Downtown Minneapolis Carpool Parking Map

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<p>Minneapolis Carpool Parking2nd5 22</p> <p>1Weve7</p> <p>1 st</p> <p>e Av</p> <p>4</p> <p>6</p> <p>61 17 10 25 6</p> <p>St N E</p> <p>Ma in</p> <p>st R</p> <p>1s8th Ave</p> <p>tA 1s</p> <p>888 N orthstar Line</p> <p>tS</p> <p>t</p> <p>Isla</p> <p>H</p> <p>ep e nn</p> <p>in</p> <p>P iver kwy</p> <p>2n d</p> <p>nd</p> <p>Un ive rsRiver Place</p> <p>ity</p> <p>6</p> <p>Av e</p> <p>Av e</p> <p>Av e</p> <p>ntr a</p> <p>6t</p> <p>d</p> <p>32</p> <p>3r</p> <p>as</p> <p>Av e</p> <p>Av e</p> <p>in</p> <p>O lson Memorial Hwy19</p> <p>5t</p> <p>2n d</p> <p>h</p> <p>Ce</p> <p>hin gt</p> <p>h</p> <p>lA</p> <p>14</p> <p>W</p> <p>ve</p> <p>St</p> <p>N</p> <p>N</p> <p>N</p> <p>1s</p> <p>tA</p> <p>6th Ave</p> <p>1 st</p> <p>St</p> <p>Mississippi River Post O ce Main Branch</p> <p>3 rdMa inSt. Anthony Falls Stone Arch Bridge</p> <p>5th Ave</p> <p>Royalston</p> <p>Border</p> <p>4th Street Ramp</p> <p>C</p> <p>in</p> <p>19 22</p> <p>W Lyndale Ave N</p> <p>rq u e tt</p> <p>C havez Ride any bus within the downtown zone for 50 3rd Ave</p> <p>N ic</p> <p>3r</p> <p>Ramp</p> <p>Wyman Bldg Kickernick Bldg</p> <p>3 rdMinneapolis Library</p> <p>oll et</p> <p>d 5th St</p> <p>e Av</p> <p>B</p> <p>n</p> <p>Ma</p> <p>C esar</p> <p>N</p> <p>en ne p</p> <p>Target Field Apr il 2010</p> <p>shin g to</p> <p>rq u e tt</p> <p>5</p> <p>Wa</p> <p>e</p> <p>We</p> <p>st RSt</p> <p>H</p> <p>ive r</p> <p>e</p> <p>St</p> <p>Marquette Plaza</p> <p>1 stFederal O ce Bldg</p> <p>Pk</p> <p>wy</p> <p>A</p> <p>ve</p> <p>N</p> <p>Ma</p> <p>9</p> <p>Ho</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>3 394</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>St</p> <p>3 rd</p> <p>lde</p> <p>n</p> <p>Target Center</p> <p>1s</p> <p>tA</p> <p>ve</p> <p>2n dA</p> <p>Butler Square</p> <p>N</p> <p>Lumber Exchange Bldg</p> <p>H5 th</p> <p>4 th</p> <p>St</p> <p>Courtyard by Marriott Milwaukee Road Depot</p> <p>2n d</p> <p>ve</p> <p>K5th Street Towers</p> <p>Towle Bldg</p> <p>Wa</p> <p>shin g to</p> <p>2n dSn</p> <p>t</p> <p>Ga Co viida mm e on</p> <p>AC urrieHawthorne Transportation Center</p> <p>6 th</p> <p>St</p> <p>Do W rsey Bld hitney g</p> <p>7th St Ramp</p> <p>4 th</p> <p>G lenwood</p> <p>Block E</p> <p>Gateway Ramp</p> <p>Mill City Muesum Guthrie Theater</p> <p>Pantages Theater</p> <p>7 th</p> <p>Ga Co viida mm e on</p> <p>en ne p</p> <p>HLindenPost O ce</p> <p>Orpheum Theatre</p> <p>LaSalle Plaza</p> <p>tMarquette Hotel IDS Center Midwest Plaza</p> <p>alle</p> <p>Crowne Plaza Northstar Metro Transit Store</p> <p>La S</p> <p>YMCA Downtown School University of St. Thomas Opus Hall</p> <p>rq u e tt</p> <p>Thri ven t</p> <p>10</p> <p>15th St</p> <p>ve</p> <p>2n dA</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>16th St</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>Basilica of St. Mary</p> <p>Ha</p> <p>Lyndale Ave</p> <p>4 th</p> <p>5 th</p> <p>24</p> <p>nd</p> <p>re w</p> <p>6</p> <p>12</p> <p>Minneapolis Community and Technical College</p> <p>th YWCA St</p> <p>pin</p> <p>Sa</p> <p>H enne</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>Minneapolis Sculpture Garden</p> <p>2n dA</p> <p>G rantM</p> <p>Reduced Rate Parking</p> <p>With a valid permit issued by Commuter Connection</p> <p>These ramps and lots oer reduced rate monthly parking for registered carpools. Carpools consist of two or more people traveling at least 3 days per week together into downtown. Register carpools online at www.commuter</p> <p>G 501 Ramp - 501 4th Ave</p> <p>$105 $105 $105 $105</p> <p>i H Midtown Ramp - 11 South 4th StreetI 517 Ramp - 517 Marquette Ave J Lot 228 - 228 South 12th Street</p> <p></p> <p>A Ramp A - 7th Street SouthB Ramp B - 5th Street South C Ramp C - 4th Street South</p> <p>ELIGIBILITY: carpool must travel on I-394 or I-94 eastbound in the am ELIGIBILITY: carpool must travel on I-394 or I-94 eastbound in the am ELIGIBILITY: carpool must travel on I-394 or I-94 eastbound in the am</p> <p>$20</p> <p>$20 $20</p> <p>K Downtown Auto Park - 413 Nicollet Mall</p> <p>$79</p> <p>Free Parking</p> <p>Ramp A, B or C</p> <p>ELIGIBILITY: all other carpools</p> <p>$99</p> <p>With a valid permit issued by Commuter Connection</p> <p>Free surface parking is available (rst-come, rst served-basis) in these municipal lots, marked by a carpool sign.