DOVER SHERBORN PUBLIC SCHOOLS .*Analysis of the Harmonics of Oboe Reeds over Time Darin Jude Correll

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Text of DOVER SHERBORN PUBLIC SCHOOLS .*Analysis of the Harmonics of Oboe Reeds over Time Darin Jude Correll


    Call to order

    Reorganization Dr. LeDuc

    Community Comments

    State of the District (7:00- 7:20) Middle School Updates: Mr. Kellett- DSMS School Improvement Plan AR

    High School Updates: Mr. Smith

    Central Office Updates: Mr. Bliss, Dr. LeDuc, Ms. Green, & Ms. Tague

    Subcommittee Reports: If needed

    Presentation, Discussion, and Action Part II (7:20-7:50)

    DSHS School Improvement Plan AR

    Parking Research (High school entrance; Bus pad)

    E & D Items (see Business Managers report) AR

    Appointment of Subcommittees

    Consent Agenda (7:50-7:55) Regional School Committee Meeting Minutes of May 5, 2015 AR

    DSEF Grants 2015-16 AR

    Flexible Spending Account Amendment AR

    Appointment of DS Regional Treasurer AR

    Donation Acceptance: Spring Assistant Coaches AR

    Donation Acceptance: Soccer Uniforms AR

    For Review (7:55-8:00) Sherborn School Committee Meeting Minutes of May 12, 2015

    Dover School Committee Meeting Minutes of March 5, 2015

    Class of 2015 Matriculation Report

    June Enrollment Report

    Items for the September Regional School Committee Meeting

    Meeting schedule


    Note: The listings of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the Chair, which may be

    discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may, in fact, be discussed and other items not listed

    may also be raised for discussion to the extent permitted by law.

    The Public Schools of Dover and Sherborn do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender,

    religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.




    JUNE 9, 2015, 7:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M.



    (Members of the public are welcome to attend. Regional School Committee members include:

    Ms. Dana White, Chair, Mr. Michael Lee, Vice Chair, Ms. Carolyn Ringel, Secretary,

    Ms. Clare Graham, Mr. Richard Robinson and Ms. Lori Krusell)

  • The Public Schools of Dover and Sherborn

    157 Farm Street

    Dover, MA 02030

    Phone: 508-785-0036 Fax: 508-785-2239


    Mr. Steven B. Bliss, Superintendent

    Dr. Karen L. LeDuc, Assistant Superintendent

    Ms. Therese Green, Director of Special Education

    Ms. Christine Tague, Business Manager

    Dover- Sherborn

    Middle School

    155 Farm Street

    Dover, MA 02030

    Phone: 508-785-0635

    Fax: 508-785-0796

    Mr. Scott Kellett


    Mr. Brian Meringer

    Assistant Headmaster

    Ms. Jill Arkin

    Special Education

    Team Chair

    Ms. Ellen Chagnon

    Guidance Director

    Mr. Heath Rollins

    Athletic Director

    TO: Mr. Steven Bliss, Superintendent

    FROM: Mr. Scott Kellett, Headmaster, DSMS

    RE: Headmasters Monthly Report

    DATE: June 1, 2015

    Headmasters Reflections

    The middle school administration and staff are excited for the many fantastic events that come

    with the culmination of the school year. Early in the morning of June 9th

    the DSMS contingent

    of 165 will be off to DC. Mr. Meringer and Ms. Ferranti are excited to host the Class of 2021

    for a visit to the middle school while we are away.

    Brian Meringer, Heidi Loando, Ann Keegan, Monique Marshall-Veale, and I had the pleasure

    of traveling to the Manahunt Community in Boston on Wednesday, May 20th

    . Ms. Monique

    arranged for a light dinner and an opportunity to talk with our Boston students and their parents

    about their impending transition to a new school and/or grade. It was an enjoyable experience

    for all.

    MS Happenings:

    Friday, June 1st: MS Arts Festival 3:00 PM

    June 10th


    : 8th

    Grade DC Trip/Boston Trip

    Wednesday, June 10th

    : 6th

    Grade Field Day/Chickering 5th

    Grade Visit

    Thursday, June 11th

    : 7th

    Grade Field Day

    Friday, June 12th

    : Pine Hill 5th

    Grade Visit

    Wednesday, June 17th

    : POSITIVE 8th

    Grade Lunch 11:45 AM

    Thursday, June 18th

    : 8th

    Grade Recognition/Dance

    Friday, June 19th

    : 8th

    Grade Assembly

    Last Day of School (10:50 AM Dismissal)

    Student Recognition

    On Wednesday, May 20th

    Stephanie Dailey and Jamie Wirth were recognized by NELMS as

    Dover-Sherborn Middle Schools Scholar Leaders for this year. Stephanie and Jamie were

    joined by their parents, a teacher of their choice (Stephanie Dailey - Kathy Moloy and Jamie

    Wirth - Adam Wiskofske) and Mrs. Bedigan at an awards dinner in Marlborough, MA.

