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Dora the Explorer - Big Sister DoraTranscript00:00:01I put the phone in my backpack.

00:00:03(phone ringing) Quick!

00:00:07That could be news about the baby.

00:00:09I need you to check the backpack to find the phone.

00:00:13(phone ringing) You have to say "backpack." Say "backpack," say "backpack." (music begins) Backpack, backpack

00:00:26 Backpack, backpack



00:00:31Dora needs you to find her phone.

00:00:34It could be news about the baby.

00:00:37Listen to find the phone.

00:00:39(whistle blows) (siren wails) (drum plays) (phone rings) (horn blows) Which shape is the phone under?

00:00:58(ringing) El tringulo. IS!

00:01:03Good listening.

00:01:04And look what was under the other shapes.

00:01:07(whistling) (wailing) (drumming) (playing) Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum-- Idelicioso!


00:01:20Dora, you and Boots have to come home quick.

00:01:24Mami's having the baby.

00:01:25IVengan rpido!

00:01:26Okay, Papi, we're coming.

00:01:31We have to get home quick because my mami's having the baby.

00:01:35BOTH: A baby, a baby, a baby!

00:01:39Maybe it's a baby girl.

00:01:41Or maybe it's a baby boy.

00:01:44I can't wait to see.

00:01:45We need to find the quickest way to my house.

00:01:49Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?

00:01:54Map, map, map!

00:01:56The map-- right.

00:01:57I need your help to find the quickest way to my house.

00:02:01You have to say "map." Say "map," say "map." I'm the map, I'm the map

00:02:11 He's the map, he's the map.

00:02:14I'm the map!

00:02:15Dora and Boots need to get home quick because Dora's mommy's having a baby.

00:02:21A baby, a baby, a baby!

00:02:25To get to Dora's house quick, first you have to go through the spooky forest, then you go through the nut farm and that's how you get to Dora's house.

00:02:41So remember... forest, farm, Dora's house.

00:02:48Say it with me-- forest, farm, Dora's house.

00:02:56Forest, farm, Dora's house.

00:03:03Forest, farm, Dora's house.

00:03:09So you tell Dora, first we go to the forest.

00:03:15Where do we go first?

00:03:20The forest-- right.

00:03:22The spooky forest.


00:03:25So, first we need to find the spooky forest.

00:03:30Do you see the spooky forest?

00:03:37Right-- there it is.

00:03:39Come on.

00:03:40We've got to get to my house quick.

00:03:43My mami's having a baby.

00:03:45BOTH: A baby, a baby, a baby!

00:03:50(music begins) I'm going to be a big sister.

00:03:56BOTH: Big... sister, big... sister.

00:04:01 Big sister

00:04:02 I'm going to be a big sister.

00:04:07(chirping) She's really good at caring...

00:04:16 And she's really great at sharing...

00:04:24 And she loves to help everyone.

00:04:30(clucks) I'm going to be a big sister.

00:04:35I'm going to be a big monkey brother.

00:04:38BOTH: Big... sister, big... sister.

00:04:43Say it with us-- big... sister, big... sister.

00:04:49Big... sister, big... sister!

00:04:54(music ends) Look, the spooky forest.

00:04:58And there's Isa the iguana.

00:05:02Isa, Isa!

00:05:04Dora's mommy is having a baby.

00:05:06A baby?

00:05:08ALL: A baby, a baby, a baby!

00:05:11And Dora says I'm going to be like a big brother.

00:05:15I'm going to teach the baby how to monkey-dance.

00:05:19(chattering) Wow.

00:05:23And I can teach the baby all about flowers and plants and butterflies.

00:05:29(all laughing) Great, but we better hurry.

00:05:34We have to get home quick to see the baby.

00:05:37Yeah, but first we need to go through the spooky forest.

00:05:44And look, there's lots of spooky animals in the forest, like snakes and crocodiles.

00:05:52Don't worry, Isa.

00:05:53We'll take you through the spooky forest.

00:05:55We just have to follow the path with the friendly frog.

00:06:00Come on.

00:06:02We have to look for the path with the friendly frog.

00:06:07Is the frog on the first path, the second path or the third path?

00:06:17The third path-- right.

00:06:19So we take the third path.

00:06:22(frog croaking) (snakes hissing) Uh-oh, more paths!

00:06:27DORA: Look for the path with the friendly frog.

00:06:31Is the frog on the first path, the second path, the third path, the fourth path or the fifth path?

00:06:44The fifth path-- right.

