Double-sided tape for removable applications announced

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    Re/aunched onto the DIY market, Bostik Superglue 4 comes in a compact "blister pack'. The conventional adhesive applicator has been replaced by a tube and is complemented by a handy container of release agent.

    Bostik Limited, Ulverscroft Road, Leicester, LE4 6BW, England.

    Water-borne acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive developed for polypropylene carton sealing tapes

    Already marketed in the USA, PS- 83D water-borne acrylic pressure- sensitive adhesive specially developed by the Rohm and Hass Company, USA, for polypropylene carton sealing tapes, is now available for European markets. Primal PS-83D adhesive is said to possess a unique balance of quick stick, shear resistance, tack and peel adhesion properties to a variety of substrates. Its instantaneous cardboard adhesion makes the product suitable for high speed taping equipment and allows quick 'grab' with hand-held dispensers, while its shear resistance provides assurance of long-term carton sealing performance.

    Carton sealing tapes manufactured with Primal PS-83D adhesive exhibit uv and elevated temperature stability giving it good ageing characteristics. Thus, producers and users are allowed a greater degree of operational flexibility. These environmental considerations also

    increase the attractiveness of this water-borne adhesive in comparison with conventional solvent-borne rubber adhesives.

    Although Primal PS-83D adhesive is designed to be coated via Mayer bar at high line speeds, it has also been successfully coated on knife- over roll and reverse roll coater configuration. No release coat is required with tapes coated with Primal PS-83D since the adhesive offers a built-in release mechanism from untreated polypropylene.

    Independent studies have indicated that when the total production costs are considered for producing polypropylene carton sealing tapes, including adhesive usage, energy, labour and fixed costs, Primal PS-83D adhesive can be as economically attractive as solvent- borne rubber adhesives.

    Rohm ~ Hass (UK) Limited, Lennig House, 2 Mason's Avenue, Croydon, CR9 3NB, England.

    Double-sided tape for removable applications announced

    Recommended for applications where a removable tape which leaves no residue is required, P1571, a double- coated pressure-sensitive tape, is available from Presto Adhesive Paper, OH, USA. Comprising a 0.013 mm polyester carrier coated on one side with a permanent rubber-based adhesive and with a high-tack removable acrylic adhesive on the other, P1 571 comes self-wound on a polycoated differential release liner. It is available in full-web width or may

    be custom slit to specific requirements.

    The tape is said to have good resistance to water, saline solutions and medium viscosity oil and the release liner, which is impervious to moisture, provides the stability required for die cutting. Removable P1571 may typically be used on glass or display surfaces.

    Presto Adhesive Paper, 10400 Danner Drive, Streetsboro, OH 44240-5070, USA

    One-coat adhesive systems developed for vinyl wall coverings Additions to its Collafix range of adhesives have been announced by Allied Colloids plc, Bradford, UK.

    Specifically developed to overcome problems previously experienced in the heat processing used for the manufacture of pre- pasted, blown, vinyl wall-coverings, Collafix PP4 is said to be heat stable to all known process temperatures. A pre-paste, single-coat application polymer, PP4 is also claimed not to

    be subject to bacterial attack and offers a long shelf-life on stored wall coverings.

    Improvements in the processability of acrylic wall-coverings adhesives have also lead to the development of Collafix PP6 and PP7. These two one-coat adhesive systems will benefit the manufacturers of embossed wallpapers. Diluted with a non-polar solvent (such as mineral spirit), the

    products may be applied to the paper by means of conventional printing methods, thus allowing the manufacturer to print and paste in one continuous process. Subsequent heat embossing of vinyl wall- coverings does not appear to affect the performance of the adhesive.

    Allied Colloids p/c, General Industries Division, PO Box 38, Low Moor, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD 12 OJZ England.



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