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Draw Paint 4 course outline

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  • Course Name: Course Code:Drawing Painting 4 A44

    Designated Grade Levels: Course Duration:11-12th One SemesterPrerequisites: Drawing & Painting 3 (A43)

    Supplies: Credits: 5$25.00 class fee. Sketchbook: Must have or purchasePortfolio: Must have or purchaseDrawing tools: Specialized tools

    Teacher: School:Eric Mickens (eric.mickens@bvsd.org) Broomfield High School

    Course Overview

    Enduring Understanding

    Art is a universal language that encompasses all forms of communication to express a variety of viewpoints, ideas and feelings.

    Artists use a variety of problem solving and decision making skills to apply the elements of art, principles of design and sensory and expressive features in works of art.

    Artists experiences with materials, tools, techniques, processes and technology in combination with concepts and themes result in well crafted works of art.

    Through the study of art, people learn to make informed critical judgments, gain knowledge about visual communication, and learn to respect ones own expression and those of others.

    Essential Questions

    How do artists use the language of art in communication?

    Why and how do artists apply the elements of art and principles of design in works of art?

    Why is the exploration and application of materials, tools, techniques, processes and technology in a safe and responsible manner important in visual art?

    How does art impact the world and the

    world impact art?

    How is art analyzed and understood?

    This fourth level advanced course gives students an additional opportunity to produce drawings, paintings, and related works for a portfolio. Students will continue to focus on developing a personal style. Instruction will be more based on a students particular art and or career goals.

    Proficiency in different Drawing & Painting styles is expected. Students will continue their appreciation for quality and respect for artistic expression.


    Free periods: 2nd, 3rd period, & Tutor Time

  • Student Objectives

    Students will learn basic drawing & painting. Students will also use other forms of fine art such as colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, & digital art.

    Students will explore art issues. Students will use presentation techniques. Students will critiquing and interpreting works of art. Students will have multiple opportunities to create art around the recurring themes of fine art. will be presented with information and have classroom discussions on the history of art. Students will complete assignments through the natural progression of creating art.

    Learning Materials or Resources that may be used 9 x 12 in. Sketchbooks must be purchased. Students will use Sketchbooks as their prescribedtext. Each student is expected to take notes on some of the concepts that are introduced during thecourse of study. Supplementary text may be used. Also, the World Wide Web and "visiting artists"may be used.

    All students will be provided with one 4H, HB, & B pencil at the beginning of the semester, but othertools will need to be purchased for work at home.

    Other materials such as paper, paint, erasers, etc. Will be provided for each student. (Students willbe able to purchase additional supplies).

  • Standards Based Grading Policy


    Preparation and production refers to evaluation of items that, although essential to learning, are not specifically part of the curriculum for a particular subject area. Examples include, but are not limited to, effort, participation, ungraded homework and / or practice assignments assessed for completion.Formative assignments refer to items that are designed to determine whether students are learning what is being taught. Formative assessments guide instructional decisions by revealing to what extent students are learning. (Process)Summative assignments are items that reflect student mastery of a standards based curriculum. They should be given after students have had formative opportunities that include detailed feedback related to achievement.

    Grade percentage breakdown:Practice and Preparation - n/aFormative: - minimum 25% (pencil scale, shading, color wheel, color swatches,) Midterm examSummative: - minimum 75% (Hands, )

    Note: The percentage breakdown for Formative & the Summative grades will never go bellow these percentages, but they could change when appropriate.

    Each assignment will be worth a specified number of points. The semester grade will be determined by the student's percentage of points available. 100% - 90% = A 89% - 80% = B 79% - 70% = C 69% - 60% = D 59% - 0% = F

    Students are free to redo any piece (up until the last two week of the semester) for full Credit. (note: The original project must have been turned in by (its) latest due date in-order to be able to redo that assignment.)

    Late Work Policy:

    The acceptance of late work for credit in the preparation and production category is up to individual teacher discretion.

    Students can turn in late work for full credit, but only a week and a half after the original due-date.

  • Free Your Mind!- Morpheus, The Matrix

    Full credits earned will be given for late Formative assessments.If a summative project is not completed within five (5) days following the assigned due date,

    acceptance of project is at teachers discretion. Re-test opportunities for unexcused absences on summative assessment days will be at teacher discretion.Arrangements for retest opportunities must be completed within five (5) days of the test being returned to students unless extended through teachers discretion.Retest must be completed no more than two (2) tutor times after arrangements have been made for testing unless extended through teachers discretion.Final exams cannot be re-taken.

    Cheating: Cheating is a very serious matter and deserves a very serious consequence. See Broomfield Highs policy on Cheating.

    Tardies:See Broomfield Highs new policy on Tardies.

    Extra Credit:

    Extra credit will not be given.

    Teacher Comments:

    Students in Drawing & Painting will be held to a very high standard. It is my belief that every person is an artist, but some of us have just not found our medium.