Draft 5 – ancillary photos and editing trials

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<ul><li> 1. Draft 5 ancillaryphotos anD eDitingtrials</li></ul> <p> 2. trial: 1 3. testing the concept 4. trial: 2 5. costume The actors will be wearing these t-shirts with different social media logoson them, and some text below explaining the site. The person running away from social media willwear this chequered shirt as they are popularamongst youth and our target audience will beable to relate. 6. actors 7. actors 8. location We chose a location with grass and greenery as it was neutral andnot distracting from the actors/concept. 9. Double page spreaD These photos were poor as there was too much awkward spacing and thepurpose of the people behind was not clear as they were out of focus. Doesnt look like person is being chased, so the whole concept is lost. 10. newspaper aDvert Framing is poor and different in The lighting is too dark andeach photo. text on shirts is not readable. The wires and brick colours are distracting and Not enough room fortake away from the image. the logo. 11. newspaper aDvertSeductive: Fighting: 12. trial: 3 13. Double page spreaD Toofaraway. Out offocus. Too much awkward space. Poor framing. 14. Newspaper aDvert The framing is Awkwardpoor as the sideframing atof her arm is cut the top.off. 15. Newspaper aDvert The tennis court in thebackground is toodistracting from the imageand pulls away focus fromthe concept. 16. Newspaper aDvert The framing Too muchleaves enough shadow.room for thechannel 4 logo. Too much However the sunlight.wires are toodistracting. 17. Newspaper aDvertFighting concept: Background too cluttered and No room for the logo. distracting. Awkward spacing. 18. Newspaper aDvertSeductive concept: 19. trial : 4 20. Double page spreaD Poor framing. Cant see t-shirt and they dont look like they are chasing the person. Too much sunlight in the corner takes away from the image/concept. 21. Double page spreaD It is not clear what the t-shirts have on them. Poor framing, faceis cut off. 22. Double page spreaD Too much sunlight. 23. Newspaper aDvert 24. Newspaper aDvert The wall appears to be a different colour in the second batch due to lighting. 25. Newspaper advert The green grass at the bottom creates a contrast which distracts from the image. 26. trial : 5 27. New locatioN trial 5 After looking over the photos we realised the location wasntworking. The wires and poles on the fence were too distracting. The greenery in the background represented nature too much. So we decided to go with a plain brick wall and concrete floor. 28. props We decided tomake signssaying Pick Mefor the actors tohold in thenewspaperadvert This willemphasis thatsocial media ismanipulative, tothe audience. 29. double page spreadLayout: Centre of the page We decided to try putting the person running away, in the centre and the chasersbehind for a more dynamic layout. 30. iNdesigN trial Black sub-title looksplain. Too much awkward space. Too Text clashesdistractingwith lightfrom image.background. People too closetogether. 31. double page spread 32. double page spread 33. double page spread 34. double page spread 35. double page spread 36. FiNal choseN photos We narrowed it down to these three photos because:- They had the best framing.- Place for title and sub-title- Place for text- Logos on t-shirts were clear 37. Trial on indesign Title on bottom right corner didnt This fact box made the page look toowork as it got lost in the image. cluttered and was distracting. We decided to replace the box Dark blue font was too with the heading. distracting. 38. Trial on indesignWe altered the background on Photoshop and got rid of the blue door.We also made the wall a more pale colour to stop it dominating the image. Dark blue sub-title Light blue sub-title Blue drop cap. 39. newspaper adverT 40. ediTing on phoToshop After looking over the newspaper advert images, we saw that the colours of thebackground were too bold and distracted you from the image and took awayfrom the concept. To fix this problem we edited the images on Photoshop. We altered the colour of the brick wall. We lightenedthe bottom ofthe image.Before:After: 41. newspaper adverTLogo placement: We tested out the logo placement by putting at the top, middle and bottom. We decided in the centre worked best and this isalso wear channel 4 usually place it. 42. newspaper adverTOrange Channel 4 logo: As we decided to go with an orange box for the information on the group photoand the titles on the double page spread, we tried out the same colour logo. 43. newspaper adverTWhite Channel 4 logo: We then also tested out a white logo, however this would have to go with awhite box for the text as channel 4 always match them. 44. newspaper adverTWhite Channel 4 logo: Finally we tried out a black logo. We decided to go with black as our text box is orange, and black worked best of all the colours. White and orange was too distracting from the image. 45. people, cosTumes, props and locaTionActors/people: Gledis, Kaya, Rahel, Abigail, Maria, Debbie, Qauana, Luara, Nichole and MachalaCostume: The people chasing: T-shirts with logos Person being chased: Chequered shirtProps: Pick Me signs trial : 5Locations: Trials: 1-4 : Grass area Trial: 5 : Brick wall (tennis court) </p>