</p> <p>1 4th Street North - under I-94 on/o-ramp2 Basillica of St. Mary - under I-94</p> <p>D Government Center Rampcall for availability</p> <p>$99 $99 $99</p> <p>3 Glenwood and Lyndale Avenues - under I-94To be eligible, carpools must commute with a minimum of two people, three days a week into downtown Minneapolis. Please call Commuter Connection at 612-370-3987 x 207 or email for details. Comnmuter Connection Store US Bank Plaza -Skyway Level 220 S 6th St, Minneapolis</p> <p>E Leamington Transit Center F 11th &amp; Marquette RampPrices eective as of Jan. 1, 2011.</p> <p>ELIGIBILITY: carpool must travel on I-35W from the south ELIGIBILITY: carpool must travel on I-35W from the south</p> <p>3 th</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>9 th</p> <p>G rant</p> <p>12</p> <p>St</p> <p>th</p> <p>10</p> <p>th</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>Millennium Hotel</p> <p>Century Plaza</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>Ma</p> <p>ve</p> <p>St</p> <p>Ch ica</p> <p>Hyatt Regency Hotel</p> <p>St</p> <p>11</p> <p>13</p> <p>rq u e tt</p> <p>th</p> <p>12t</p> <p>go</p> <p>H</p> <p>e</p> <p>on a rm</p> <p>th</p> <p>N ic</p> <p>J h</p> <p>Pa</p> <p>Loring Park</p> <p>10</p> <p>F</p> <p>oll et</p> <p>9 th</p> <p>St</p> <p>rk</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>th</p> <p>La</p> <p>Po</p> <p>Peavey Plaza Orchestra Hall</p> <p>rtla</p> <p>lle</p> <p>Leamington Ramp</p> <p>8 th</p> <p>St</p> <p>11</p> <p>ESt</p> <p>Hennepin County Medical Center</p> <p>Ch ica</p> <p>12</p> <p>Mpls Hilton Hotel &amp; Towers</p> <p>th</p> <p>St</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>Yale</p> <p>go</p> <p>MacPhail Center for the Arts</p> <p>StWCCO-TV</p> <p>3 rd</p> <p>on rm</p> <p>11</p> <p>th</p> <p>Target Plaza</p> <p>9 th</p> <p>St</p> <p>Embassy Suites Best Western Downtown</p> <p>7 th</p> <p>HHH Metrodome</p> <p>Doubletree Guest Suites</p> <p>St</p> <p>10</p> <p>Hennepin County Medical Center</p> <p>50 16 3</p> <p>Ca</p> <p>5 th</p> <p>St</p> <p>6 th</p> <p>th</p> <p>St</p> <p>35 35</p> <p>12</p> <p>Laurel</p> <p>University of St. Thomas</p> <p>Accenture Tower</p> <p>6 th</p> <p>St</p> <p>55 Hiawatha Line</p> <p>11</p> <p>th</p> <p>He</p> <p>10</p> <p>th Plaza St</p> <p>Young Quinlan Bldg</p> <p>Ma</p> <p>p nne</p> <p>in</p> <p>Retek</p> <p>TCF Bank Foshay Tower</p> <p>Hennepin County Health Services</p> <p>3 rd</p> <p>St</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>394</p> <p>Medical Arts Bldg</p> <p>American Express Financial Center</p> <p>e</p> <p>5 th</p> <p>Mc</p> <p>th</p> <p>St</p> <p>Gr</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>N ic</p> <p>ew</p> <p>9 th</p> <p>oll et</p> <p>US Bancorp Center</p> <p>Mpls Grand Hotel</p> <p>Hennepin County Gov't Center Hennepin County Gov't Center</p> <p>St</p> <p>G D</p> <p>4 thStar Tribune Bldg</p> <p>St7 19</p> <p>Ch ica</p> <p>rne tho aw</p> <p>Po</p> <p>State Theatre</p> <p>8t</p> <p>hS</p> <p>H</p> <p>Radisson Plaza Hotel</p> <p>go</p> <p>US Bank Plaza</p> <p>nd</p> <p>C hestnut</p> <p>Wells Fargo Center</p> <p>3 rd</p> <p>5 th</p> <p>in</p> <p>rtla</p> <p>Hennepin County Jail</p> <p>St</p> <p>Pa</p> <p>Rand Tower</p> <p>Hiawatha Light Rail Line</p> <p>rk</p> <p>City Hall</p> <p>Mpls Grain Exchange</p> <p>Av eS</p> <p>St</p> <p>City Center Marriott Hotel</p> <p>Federal Bldg &amp; Courthouse Fire Dept</p> <p>I</p> <p>Thresher Square</p> <p>2n dS</p> <p>Av et</p> <p>ve</p> <p>5t h St7t h Ston</p> <p>2n dS</p> <p>Federal Reserve Bank</p> <p>Ma</p> <p>tS</p> <p>E</p> <p>St. Anthony Main</p> <p>5t h St</p> <p>11t</p> <p>13 th StSp ruc e</p> <p>hS t</p> <p>12 th St</p> <p>Ma ple</p>