Dolls and Daydreams - Babushka Russian Nesting Dolls

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Dolls and Daydreams - Babushka Russian Nesting Dolls

Text of Dolls and Daydreams - Babushka Russian Nesting Dolls

  • Babushka, Russian Nesting Doll

    Sewing PatternBy Dolls And Daydreams




  • Babushka, Russian Nesting Doll Sewing Pattern

    By Dolls And Daydreams Fabric choices.

    For the body I use pre washed 100% cotton. For Mommy - One fabric for the head, 3 other fabrics, 1 each for the body and 2 pockets. For Big Sister - One fabric for the head, and another fabrics for the body and another for the apron, Baby 1 fabric for the doll and 1 for the apron.

    For the all the faces, cheeks, (Moms hands) and hair I use felt. I recommend an anti pill wool felt as that dolly will be getting a lot of Love & Kisses!!!


    Pre washed cotton fabric (1/2yard total) Felt Paper pattern Scissors/ Rotary cutter Tailors chalk/ pencil Safe cutting surface. Polly Fill (stuffing) Embroidery thread or fabric paint Trim Heat n Bond (iron on adhesive double sided fusible webbing) Pinking shears

    1) Join the Mommy Dolls, Body pattern pieces and two Pocket pattern pieces together using tape along the line so that everything lines up before cutting your fabric.

  • 2) Using your pattern, cut out your pre washed and ironed fabric and your choice of colored felt. A

    inch seam allowance has already been added. I like to use a rotary cutter especially on the large curves of the bodies and heads.

    3) Take your face patterns and place your faces over them. Position your hair and cheeks and pin them in place using the pattern as a guide. Using a contrasting colored thread hand sew them into

  • place. Pull each of the thread ends through to the back and tie off in a knot. You can always use your machine if you are experienced with working on this scale.

    I use freezer paper to cut out fiddly felt pieces, go to my blog for a full how to tutorial:

    4) Using tailors pen/pencil or chalk, mark the position of your eyes and mouth, using the pattern as a guide.

    5) Embroider the eyes, nose and mouth in black thread on to each of your dolls faces. I used the Stem Stitch (very easy, youll love it! Please see my blog for how tos).

  • 6) You can embroider the cheeks on at this point instead of using the felt template (which makes it super safe for kiddies under 3). I recommend the Padded Satin Stitch.

    7) Big Sister - Pin the bottom of the back of the head to the top of the body with the right sides of fabric facing each other and sew together. Repeat with the face and the front body panel.

  • 8) Iron your seams open.

    9) Repeat steps 6 & 7 for the Mommys body and head panels.

  • 10) Mommy Doll Take the top and bottom pockets and place them right side of the fabric facing down, and iron over a inch seam from the top of each pocket.

    11) Now fold down again another inch and iron over and pin into place. Sew down the center of the fold of both the Bottom Pocket fabric and Top Pocket fabric. This keeps your pocket from fraying when your baby dolls are popped inside for a special mommy hug!

  • 12) Position your Bottom Pocket fabric over the Top Pocket fabric (right side facing up). Now you can see where your hands should be. I like them to be approximately 2.5 inches from each side, this way Mommy looks like shes cradling her baby in her arms when you pop it in her top pocket. This is personal taste, so feel free to experiment!

    13) Once your happy with the position of your hands pin them into place. I like to wrap a tiny piece of trim around the wrist, or add a little strip of lace to it, so that it looks like the hand is coming out of a sleeve.

  • 14) Remove the bottom pocket and sew the hand and trim into place. Pull each of the thread ends through to the back and tie off in a knot.

    15) Place the Top Pocket fabric over Mommys Front Body panel.

  • 16) Place the Bottom Pocket fabric over this and pin all 3 layers into place. Make sure the pockets go straight across the body panel, nobody likes a wonky pocket :)

    17) Starting at just above the Top Pocket sew all the way around the bottom of your doll (1/8 of an inch from the edge) to the other side so that both pockets are now securely sewn to the Mommy doll front body panel.