    Congratulations to the Dailey and Wirth families for this well deserved honor.

    It is with great pride that the MS shares the winners of our Student Council Elections for the

    Class of 2019:

    President: Jeb Shue Vice President: Brooks Andrew

    Secretary: Laura Maher Treasurer: Ethan Wood

  • The following projects/students qualified for the State Science Fair and will travel to Worcester on Saturday,

    June 6th

    for this competition:

    *Analysis of the Harmonics of Oboe Reeds over Time

    Darin Jude Correll

    *Snail-plant attraction analysis

    Elizabeth Goldstein, Andrew Fiore

    * Antibacterial dish soap performance

    Elizabeth Hovey, Grace Qian

    * The effect of natural and artificial sweeteners on Daphnia

    Joel Silvestri, Maddie Charity

    * Crime Scene Science

    Katie Rupinski and Phoebe Lasic-Ellis

    *Microbead Filter

    Hannah Szeto and Kaylee Hain

    Will Anastasopoulos receiving his copy of The Hutch containing his book review.

    Curriculum & Learning


    Seventh-grade students read poems to a full audience at ArtsFest on June 1. The poems were part of another

    successful year of an interdisciplinary project between English, science, and art. We are grateful to DSEF, the

    Sherborn Cultural Council, and the Dover Cultural Council for helping this project grow.

  • On June 16, all seventh graders will host the third annual Readers' Convention. Sixth grade students will visit

    seventh graders during English class to discover the best books to read, according to the seventh graders. This

    project is the culmination of a year-long independent reading program and allows students to practice

    speaking and listening skills in an authentic manner. This project originated with a grant from POSITIVE,

    and we appreciate their support.

    Several seventh graders corresponded with students at the Tandahimba Secondary School in Tanzania. In

    writing the letters, students learned more about school, food, and recreation in Tanzania.

    Eighth grade students are completing their work on Lorraine Hansberry's, A Raisin in the Sun. This play

    examines issues of race and class as a family struggles in post World War II Chicago. To compliment this

    reading, students are demonstrating their own playwriting skills.

    Ms. Mullen and Ms. Woodward are delighted that the Caldecott Club will return for a second year, thanks to a

    grant from POSITIVE. Thank you!


    All grades and levels have finished entering their roadmaps into ASPEN. This work confirmed our success in

    aligning to the common core. We will begin our 3 year cycle of reviewing curriculum next year looking for

    any gaps or areas of improvement. Based on a goal setting activity we recently completed we initially feel

    there could be work done in the area of close reading, note taking, vocabulary and math practices.

    Students in 7th and 8th grade will be culminating their year with a final exam in early June. Sixth grade will

    be culminating their year with an introduction to Integer Operations.


    Sixth grade:

    Recently had a guest speaker, Ken Wadness to speak speak about what it was like living, hiking and surviving

    on glaciers one summer in Alaska.

    Currently exploring different kinds of glaciers and how they impact Earth's landscape.

    Seventh Grade:

    Students have recently begun their study of the human body systems and are conducting many hands-on lab

    activities in life science classes, such as a cow bone dissection, chicken wing muscle dissection, digestion

    simulation and soon they will examine a sheep's brain, cow's heart and eyeball. The culminating activity will

    be our annual frog dissection in mid-June!

    The 8th graders completed their MCAS review unit with visits from 6th and 7th grade teachers, and a review

    of the themes of physical science through an outdoor observation and writing activity centered on a rock wall.

    We are now beginning our "energy resources" unit. Students will plan, design, build, and test working solar

    ovens as their culminating activity.

    Social Studies:

    Sixth grade students will end the year by studying the rise and fall of the ancient Roman Empire. At the start

    of the unit students will learn about the development of early Rome and its geography. Topics will also

    include the government of the Roman Republic and its impact on the government of the United States.

    A reenactment of the death of Julius Caesar will also be conducted. Students will explore the people and

  • events leading up to the establishment of the Roman Empire and