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Dolls House

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  • 1. A Dolls House A Modern Tragedy

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Neckbeard 7. 8. You go to the theatre for relaxation and amusement, not for instruction or correction. --Eugene Scribe (1791-1861) 9. In Ibsens Words . . . 10. [ Dolls Houseis] a tragedy of the contemporary age. 11. Untruth does not reside in institutions but in the individuals themselves within the community. 12. Anyone who wishes to understand me fully must know Norway . . . the severe landscape . . . and the lonely shut off life. 13. What is it to be a poet?It was a long time before I realized that to be a poet is, most of all, to see; but mark well, to see in such a way that what is seen is perceived by his audience just as the poet saw it. 14. Before I write down one word, I have to have the character in mind through and through.I must penetrate into the last wrinkle of his soul . . . the stage setting, the dramatic ensemble, all that comes naturally . . . 15. Act OneThe curtain rises.What are out first impressions of what we see on the stage? 16. Themes and Symbols Brainstorm 17. Essential Question: What is an individuals responsibility to him or herself, his or her family, and his or her community?

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