  • 18) Using your face pattern as a guide place your face directly into the center of the head.

  • 19) Once you are happy that all 3 faces are in the center of their heads, pin them in place.

    20) Sew each face into place, 1/8 an inch from the edge or closer if you can. Pull each of the thread ends through to the back and tie off in a knot.

  • 21) I like to add some ribbon or lace just over the head/body seam to finish off my dollies scarf. Simply cut a piece of ribbon so that it is inch to long each side and pin into place. Then sew straight down the middle of it. You can use fray check on the ends of your ribbon or cut them at an angle to stop fraying.

    22) Cut out your fusible webbing to the same size as both of your fabric apron applique pieces and iron the shiny side to the back of the fabric (follow your chosen product instructions).

  • 23) Using your pinking shears (I am using a decorative scalloped edge pinking shear here) trim around your aprons.

    24) Remove the paper backing and place the apron approximately in the center of your dolls body mid section. Iron into place.

  • 25) Sew around the apron, tying off at the back. If you didnt pink your fabric apron I suggest you use a tight zig-zag stitch instead to help stop fraying. (Fray check also works).

    26) I use a strip of ribbon as the apron tie. Simply pin and sew into place making sure it hides the top of the apron.

    27) Big Sister you can also add ribbon or lace to the neck seam as you did with Mommy doll earlier.

  • 28) Place the back of the body right side facing inwards over the front creating a sandwich. Make sure that both body pieces are right side facing inwards and match up at the neck seam. Repeat with the Big Sister doll and Baby doll. Pin into place leaving a gap at the bottom of each doll.

  • 29) Sew all the way around the outside of your doll sandwich making sure to leave a 3.5 4 opening on the bottom of mommys body. A 2 inch opening on Big Sister and a 1.5 on Baby. Dont forget to backstitch either side of your opening so your doll stays together when you turn her.

    30) Clip the curved edges for each doll for their entire body, neck and head, making sure not to go

    through your stitches. This ensures when you turn your dollies the right way that the curves pop.

    31) Pop your hand through the hole in the bottom of your dolly and gently pull her head out, slowly pulling your entire doll the right way. Repeat with the other two dolls.

  • 32) Now lets get stuffing!! This is the fun part as you get to see your dolls for the first time! Hi


    33) An old paint brush really helps to hold on to the stuffing and position it inside of the dolls.

    Dont over stuff Mommy doll remember you need room so that you can slot her babies into her pockets.

  • 34) That being said, when stuffing the head, especially the neck area you need to keep stuffing so as to get rid of the wrinkles and creases. So keep pressing down with your hand on top of the doll to ensure that you firmly stuff the doll but that she stays relatively flat.

    35) All three dolls should be relatively flat in profile. Again this allows them to nest safe within

    their mommys pockets.

  • 36) Once each doll is stuffed, pin the openings up and sew together using the ladder stitch (picture source: You can find a Tutorial on my blog.

  • 37) Now lets embellish! You can add flowers or bows to the head and hair, and bits of trim to the neck. Please remember, anything that is detachable is not recommended on dolls for children under the age of 3 as they pose a choking hazard.

  • If you intend to sell your dolls (see copyright info below) why not make a tag with your name and logo on them and sew it directly to the back of your dolls body. You can find my fabric label tutorial on my Blog for how to make them from things you already have in your house!

    If youve enjoyed this pattern and your new dolly, please pop back to my happy little Daydream shop to leave some feedback, I always return the favor!

    For more helpful dolly making tutorials visit my blog:

    Please pop back to my shop as Ill have more easy to sew doll patterns coming soon!




  • Copyright info and terms of use.

    I allow for all those that purchase my sewing patterns to sell items made from them in limited quantities however, they are not to be mass produced. It is illegal under US copyright law, to sell or distribute (electronically e.g. via e-mail, hardcopy e.g. printed) any of Dolls And Daydreams Patterns.

    Copyright Dolls And Daydreams 2011 All Rights Reserved.

    Selling Dolls And Daydreams Dolls Proof of Purchase Please keep a co

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