00:06:46So we take the fifth path.

00:06:49Smart looking.

00:06:50(frog croaking) (crocodiles chomping) (playing fanfare) We made it through the spooky forest.

00:07:02Thanks for taking me through the spooky forest.

00:07:06You're going to be the best big sister, Dora.

00:07:11Have a baby banana.

00:07:14Thanks, Boots.

00:07:20We have to figure out where to go next.

00:07:22You have to say "map." We made it through the spooky forest.


00:07:34Where do we go next?

00:07:39The farm-- right.

00:07:42The nut farm!

00:07:43So you tell Dora, next we go to the farm.

00:07:48Where do we go next?

00:07:52The farm-- right.

00:07:54The nut farm.


00:07:58So we need to find the nut farm.

00:08:01Dnde est?

00:08:02Do you see the nut farm?

00:08:08Yeah, there it is.

00:08:10S, ah est.

00:08:12Come on, we've got to get to my house quick.

00:08:16My mami's having a baby.

00:08:18BOTH: A baby, a baby, a baby!

00:08:22(music begins) I'm going to be a big sister.

00:08:29I'm going to be a big monkey brother.

00:08:33BOTH: Big... sister, big... sister.

00:08:37Say it with us-- big... sister, big... sister.

00:08:43Big... sister, big... sister!

00:08:49(music ends) Come on!

00:08:51We have to get to the nut farm quick.

00:08:53Hey, there's Benny the bull with his go-cart.

00:08:57Maybe Benny can give us a ride to the nut farm.

00:09:03Benny, Benny.

00:09:04Dora's mommy's having a baby!

00:09:07A baby?!

00:09:09ALL: A baby, a baby, a baby!

00:09:12And Dora says I'm going to be like a big brother!

00:09:16I'm going to teach the baby to monkey-dance.

00:09:20(chattering) Oh, oh, oh!

00:09:23And I can give the baby piggyback rides.

00:09:29(Boots and Benny laughing) Great! We need to get home quick to see the baby.

00:09:35Can you give us a ride to the nut farm in your go-cart?

00:09:41Sure, but I don't think I put this go-cart together right.

00:09:48Oh, I give up.

00:09:50Don't give up, Benny.

00:09:52Yeah, we can help you put the go-cart together.

00:09:56Right, Boots.

00:09:57Let's look at the instructions.

00:10:01We have to put the tires, seat and steering wheel on Benny's go-cart.

00:10:08Which part goes first?

00:10:13The tires-- right.

00:10:20Uh-oh, the tires are stuck!

00:10:23Help me twist on the tires.

00:10:24Put your hands out in front of you and twist, twist, twist.

00:10:31Twist, twist, twist.

00:10:35Twist, twist, twist.

00:10:37We twisted on the tires-- check.

00:10:41Which part goes second?

00:10:47The seat-- right.

00:10:51Help me push the seat into place.

00:10:54Put your hands out in front of you and push, push, push!

00:11:00We pushed in the seat-- check.

00:11:04And which part goes third?

00:11:10The steering wheel-- right.

00:11:13Help me twist on the steering wheel.

00:11:15Put your hands out in front of you and twist, twist, twist.

00:11:21We twisted on the steering wheel-- check.

00:11:26We built Benny's go-cart!

00:11:29Thanks for helping!

00:11:31And now I can give you a ride.

00:11:35Hop in.

00:11:38ALL: Seat belts...

00:11:40so we can be safe.

00:11:47ALL: Whee!

00:11:50Benny, this go-cart sure is fast.

00:11:53And look, we made it to the nut farm.

00:11:58Thank you for helping me put my go-cart together.

00:12:01You're going to make a great big sister, Dora.

00:12:06Have a baby banana.

00:12:12Let's go!

00:12:16Wow, the nut farm is really busy.

00:12:19Yeah, all the squirrels are collecting their nuts.

00:12:23TICO: IHola, amigos!

00:12:24BOTH: IHola, Tico!

00:12:27Estos son mis primos.

00:12:29(chattering) BOTH: IHola!

00:12:34Tico, Tico!

00:12:35Dora's mommy is having a baby.

00:12:38Un beb?

00:12:39S, un beb.

00:12:41ALL: IUn beb, un beb, un beb!

00:12:45Voy a ensear espaol al beb.


00:12:49Tico says he'll teach Spanish to the baby.

00:12:53(chattering) ICuidado, cuidado!

00:12:56Uh-oh,tenemos que crusar la calle con cuidado.

