Collier Battle of Ashbourne 1916 Representative

On the event day we had two guest speakers in attendance.Marie Reavey, the Regional Development Officer with IMNDA. She is pictured on the left and Tla Collier a representative of the Battle of Ashbourne 1916 who is pictured in full military uniform on the right.Both representatives gave a brief presentation on their respective areas and really captured our audiences attention.


EntertainmentFrancie DuffyDkIT Music StudentsSean BrownLordship Set DancersSlideshow Presentation

We feel like we provided a variety of entertainment elements on the day including:Francie Duffy who played the accordion DkIT Music Students who played a number of traditional pieces from the 1916 era in the pre-function area as guests arrived.Sean Brown who piped us out with the national anthem.The Lordship Set Dancers who performed a number of ceil dance routines.And a 1916 themed photo slideshow presentation created by our very own team member, Laura Woods.


On Campus FundraisingHaribo Sweet BagsEaster Chocolate Chicken Raffle

Haribo kindly sponsored us with approximately forty packets of their signature sweets. Collectively we sold them around the campus to fellow college colleagues and raised 85.00 from this activity.Rose Leonard, one of the Culinary Arts lecturers kindly donated an Easter chocolate chicken, as pictured in the middle. We raffled this by selling tickets on the campus to mostly DkITs staff members and raised another 52.00.This were additional fundraising activities undertaken by us in an effort to raise additional funds for the chosen charity.


Moments of CrisisInitial set-up timingBackground MusicDietary RequirementsMore Volunteers

Moments of crisis for our team included:Initial Set up timing Here we felt a bit of pressure to turn the venue around within an hour. The background music for some was louder in certain areas of the room due to speaker placement. Dietary requirements We had to cater for a coeliac and a vegan at our event .We would have preferred a larger team of volunteers to assist with the set-up.


Magic Moments of SuccessVariety of Elements Broadened DemographicTicket salesMedia coverageAmount raisedVariety of Food ServedEvent Itinerary Flow

Magic moment's of success for our event included:Offering a unique variety of elements such as entertainment options.Broadened demographics as we targeted both students, staff and, the local community through our three fundraising efforts.Ticket sales, as we sold out by 2nd March.Extensive media coverage as previously discussed.The amount of money raised for the IMNDA.The variety of food served.And the overall logistical flow of the event.


Major Learning PointsHistory of 1916Know your target audiencesFinding the right date/venue/timeItinerary ChangesCatering

Major learning points for us were as follows:Acquiring a greater depth of knowledge about the events and history of the 1916 Rising. The availability of this information was great and this was due to the fact that the centenary commemorations were taking place after our event in Dublin.Really knowing your target audience does pay off. By targeting the different segments using different techniques this allowed us to raise as much funds as we possibly could.Finding the right date, venue and time was vital for us and we needed to pick an accessible venue that would allow us to create an atmosphere and the correct date and time were we could cater for our attendees.Itinerary changes were last minute and we had to adapt quickly to allow the event to flow easilyFor the catering we realised that when providing food and beverage we need to take into account different dietary requirements.


Survey Feedback

Positive Results94% rated the event excellentScheduling and Timing was rated at 86%The 1916 lecture and refreshments were the majority favoured elementsBreakdown of event exposure

The results of the survey that we issued on the day were rela