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  1. 1. Download best free data recovery software to recover lost data completely Data recovery software is such a kind of tool which can be used to recover lost data when important data are lost due to mistaken operation, virus attack, or other logical errors. On the internet, there is a lot of free data recovery software. In addition, since data recovery is made by users themselves, there is no need to worry about privacy leakage. Therefore, many computer users choose to recover lost data by using best free data recovery software rather than resorting to professional data recovery companies. Naturally, data recovery software industry flourishes. --Source from Current situation of data recovery software industry As demands for best free data recovery software are increasing unceasingly, a lot of inferior data recovery software begins to emerge. Inferior data recovery software is mainly developed by a single technician or small companies. Since these developers or companies are short of data recovery knowledge and have defects in programming, free data recovery software they develop has many bugs: data security can not be ensured; compatibility is not good; lost data can not be found completely; recovered data can not be opened. Therefore, this kind of free data recovery software is not suggested. If users want to download the best free data recovery software, please visit to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Tips on using the best free data recovery software
  2. 2. This is the main interface of the recommended best free data recovery software. From the main interface, we can see the software consists of 5 functional modules, which means users can select different modules to recover data lost due to different reasons. Well then, are there tips on using this best free data recovery software? Do not do ChkDsk. Once there is something wrong with file system, system will prompt to do disk check when users start computer. If users choose to check disk, lost data may be damaged, thus influencing data recovery effect. Dont save recovered data to original hard disk. After lost data are found by data recovery software, many users are used to saving recovered data to original catalog, which may result in data overwriting. Dont reformat partition. After the partition storing important data gets lost, many users choose to format partition, which may cause lost data to be lost forever.