00:13:00We have to be careful to cross the street safely.

00:13:04When the sign that the crossing guard is holding is red, we stop.

00:13:10When the sign is green, we go.

00:13:13To tell Tico the sign is red, we say"rojo." Can you say"rojo"?


00:13:23To tell Tico the sign is green, we say"verde." Can you say"verde"?


00:13:36Is the signrojoorverde?

00:13:43Rojo--red-- so we have to stop.

00:13:47Now is the signrojoorverde?

00:13:53Verde--green-- so we can go.

00:13:56BOOTS: Remember to hold hands and look both ways before crossing.

00:14:09DORA: Is the signrojoorverde?

00:14:14Verde,so we can cross.

00:14:19Look both ways before crossing.

00:14:30DORA: Is the signrojoorverde?

00:14:37Verde,so we can cross.

00:14:50(playing fanfare) We made it through the nut farm.

00:14:55All right!


00:14:59Gracias para ayudarnos a pasar por la finca de neuces.

00:15:03De nada.

00:15:04Vas a ser una fantstica hermana mayor, Dora.

00:15:08Have a baby banana.

00:15:12IHasta luego!

00:15:13We have to figure out where to go next.

00:15:17You have to say "map." We went through the spooky forest-- check.

00:15:28We went through the nut farm-- check.

00:15:32Where do we go next?

00:15:37Dora's house-- right.

00:15:40So you tell Dora and Boots, next we go to Dora's house.

00:15:47Where do we go next?

00:15:52Dora's house-- right!

00:15:55So we need to find my house.

00:15:58Dnde est mi casa?

00:16:04IS, ah est!

00:16:05Come on, we've got to get to my house quick.

00:16:10My mami's having a baby!

00:16:12BOTH: A baby, a baby, a baby!

00:16:16Let's go!

00:16:20(everyone greeting Dora) DORA: Look, there's my cousin Diego and his sister Alicia and their parents, mi tia y tio.

00:16:34And there'smi abuela.

00:16:41Look,abuelamade usgcillas-- baby buttons!

00:16:50Papi, Papi, has the baby come?

00:16:54Is Dora a big sister now?

00:16:57S,cario, you're a big sister-- una hermana mayor.

00:17:02And your mami and I have an even bigger surprise for you.

00:17:07Come with me.




00:17:16Mami, Mami, did the baby come?


00:17:20BOTH: A baby, a baby, a baby!

00:17:23Is it a boy?

00:17:25Is it a girl?

00:17:27Why don't you look and see.

00:17:36Look, there are two babies-- twins!

00:17:41A baby boy and a baby girl.

00:17:44Now I have a baby brother and a baby sister.

00:17:50IHola, soy Dora!

00:17:52I'm your big sister.

00:17:53Someday you'll go exploring with me.

00:17:57(both babbling) Ooh, the babies smiled at me.

00:18:04Hi, I'm Boots.

00:18:07Hey, you guys are strong.

00:18:11The babies are so cute!

00:18:12I think the babies are hat you, too.

00:18:17(both yawning) Oh, the babies are tired.

00:18:21We need to rock them to sleep.

00:18:23Will you help us rock the babies to sleep?


00:18:36Make a cradle with your arms and rock the babies back and forth as we sing our lullaby.

00:18:44(music begins) Duermanse, mis nios

00:18:49Duermanse, amores

00:18:51Duermanse, pedazos de nuestros corazones.

00:19:01Look, the babies are asleep.

00:19:10(playing fanfare) BOTH: We did it!

00:19:18(music We did it! We did it!

00:19:22 We did it-- yay!

00:19:23Lo hicimos. We did it!

00:19:25 Papi called to say Mami's having a baby today

00:19:30 We did it!

00:19:31 We did it!

00:19:32 We did it-- hooray!

00:19:34 So we ran home

00:19:35 And told our friends the news along the way

00:19:37 We did it

00:19:38 We did it

00:19:39 We did it! We did it!

00:19:40 When we got to Dora's house

00:19:42 We couldn't wait to see

00:19:43 That there wasn't just one, but...

00:19:46BOTH: Two babies.




00:19:50We did it!

00:19:52(music ends) Whoo!

00:19:55We had such an exciting trip today.

00:19:58What was your favorite part of the trip?

00:20:08I liked that, too.

00:20:10Our favorite part was...

00:20:12The babies, the babies, the babies!

00:20:16(both chuckling) We couldn't have done it without you.

00:20:20Thanks for helping.