Don't Go On Without Reading This Article About HVAC

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  • Don't Go On Without Reading This Article About HVAC

    If your home's HVAC system is not working properly, it can create a lot of stress on you as ahomeowner. They can be costly to repair and can lead to miserable living conditions. It's generallyan all-around good idea to study as much as you can about HVAC maintenance and upkeep. Thefollowing tips will provide you some great info to get you started.

    Know what type of system you currently have before calling someone to fix it. Know the brand nameand model number. It is also helpful to have the maintenance history. This information will behelpful to any contractor you hire to repair it.

    If you have units that are condensers outside of the home, keep them free of debris. Particularlyafter bad weather, you should inspect your unit. It can overheat, leading to disaster within yoursystem.

    Each spring, try cleaning the fan blades and coils on the condenser fan. Before you begin cleaningthe unit, make sure that it is unplugged. Secondly, pop the grill off, take the blades off and cleanthem as well as the actual unit.

    Lubricate the oil ports on your condenser once each year. Most of these ports have some sort ofprotective cap covering them. Get an oil that is SAE 20 and put about 10 drops into each port, butdon't overfill it.

    If you can choose the place where your outdoor compressor goes, pick a spot with lots of shade. Thecooler air that the unit can suck in, the less work it will need to do to further cool the air.

    If the house is yours or you're permitted to, replace the windows that are single pane with windowsthat are double pane. They help cool air remain inside your home, effectively cutting back on howmuch you have to run your air conditioner. This will also help you keep in heat when it gets cold.

    Consider getting a programmable thermostat for your AC. These convenient thermostats may shaveten percent or more off of your bills, because they significantly cut energy use when you're notaround. There are also some programmable thermostats that can be controlled with a computer orother web-connected advice.

    If you are going to be gone during the day or on vacation, turn the temperature up on your airconditioning unit. The house will heat up when it is turned off, but only a certain amount. If will beconstantly fighting the heat and using lots of electricity if it is left on all day.

    Try finding online A/C sizing calculators to figure out the ideal size for a unit for the house or aroom. If you get a unit that is too large, it will cost a lot in energy costs. Always look through themanual as well.

    If you need recommendations for an HVAC contractor, check online. There are many sites that othercustomers can place their reviews. This will help you find a top notch professional.

    Install a radiant barrier in your attic to boost HVAC efficiency. This mechanism will prevent outsideheat from coming in, reducing your energy consumption when cooling. If this is installed correctly, itwill give you the ability to actually use your attic as extra space to live in.

  • Do you need a new HVAC system? There are things you must consider first. Those systems get ratedby the area amount they are able to cool and heat effectively. You want a unit which offers a littlemore than you need.

    Inspect your HVAC unit quickly for blockage if you become away of any clicking sound. This may bebecause debris is restricting the movement of the fan blades. Remove the debris and you have solvedthe problem. Prior to placing a service, it is worth taking a look.

    It's important to have doors and windows that are efficient for the most efficiency for your HVACunit. Make sure that their seals are tight and that they do not allow air to seep in or out. You couldhave a professional run a test for you, and sometimes this testing is done at no charge.

    Measure the area that requires air conditioning. In general, you need 20 BTU for each square foot. Ifthe unit will be cooling several rooms, combine their square footage in your calculations.

    Replace the air filter to keep your HVAC system working well. This will maximize the production ofyour HVAC. Filters are cheap, and changing them regularly adds up to long term savings.

    The HVAC in your house is a vital part of your daily life whether you know it or not. Maintenance iswhat keeps it working well. Do not let this happen; keep these tips in mind, and keep your HVACsystem running smoothly.