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Do you like paintings? Do you like Chinese or Western paintings? Let’s enjoy some Chinese paintings first, and then Western paintings

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Text of Do you like paintings? Do you like Chinese or Western paintings? Let’s enjoy some Chinese...

  • Do you like paintings?Do you like Chinese or Western paintings?Lets enjoy some Chinese paintings first, and then Western paintings.

  • Chinese painting

  • Western painting

  • Western painting

  • If you would have three of these paintings in your classroom, which would you prefer? Would you rather have Chinese or Western-style paintings in your home? Give your reason.

  • Pre-readingDo you ever visit art galleries?What kind of paintings have you seen?What do you know about Western paintings?

  • Please read the title and the headings:Whats the topic of the text?How is the information organized?It is about Western painting and the information is organized in the time period, from the earliest to present time.First reading

  • Second reading:Read the text through :find out the new things you now learn about Western art.(Students give their answers. Encourage them to talk in general terms rather than in details.)

  • Third reading:Read the passage once again and underline the topic sentence of each paragraph.Para1:which sentence tells what the text is going to be about?Which paragraph tells you what the text is about?The last sentenceThe first paragraph

  • Fourth reading:Are these statements true or false?1 Western art has changed very little over the last seventeen centuries.2 Painters in the Middle Ages painted mainly religious subjects.3.Paintings in the Middle Ages were very realistic.4 Renaissance painters tried to paint things in a realistic way.FTFT

  • 5 Two important discoveries in the Renaissance period were oil paints and drawing in perspective.6 Impressionists painted their pictures mainly indoors.7 At first people did not like the impressionists paintings.8 Modern art began with the impressionists.TFTT

  • While While in prison, he wrote his first novel. ;He listens to the radio while driving to work.While I admit that there are problems, I dont agree that they cant be solved.

  • Take the place of ;=take ones placeIll take the place of my father for a while.=Ill take my fathers place.Take place;When did the accident take place exactly?The wedding took place yesterday.

  • Focus on; .Ill focus on the main group of people over there.All the eyes were focused on him..

  • A great deal of+ A great/good deal (;)He ate a great deal for supper yesterday.He ran a great deal faster than I.A great deal of money was spent on the subject.

  • CP.Shadow ; ( )Shade Eg. As the sun set, the shadows become longer.Lets find some shade and have a rest.

  • Scores of I have heard that scores of times.Scores of people attended the special performance..Score A score of people were present at the party.

  • Two score of those people wanted to fly there.Attempt ; vt.,.The second problem was so difficult that I didnt even attempt it.I attempted to speak but was told to be quiet.