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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 Dora the Explorer Vi &amp; Bek.</p><p> 1/5</p><p>Bek &amp; Vi</p><p>Dora-Bek Boots-Ash Justin Bieber-Cass Narrator-Vi</p><p>Act 1- Justin Bieber watches T.V</p><p>Narrator: Justin Bieber is watching T.V and looks really happy</p><p>Justin: Wow, Dora is so cool. I want to sing with her one day! {Justin smiles}</p><p>Narrator: Dora walks down the street and sees Justin watching her on T.V and</p><p>knocks on the door</p><p>Dora: {Knock knock}</p><p>Justin: Come in</p><p>Dora: {Walks in} Hi Justin! Its me, Dora the Explorer.</p><p>Justin: Oh my gosh, am I dreaming? Im talking to Dora the Explorer</p><p>Dora: Im so happy to see you Justin, meet my best friend Boots, hes a monkey!</p><p>Boots: H-hh-h-hi Justin... {Looks nervous}</p><p>Dora: Sorry, hes a little shy when he meets strangers {Rolls her eyes}</p><p>Justin: Oh thats okay, hes so cute</p><p>Dora: Do you want to go the park? {Puts her hands out}</p><p>Justin: Okay sure! Thatd be awesome!</p><p>Act 2- At the park</p><p>Narrator: Dora, Justin and Boots go to the park and they have a picnic</p><p>Dora: Isnt it a nice day today? {Nods head}</p><p>Boots: I-I like I like the wea-ea-ther to-day {Hides behind Dora}</p><p>Justin: Dora, I was wondering if I could write a song with you {Puts hands on</p><p>hips}</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Dora the Explorer Vi &amp; Bek.</p><p> 2/5</p><p>Boots: C-ca-an I jo-in too? {Shyly smiles}</p><p>Dora: Sure Boots!</p><p>Boots: Thank-you Dora!</p><p>Justin: This will be awesome! Have you got any ideas?</p><p>Dora: Hmm, let me think {Puts he finger on her chin}</p><p>Justin: I have an idea but its not the best</p><p>Boots: Say it Justin, say it</p><p>Justin: What about this?- Dora and Justin and Boots are best friends, best friends,</p><p>best friends we are best friends! {A proud smile}</p><p>Dora: That sounds awesome!</p><p>Boots: More than awesome of course!</p><p>Justin: Woohoo! This is cool as</p><p>Dora: Lets practise! Come to my house</p><p>Act 3- Doras house</p><p>Narrator: Justin and Boots comes to Doras house and they think that it looks</p><p>fabulous and clean</p><p>Justin: Hey Dora, I like your house</p><p>Dora: Thanks I just cleaned it</p><p>Boots: I helped too</p><p>Justin: Time to practise guys! Dora you and I sing together and boots you know</p><p>your part.</p><p>Boots: Okay! Lets start!</p><p>Dora: La, la, la, la, laaaa, la, la, la, la, laaa</p><p>Boots: Gosh Dora, thats not how you sing, let me show you</p><p>Dora: Whatever Boots! Fine, show me!</p><p>Boots: LA LA LA LAAAA, singing a song all day long, LA LA LA LAAAA</p><p>Justin: Guys, stop messing around, lets start practising {Smiles}</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Dora the Explorer Vi &amp; Bek.</p><p> 3/5</p><p>Dora: Fine then, lets start!</p><p>2 hours later</p><p>Narrator: After many hours of practising, something bad happened.</p><p>Act 5- The Horrible Moment</p><p>Dora &amp; Justin: Help-he-lp me, I cant tal-a-lk {Worried face expression}</p><p>Boots: Uh oh, what happened guys?</p><p>Justin: I-I do-o-nt kno-ow {Looks confused}</p><p>Boots: Oh no guys, we have to perform tomorrow night. How is this going to</p><p>work?</p><p>Dora: I dont kn-no-ow</p><p>Justin: We ha-have to find our vo-oi-ces</p><p>Boots: But how?</p><p>Justin: No i-idea</p><p>Dora: Hmm. {Puts her finger on her chin}</p><p>Boots: I know what we could do, lets go on an adventure to find your voices!</p><p>Come on, follow me!</p><p>Dora: A-are you su-ure this is go-onna wo-or-k?</p><p>Boots: Yes Dora, just follow me!</p><p>Act 6- The Adventure</p><p>Narrator: Justin, Boots and Dora have gone to find their voices. Will they find it in</p><p>time for the performance?</p><p>Justin: Umm, Boots, wh-where do we go fir-irst?</p><p>Boots: First, we are going to the park to find them, and if we dont find the voices</p><p>in the park then well maybe go to the beach</p><p>Dora: Okay</p><p>Boots: Okay, lets go back to the park, maybe the voices are back there</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Dora the Explorer Vi &amp; Bek.</p><p> 4/5</p><p>Justin: Fine, wh-at ev-ver</p><p>Boots: Follow me guys</p><p>(At the Park)</p><p>Dora: Umm, Boots, are y-you sure the voi-oices are here?</p><p>Justin: Yea-eah Boots, I don-ont think th-at theyre here {Looks at Boots</p><p>strangely}</p><p>Dora: Theyre no-ot here, lets loo-ook at the beach</p><p>Boots: Oh fine, lets go to the beach now!</p><p>(At the Beach)</p><p>Dora: Guys co-ome over here, is th-is the vo-oice?</p><p>Boots: No Dora, thats just a crab</p><p>Dora: No, not th-at Boots, this {Points over to the left}</p><p>Justin: Oh hey, I th-ink it is our voi-oices!</p><p>Boots: {In a hurry voice} Okay, come over here and get your voices back before</p><p>its too late because we have to perform in less than 20 minutes</p><p>Narrator: After the adventure, Justin and Dora got their voices back and theyre</p><p>ready to perform!</p><p>Act 7- The Performance</p><p>Narrator: Justin, Dora and Boots are sitting in the wings of the curtains waiting</p><p>for the introducer to introduce them</p><p>Dora: Oh my gosh, Im so nervous guys!</p><p>Justin: Its so good to have my voice back</p><p>Dora: Yeah I know!</p><p>Boots: {Excitedly yelling} Guys! Its our turn! Lets do it! {Shaking hands up and</p><p>down}</p><p>Dora, Justin and Boots: Dora and Justin and Boots are best friends, best friends,</p><p>best friends we are best friends! X2</p><p>{Audience claps}</p><p>Narrator: After the performance, Dora, Justin and Boots were so happy!</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Dora the Explorer Vi &amp; Bek.</p><p> 5/5</p><p>Justin: My dreams came true! Woohoo, I got to sing with Dora!</p><p>Dora: This has been the best time of my life</p><p>Boots: Yeah same here! We should meet again sometime.</p><p>Justin: Yeah! Of course.</p><p>Dora: Bye Justin thanks for singing with us {Smiles}</p><p>Justin: And thanks to you guys too! {Smiles back}</p></li></ul>


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